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Mikado tried to back up. Kida was slinking - yes, slinking, like a predator! - towards him, smirking in that way that made Mikado's stomach clench. Where was the smiling, silly, lame Kida when he needed him?

Apparently, he was kissing him.


With his back up against the edge of the table, Mikado had nowhere to go. Kida had placed his hands on both sides of him, trapping him in. On his knees, he hovered above Mikado. His kiss was gentle, just the barest of pressure exerted. Mikado kept his eyes open, mostly from shock, but Kida's were half-lidded. It was...

He cursed himself. It was erotic.

He didn't fight against it. His hands were curled on his sides, and though he could have kneed Kida in the crotch, he refrained. He guessed that was why Kida intensified the kiss, dragging his tongue along Mikado's lips until he managed to part them. Mikado shuddered. It was foreign, having someone, even Kida, so close. Maybe that was why he shut his own eyes. Maybe that was why he tilted his head to better meet Kida's lips. Maybe that was why, when Kida bit down gently, Mikado groaned and whispered "M-Masaomi."

He hadn't thought it would matter - or well, he hadn't really thought at all if he was being honest. It had been a random fluke - he hardly used Kida's given name, because Kida had always fit him so well.

"Say it again."


"Say it again, Mikado."

Fuck. Fuck, Fuck, Fuck, Fuck, Fuck!


Kida hummed with pleasure. Mikado never used his given name - it was always Kida this, and Kida that. It'd never bothered him, but now, hearing how breathy he sounded, how he looked as his lips slowly formed the syllables, he would never let Mikado call him Kida again.

Making a swift decision - well, weren't they always? - he pulled back. That's right - Kida Masaomi, number one player extraordinaire, was pulling away from the love of his life.

Guess he had more control than Shizuo after all, neh? He smirked, his tongue flicking over his lips. Mikado tasted vaguely like ramen, beef if he had to hazard a guess. It was a well known fact (to him) that beef was Mikado's favorite.



It was cute how his cheeks remained red, as red as his lips were. Kida's thumb brushed against them - they were soft, softer than Saki's even. "Do you want to go out with me?"

He felt Mikado tense, saw his eyes dart around, practically smelled his fear and heard his heart beat faster. This is what it meant to be so close, he thought - he knew everything and sensed everything, even if it didn't always make perfect sense.

"Would that be your happily ever after?"

He grinned. "More than you could ever know."

"Then...maybe...we could try it out?"

The boy didn't stand a chance. Kida leaped on top of him, almost squashing him. "Yes!" he gushed.

"You're heavy, you're heavy, you're heavy!"

"Oops, forgot." He scratched his cheek as he removed himself off his best friend...boyfriend. The thought sent a pleasurable tingle through his body. He wanted to whoop with joy but he figured Mikado wouldn't appreciate it. Instead, he leaned in and kissed the other boy's nose, forehead, and then finally settled another one on his lips. When he pulled back, he affectionately tugged on a lock of sweaty hair. "I'm guessing we aren't going out tonight, neh?"

"I guess not."

Mikado didn't know why, but Kida grinned. It was kind of scary. Not like "Shizuo-is-going-to-crush-me-with-a-vending-machine-ohholycrap" but more like "what-the-fableep-is-going-on?" Yes, that summed that up nicely.


He shivered. Kida was just close enough that his breath ghosted across the bare skin of Mikado's neck. And it wasn't just that - his voice was lower, huskier even. He'd never heard it like that before, even after all those disastrous attempts at picking up girls.

Translation: If Kida had used that tone with them, Mikado had no doubts that Kida would have had girls flocking to him, instead of girls ignoring his presence. Mikado gripped the futons edge with his nails, digging in. Since when was he was possessive?

"You're not paying attention to me."

"Ah, sorry Masaomi." He blinked back to attention. Oh wait, when had Kida gotten that close? The blonde was practically in his lap! "What are you doing?"

Kida winked. "If we can't go out and play, we might as well stay in and play, if you catch my drift~"

"What? No!"

"Ah, Mikado, don't be such a prude."

"I am not a prude." Lies. He's totally a prude and he knows it. "And we can have fun without you climbing in my lap."

