AN: This is a prompt from the DRRR! kink meme. It was requested about a week ago, but it was just such a cute prompt that I picked it up today. Prompt was: Kida puts chocolates in Mikado's locker at school, along with a note saying to meet him at his house for a bigger prize. Bigger prize is up to the anon, fluff or smut, I don't care :DD

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Kida made sure the hallway was deserted before he made his way to the locker. Mikado's class was as far away as possible, all the way on the other side of the school, in the gym no less. He made it a point to check with him about his schedule before he had slipped out of class with a hurried explanation of "Nurses!~" Coming from anyone else, his teacher would have sent another classmate out after him, but Kida's exuberance had become a part of daily life. Even something as simple as going to the nurses was met with a joyful exclamation and then him skipping away.

Mikado's locker stood by the unused science classroom on the second floor. It wasn't a great surprise when, after twirling the combination in and popping it open (his birthday, it was really that easy), no one came to question why he was shoving handfuls of chocolates and roses into the otherwise empty locker.

Score! With the small roll of tape he'd nicked from his math teacher, he taped the handmade note on the inside of the door. He smirked at his work. Normally, he couldn't have given a damn about his handwriting - his teachers told him so on a daily basis - but last night he'd poured every iota of his affections into making sure that the short message was perfect. He'd meticulously gone over spelling and grammar and even went so far as to make adorable hearts and those weird little curly-thingies he saw girls make on their notebooks.

"'If you want an even bigger prize, be ready at your house for 6:00.' Perfect! Just divine!" And to think, it had only taken him a half hour to work out that crazy phrase!

He rearranged the flowers and chocolate one more time before slamming the door shut and going along his merry way, whistling. Since he was already out of class, he might as well go visit the pretty nurse. Yes, yes he liked that idea! He sped up, his whistling just getting more and more intense as he thought of what the day held for him and Mikado.

Mikado, meanwhile, was not whistling. His breath was coming out in short, sharp gasps and his knees felt like they were going to betray him and collapse at any moment.

It went without saying that he hated gym.

"Good work class. Next time, we'll be doubling the distance!"

A wave of groans met the announcement but the gym teacher merely smiled and dismissed them. Mikado wondered if the man was just as sadistic as Orihara-san. Maybe even more! Deciding that it was the truth, Mikado made the snap decision to never, ever piss off his gym teacher. So, heaving and barely moving on his feet, he went and changed as quickly as possible. His hair was matted with sweat, and though he tried to fix it, it simply sprang back into spikes. He gave up. Hopefully, no one would care. Hefting both his gym bag and his normal backpack up over his shoulder, he exited the class by himself, his classmates having already left ahead of him. It was for the better, anyways. Throughout class they'd been jabbering on and on about Valentines Day this, Valentines Day that. It was sweet and all, but Mikado couldn't help being a bit bitter. He'd never received a heartfelt valentine his whole life.

The day couldn't get much worse.

Except for the fact that the bell was going off, he was on the complete wrong floor, and he still hadn't had the chance to drop off his gym clothes to his locker.

Greeeat. He hung his head and walked to his classroom.

After getting thoroughly reprimanded for flirting during school hours, Kida had sauntered back to his classroom, all smiles. His classmates didn't even acknowledge him, just kept on scribbling notes. He pouted. Not for the last time, he wished he'd been in Anri and Mikado's class. At least then, he'd have gotten to see his precious Mikado any time he wanted.

Ignoring the notes, he started doodling hearts in the margins of his paper. It had taken months, months of his precious time to admit that his feelings weren't exactly platonic for his small black-haired friend. Mikado had hit a growth spurt, his voice deepening just slightly, and then there was his growing just enough so that he was on eye-level with Kida - well, if Kida lurched, anyways. It was just! He'd practically squeezed the boy to death when he'd heard the deeper-pitched squeak than he was accustomed to. Mikado hadn't been pleased, pushing him off and all, but he had grinned like a mad-man and just did it again. He'd only stopped because Mikado had said he couldn't come over and play if he kept it up.

Finding his friend cute had been fine, barely a passing thought. It had taken Mikado almost getting picked up - literally picked up, Shizuo was very strong and all - for him to see the light of homosexuality. When Shizuo had apologized and set him down, Kida had launched at him, knocking them both over, Kida landing on top. He had clung to him, not even letting him get out from under him. They'd stayed that way for about five minutes before Kida had realized that he was suffocating him. He had scrambled up, dusting Mikado off, brushing the dirt away a bit too roughly because Mikado yelped. And. It. Was. The. Cutest. Thing. Ever. So cute that Kida had blushed to the tips of his ears and all the way down his chest (it burned!) before he ran away.

It was just impossible for him to keep Mikado out of his mind. He'd tried. He'd tried, desperately, to block out all naughty thoughts of him, but every time he tried and replaced him with Anri or Saki, or heck even those tanned-girl-freaks that bullied Anri, the images always ended up morphing into Mikado. It had finally come to the point that he couldn't even get horny without having to think of those blue eyes, that silky black hair, those bony shoulders.

He hummed as he finished his trail of hearts. Valentines Day, the one day he actually had some semblance of a shot with Mikado, was today. And he was taking full advantage of it. Even if he was turned down, he was going to make this a happy day.

Well, for himself at least.

Mikado had never once gotten detention. Until now.

The library was quiet when he entered with his pass. The librarian took it from him and gestured to the group of teenagers seated in front of her. Mikado knew a few were in his grade but he only recognized Seiji and Mika. With a shaky smile, he headed towards them, snagging the last seat at their table- and just at the right time, because his knees were going to buckle. "H-hey," he greeted.

Mika smiled at him and Seiji nodded. "What did you do to get in here?"

"I was late to class."

Mika giggled. "At least you made it to class!" She exchanged a glance with Seiji, that made Mikado wish he had sat somewhere else.

It wasn't that he was jealous...oh wait, yes it was. Anri would never look at him like that, and he couldn't think of anyone else who would. He'd be forever alone! He let his head thump against the table top and willed the clock to go faster, faster, faster.

"Where is Mikado?" was the first thing Kida said to her.

"He got detention," she explained. Kida had cornered her at the entrance to the classroom, both his hands coming to rest against her shoulders. His face could only be described as frazzled - he was simultaneously frowning and twitching, his right eyebrow fighting to keep straight. It was quite funny but she kept herself from laughing.

"What? Mikado's never had detention before. What could he have gotten in trouble for?"

"He was late to class."

Kida slumped. "Thanks Anri." He retracted his hands from her, then left.

She shook her head and followed after him. Was he finally going to admit his feelings? It was amazing how obtuse boys could be, she noted. Thank god she wasn't one.

Mikado grumbled under his breath as he walked alone to his apartment. His bags were heavy - he cursed himself for not stopping at his locker to get rid of them. Detention had run longer than usual, he'd gathered, since the teacher kept having to split up Seiji and Mika. In his anger, he'd added thirty extra minutes to the timer. It was already dark out!

He fished for his key. He was sore all over and more than a bit irked. He'd had a near-collision with a running Izaya, he was alone, he had a test tomorrow, and both Anri and Kida had left him to walk home by himself. Normally happy, he let his bad emotions run wild. It was kind of therapeutic.

He winced climbing up the stairs of his apartment. Just a few more steps, a few more and he could crash for a few hours. He unlocked his door with wobbling hands, breathing hard. He threw open the door.

And was promptly caught in a hug that made him lose what little breath he had managed to keep.


"I thought you weren't coming, I thought you were afraid, I thought you left me, oh god, Mikado!"

Before Mikado could process what was going on exactly, he felt his friends lips on his.

His bags dropped - and so did he.