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Have you ever felt alone…with no friends, no one to comfort you or tell you everything will be alright. This is the story of three nobodies at Degrassi High School.

Why are they nobodies you may ask. Well that is very simple. They are All Different.

To the students of Degrassi they are "The Girl who's a Boy", "The Dark and Dangerous New Kid" and "The Nerd"

All of them had been hurt in the past and even now the present. And sadly all of them have something big brewing in the future. Now Before I get ahead of myself I might need to explain this trio.

Adam…He is the nicest guy you can find, but for that to be true you have to think of him has one of the guys.

He has been scarred. He was rejected by his own mother and Father, shown up by his older brother and even his grandmother wants nothing to do with him.

He has no friends and wishes that someday at lunch the empty seats beside him will someday occupy another but after two years at Degrassi he lost all hope for friends. He is the ignored sophomore and right around the middle of freshmen year when everyone found out his secret…well he got attention but the worst kind possible.

Students hissed at him and threw things like tampons, hairspray, bras, and a few even threw their own shoes. Yes there were students who pitied him and would try to help him but Adam didn't want pity.

So Bullies marked him has the main target. He'd get beat up regularly. His face always sported bruises and black eyes but what hurt the most was the thought that each and every bully put into his head…nobody will ever like him.

This thought tore Adam's frail heart in half and A lot of times Adam wished he wasn't even born.

Eli…He is the new mysterious Goth kid that drives a hearse. He chooses to be different if he wanted he could be like any other popular jock. But he is unique because he chooses to be different.

His gothic charade repels students and bullies alike. He seems to them like the next person to be on the "Top Ten Most Wanted"

But under that charade is a person who just wants to make a friend. He needs comfort over his loss.

His only escape in the world left him alone on this cold harsh planet. And ever since then he has been reckless. He gets into many fights and isn't scared to throw the first punch but when he sees another being attacked ….well he goes into a protective frenzy.

He is isolated at Degrassi and has no friends because everyone is terrified that they will be the next ones in the back of his hearse. Everyone knows all about Eli but they still avoid him. The only thing they don't know about is his dark past which is something he isn't going to be telling anytime soon.

His parents are loving and would do anything for there baby boy. They transferred schools and even moved when the pain of his ex was too much for him. He transferred to Degrassi as a junior and even though doesn't want to admit it likes Degrassi because it helps him forget his past. His Parents are the only reason Eli is still in this world…or at least were the only reason.

Clare…The nerd of the school. She was once happy with a few friends and even a boyfriend but they all turned into someone popular and became to cool for a nerd. Kc was the only one who talked to her after that. He was the only boyfriend she ever wanted until she saw him in the hall with his mouth glued to a preppy blonde cheerleader and his hand was lost up in her neon skirt. That was her freshmen year. Now she is a sophomore and is still made fun of.

Clare was heartbroken and ignored all the jabs from the fellow classmates.

She hates fighting and there is a reason why…her parents.

She has an abusive father and a mother who doesn't listen when Clare tries to tell her. Her father and mother are divorced but all three of them live in the same house.

Her mother always brings men home at different hours of the night. He mom is an alcoholic and Clare is suspicious that she is a prostitute. The men she brings home are always grungy and smell of alcohol. They give her mother disgusting looks of lust and ,much to Clare's disgust ,they give Clare that same look.

Clare's father is a pothead. He always reeks of crack and even forces Clare to do it to at times for his own amusement. He hits Clare every time her mother brings home another man. He punches kicks and stabs. No one knows of Clare's pain and she constantly covers up her bruises with makeup.

So there you have it. Three very broken people hoping to be whole….and now that your caught up the story can begin.

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