" can always climb in mine then!~"

He's not supposed to blush. It's a fairly innocent request - well, innocent for Kida, whose pick up lines were more than a bit distasteful - so he shouldn't blush. But gah, he felt it creep up along his face, and even spread further down his chest. He cursed his pale skin.

"I think someone likes that idea better, neh?"


"My lap it is!"

Mikado had barely a moment to fight back before Kida wrapped strong arms around his waist, plucking him from his spot by the table, to sit on top of his crossed legs. His own fell to split on either side of Kida's hips, and with the small hum emanating from the blonde, Mikado had no doubt that it pleased him. He shifted a little bit, almost wanting to run back to his safe, usual spot by the table, but his boyfriend had other plans.

Damn it.

Kida didn't mind that Mikado was still in his uniform. Of course, Kida had stripped him of the blazer so he wouldn't overheat while he was unconscious, but regardless, the Raira uniform wasn't the epitome of sex that his outfit was. And what does that mean?


His eyes were practically hearts.

He can feel every move Mikado makes. He likes to fidget, fidget, fidget, and the friction against Kida's jeans is just getting better, better, better. Naive little Mikado doesn't realize it, but then - he licks his lips - he likes it better that way.

He started to tug on Mikado's shirt, pulling it up. Mikado didn't fight it, just simply hung limp. "Mikado, you're not making this easy," he chastised.

"Of course I'm not," was the muffled reply he received.

With the shirt thrown into some god-forsaken corner of the apartment, Kida gazed unabashedly at Mikado's naked chest. The boy had next to no chest hair, just a small patch of fuzz that trailed from his bully-button down to his pants. Kida stroked it, laughing with Mikado who squirmed a bit at the unusual touching. Of course his little Mikado hadn't been touched down there. He's so virginal it's not even funny. Even the simple act of nuzzling his neck sends the boy into prude hyper drive! (He'd have to remember that for later, it sounded like a good punchline!)

He ran his hands down Mikado's chest, delighting in the smooth skin. "You're so soft, Mikado!"

"Don't tease me."

"I'm not." He really isn't, for once. He hugged Mikado, his head coming to rest slightly below Mikado's. "You're so soft and cuddly and squishy!~"

"You make me sound like a pet."

"Aw, is that a pout I see?" He poked at Mikado's cheek, and despite the petulant tone, his friend smiled alongside him.


"What? I can't help it if you're too adorable to resist!"

"I am not."

"Are too."

"Am not!"

"Are tooooo~"

He felt Mikado's sigh rattle through his whole body. "Whatever," he admitted.

"Ah, this means I win! And you know, winners always get a prize..."


Ah, that stutter. Kida smirked into his boyfriend's neck, his hands clutching at Mikado's back. Wordlessly, he leaned forward, his tongue slipping out, to lick a path from the base of Mikado's chin to his collarbone. The smaller boy tensed, his knees coming to lock against Kida's, while his hands trailed up to grasp onto his jacket, a mirror to how Kida was holding him, he guessed. Growing bolder, Kida started suckling the skin, and as planned, he felt Mikado's harsh intake of breath, the way his grip on him grew tighter. With a pop, he pulled back, cheeky grin and all. "You taste delicious, Mi~ka~do!~"

Mikado, his breath having returned to normal, huffed, averting his eyes. "Masaomi is just a tease."

"What? How dare you besmirch my good name, Mikado! And after I gave you such a lovely hickey too!"

Mikado turned back to him - his expression of wide-eyed surprise was just too adorable, especially when he slapped a hand to the exact spot Kida had been occupying only moments before. "H-hickey?" He gulped - Kida found himself fascinated with the way his Adam's apple bobbed. He missed a bit of what Mikado said after that, focusing solely on that cute little factoid he'd learned.

He started focusing again when Mikado, shy, blushing, stuttering Mikado, slammed their lips together.


Stupid Masaomi.

Mikado watched the expressions flutter back and forth on Kida's face. He didn't seem able to stick to the shocked look with the eyebrows hidden in his hairline, or the pleased expression, with his eyelids fluttering down. It was actually pretty hilarious, but Mikado kept from laughing, if only to prove his point. After about a minute, he pulled back.

"I didn't know you had it in you, Mikado."

