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The Death Of Team 7

"I can't believe it." Naruto said sadly as he watched in horror at what Zabuza was doing to Gato's thugs. "I can't believe that Kakashi- sensei, Sakura, and Sasuke are dead." And there were their bodies right in front of him next to Haku's.

"Well kid," Zabuza said while killing the thugs with a slight smile on his face "did you decide on my offer?"

"Zabuza," Naruto sighed, "You killed my Sensei and my team and you expect me to just go along with you as your new tool?"

"Well that was the idea. Unless you decided to fight me and join them in Hell?" Zabuza remarked as he finished off Gato's thugs.

"WHAT?" Naruto bellowed, "you expect them to go to Hell?" at that point Naruto had had enough of Zabuza and was charging him with a kunai in both hands.

"No I don't think they'll go to Hell, but it got a nice reaction from you." Zabuza smirked, "Oh and by the way I don't think that you want to be trying to kill the person who is giving you a chance at freedom." Naruto stopped.

"What do you mean by freedom?" He asked suspicious of the mist nin before him.

"What I mean is that the village that you come from and all of the other villages, take advantage of its ninja, and sends them on suicide missions without caring about their safety or any family members." Zabuza remarked with a smug grin on his face.

"Well I guess you'll have to prove it for me to believe it." Naruto said emphasizing the last to words with a yell.

"So you're in?" Zabuza questioned with the grin on his face turning in to a smile that stretched from ear to ear which just scared Naruto half to death.

"Could you please stop with the smile, its freaking me out." Naruto said while recoiling.

"Fine." Zabuza said with annoyance sneaking into his voice.

"Well are we going to go now?" Naruto asked with annoyance in his voice now.

"Sure but it will be a hard journey. And you do realize that you'll be considered a missing nin to your village and we'd have to sneak in covertly while killing anyone that sees us?" Zabuza asks with a smirk that's more evil than teasing.

"How hard can it be?" Naruto asks cockily (author twiddles thumbs and whistles innocently).

Meanwhile back in Konoha Hinata and the rest of the rookie nine await the arrival of the news of Naruto's squad. "Third Hokage sir the message from the client has arrived…that's strange I thought that they would send a hawk not a leaf shinobi."

"It's ok let Tazuna send a message any way he wishes." The Hokage responded to the Leaf shinobi.

"Hokage sir." Gonoyi stated bowing respectfully.

"Gonoyi what is the report of the mission?" Sarutobi inquired the leaf scout.

"Sir I'm sorry to say this but Almost all of team 7 has been killed…"

Before he could finish Hinata left the room crying while the remaining rookie nine or now rookie six (not including Naruto) just stood there gaping unable to say so much as a word until Shino bellowed at the top of his lungs "DAMN IT WHY DID YOU GUYS HAVE TO GO AND DIE YOU BASTURDS!" right after he said that the other rookies just stared at him.

"ahem. As I was saying team 7 is now KIA except Naruto Uzumaki who according to witnesses had a talk with Zabuza and then left with him. In other words he abandoned the village and according to village law is now considered a missing nin." causing Sarutobi take sigh saddly

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"Zabuza- sensei this task is impossible." Naruto complained as he tried to turn a lake into a mist. "No it isn't just keep focusing your chakra and you'll get it right eventually, but until you do we aren't going to the hidden leaf got it?" said mist nin responded.