A/N: Second in a few birthday fics I've sort of got planned out. If I was smart I'd find out the character's real birthdays and write them accordingly, but effort, dude. I'd have to have some of it.

Characters: Ema – Lana – Apollo – Gavin

Word Count: (yeah, I think I'll start doing this now.) 991

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Birthday Drinks

Ema fished her phone out of her bag hurriedly and cursed whoever it was calling her.

While keeping an eye on the road she reached with her hand to finally grab the ringing annoyance and looked at the caller ID. It was Lana. Ema mentally apologised and flipped it open before putting it on speaker.

"Hey Lana, what's up?"

"Why are you shouting?" Lana shouted back from Ema's lap.

"I'm driving! What did you need?"

"Happy Birthday!" Lana suddenly yelled. "I'm sorry I can't be there with you, did you get my card?"

"I did, and I understand, its ok."

"It's not. And you have a present on the way too, but that won't be there till afternoon delivery I think. Oh! I have to go! I hope you enjoy your day, Ema!" Lana rung off before Ema could thank her.

She replaced her phone in her bag, knowing she'd have the same problem of finding her phone on time again the next time it rang, but didn't give it much thought as she parked in her usual spot at the precinct.

Once she neared her floor she relished the thought of settling down at her desk and busying herself with paperwork. If she treated today like any other day she'd suffer no disappointment, she'd been acting this way on her birthday for six years. Not that she minded.

She rounded the corner, ignoring the sly looks and giggles behind her back as she walked past. She was sure she hadn't done anything recently to cause this, but it didn't help her paranoia.

She was about to turn to Gumshoe, her nearest victim, before she finally reached her desk and saw it was full of streamers.

She heard a small cheer and she couldn't help but smile, someone had remembered, and someone had made an effort. Ema shook her head, still smiling and took a seat, ready to tackle the mountain of multicoloured paper before she tackled the mountain of paperwork.

An hour later after a relatively straight forward morning (apart from the streamers) Ema had another phone call. She mentally scolded herself that she should keep it in her lab coat pocket before finding the phone and jamming it against her ear.

"Detective Ema Skye." She said curtly.

"Miss Skye- I mean, Ema! Happy Birthday!" Apollo's voice called, and she was sure she could hear Trucy 'woo' in the background.

"Thank you, Apollo. How did you know?"

"I know when all my friend's birthdays are. Do you have any plans tonight?" He asked cheerily.

"Err..." Ema didn't want to tell him her real plans (finishing her bucket of ice cream) "Does paperwork count?"

"Absolutely not. Which is why I've already organised drinks with a few of your friends, I've still got a few to call, like Gavin, Gumshoe, that girl in reception you seem to like-"

"That sounds lovely, Apollo. Thanks for doing that. But what if I did have plans though?" She asked him.

"With who? I've already called all your friends." He answered, confused. Smart ass.

"Never mind. Shall I come to the agency? It's nearer to town isn't it?"

"Perfect!" Apollo said and Ema could hear the smile on his lips as she looked around her to make sure no one was eavesdropping.

As it turned out, someone was, and she tried to end the conversation hastily.

"I'll have to call you back- yeah – it sounds great – I'll meet you at eight – I can't wait either."

She rung off and looked up impatiently.

"Yes?" She asked Gavin sharply.

"Who was that?"

Ema rolled her eyes. "Jealous?" She asked, her voice dripping with sarcasm.

"Very, I didn't know he was one of your contacts." Gavin told her, taking a seat on the corner of her desk.

Ema looked at him sharply and blushed.

"It was Apollo- he's organising drinks for my birthday. He's... calling you next. But it's not gonna be like one of your big fancy events so you probably won't want to go." Ema explained quickly.

Gavin's phone rang and he grinned at her. Ema noticed with annoyance that his phone was in his pocket and he had no trouble picking up with good time.

"Ahh, Herr Forehead, what a pleasant surprise."

Ema strained to hear Apollo's louder-than-it-should-be voice.

"It's APOLLO! How many time do I- ugh. Never mind. It's Ema's birthday today so-"

"It is?! I had no idea, Apollo."

"Err...right. That's why I'm calling you; we're going out for a few drinks."

"Who is 'we'?"

"Ema and her friends."

"I was under the impression that the great Ema Skye didn't consider me a friend." Gavin said and chuckled when she huffed noisily next to him.

"I know she's a little... blunt with you, but she does like you."


"Deep down."

Ema turned red when she heard this and Gavin grinned. "Does she now? Well, I wouldn't want to disappoint, count me in."

"Really!? Great, could you meet me at my agency around eight? Then we can all go together."

"That sounds perfect, I will see you then." Gavin said before hanging up and turning to Ema.

"Now I must leave to find you a present." Gavin told Ema with a smile.

"You really don't have to." Ema protested.

"Really, I do. I can't very well turn up empty handed, can I?" He asked with a grin before leaving her desk suddenly and stalked down the corridor towards the elevator.

Ema sighed after he was out of ear shot. She was confused and Gavin. And Apollo.

She knew what would help and smiled her secret smile that no one but her sister had seen. She knew exactly what would make her happy at this moment.

She leaned down to find her secret bag of snackoos, only to open her drawer to find more streamers blowing up in her face, the cheers and laughter of her colleges only doing a little to help her mood.

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