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Author's Note: This Krypton I threw together using various sources from Smallville to the Animated Series of the 90's.

Chapter 1: I Dream of Krypton

It was almost two in the morning; Happy Harbor was quiet while the full moon shone brightly in the sky. Conner tossed and turned. He was having a dream but it was far from pleasant.

A blue and ancient world orbited its red sun, Rao. Just outside the capital, the countryside made for beautiful scenery, blades of blue grass and trees that grew in very odd angles the blue leaves sway in the wind. The home near a lake was the main laboratory of the famous scientist Jor-El and was also his home.

One of its owners Lara Lor-Van looked grimly over the beautiful and pristine lake complete with its own fish from the southern continent near Krypton's equator. She looked sadly at the beautiful landscape before her, such a beautiful world she thought, it was terrifying to think it would all come to an end. She thought of her baby Kal-El just eight months old sleeping in the other room.

Her father Lor-Van sat quietly in the living room in thought. Lor-Van was a member of the Scientific Council which ran the planet, her husband Jor-El has presented evidence due to the tremors that the planet would be destroyed within a month or less but they dismissed his findings checking with the powerful artificial intelligence Brainiac.

Her thoughts were broken when she heard footsteps from the foyer, she gasped when she saw her husband bruised all over.

"My love, what happened?" She whispered fearfully going to him and taking him in her loving arms.

"It's too late." he said.

"What is the meaning of this, Jor-El?" asked Lor-Van.

"I tried to go back to the citadel to check on Brainiac's programming he tried to kill me," he cried.

Tears welled up in Lara's eyes. She lovingly stroked her husband's luxurious raven black hair.

He climbed to his feet as Lara steadied him. "Lara, remember what we talked about? What we agreed if worse came to worse?" he whispered.

The woman's bright blue eyes widened fearfully, she shook her head in disbelief. "No! There must be another way." She exclaimed.

"I'm sorry, I never thought it would come to this." He lamented.

"What in Rao's name are you talking about Jor-El?" asked Lor-Van his brow furrowing.

Suddenly Conner's eyes snapped open, sweat poured down his body, his heart thumping like a jackhammer inside his chest. Sunlight streamed into his room fueling his abilities, he breathed rapidly as he slowly calmed down.