"Well now you do." He let his hands drop from Kida, to rest between them. He needed something to fidget with!

"It's starting to get hot in here..." Kida commented.



"Then take off your jacket, or something."

As soon as he saw Kida's grin, he groaned. Lecher. "Don't mind if I do!~"

Kida wiggled out of his jacket, revealing a shirt Mikado had never seen before. It had black arrows, one pointing up, the other down, on a yellow background. It was a lot less restricting than the jacket, and a let less hot, he guessed. Kida looked happy without it. Of course, if the gut feeling he was experiencing was correct, he was probably happy for a completely different reason.


"Yes?" He blinked - Kida sounded very serious there for a second. So weird, given the perverted grin he had on before.

"I - want to try something out. Is that okay?"

"Huh? Try what?"

Kida shifted, his hands wrapping around Mikado's waist. "Stretch out your legs, okay?"

"For what?"

"Just do it please?"

"Alright..." He did as told, stretching out his legs. He curled his toes, hoping to avoid them falling asleep like they did so often when he was on the computer for too long.


"I guess. But what are we doing Masa-!" He squeaked, the tips of his ears burning. "Masaomi!"

Underneath him, Kida kept on grinding their lower bodies, swinging Mikado's hips into it for him, as well as adding his own thrusts in. He grunted in response to his name being called - well, and for the fact that Mikado's nails were digging into his bare arms. "Oi!" He stopped, glaring. "That hurt!"

"What are you doing?"

Kida brushed aside Mikado's hands, placing them in the gap between their bodies - their bodies, that had been inappropriately touching!

Stupid blush...

Kida shook his head. "You're such a prude~ We're boyfriends and everything! This is the proper way that couples behave!"

Mikado bit his lip. "Is that true?"

"What? Of course it is. Don't you have faith in me?"


Kida guided his face towards his, pressing a kiss against the flaming skin of his lips. "Then will you let me continue, or do you want me to go masturbate in the bathroom?"


He chuckled, kissing Mikado again. "What? Can't you feel my erection? It's practically bursting out of my pants!"

"Ugh, that's so not romantic, Masaomi."

"Sorry, but it's true." Just having Mikado be in the room had been enough to activate his hormones. The grinding - premature ending and all - had just intensified that, and the fact that his object of lust was still sitting heavily on his groin was doing nothing to help stop it. "And you're not doing anything to help it either, you know."

"What am I supposed to do?"

Kida had a very odd feeling.

A very, very odd one.

Don't tell me...

"Mikado...have you ever masturbated?"

"What? Of course I have!"

"Are you sure?"

"...did you seriously just ask me that?"

"Ahahah." He scratched the back of his head. "Alright. It was just a feeling." A very, very odd feeling that wasn't going away. Maybe it was something else? "Then, who have you masturbated to?"


"Don't abuse the poor ellipses, Mikado. Answer!"

"I, ugh, um - you."

"Aren't you going to an- wait, what?"

Mikado ground his teeth together. "You."

Kida felt his face grow hot. "R-really?" Oh great, now he was stuttering too? It was an epidemic!

Mikado turned his head to the side. "Only once, mind you. And it wasn't anything gra-! What are you doing?"

Kida guided Mikado out of his lap, letting him fall onto his back on the futon, as graceless as was typical for him. Kida crawled on all fours, looming over his boyfriend. "What were you imagining?"

Mikado glared up at him - the blush didn't quite match the fierceness though. "It doesn't matter."

"Yes it does! If you tell me what you like, I can give you even more pleasure from the god that is Kida Masaomi!"

"Idiot." Mikado squirmed underneath him, but didn't try to wiggle away, like he did when they play-wrestled. "But if you really want to know-"

"-and I do!"

"-then I'll tell you." Mikado looked him straight in the face and blurted out, "I was imagining that you were giving me a handjob."


He smirked. He chuckled. He radiated smugness.


"...I'm in trouble aren't I?"

"Oh yes, very much."

Mikado could have sighed. Instead, he wearily asked, "You aren't really going to-?"

"What? I most certainly am."

Mikado didn't argue. Despite his inner prudeness - was that a real word? - he couldn't deny that a handjob would feel really good right now. Really good. And Kida, his silly, goofy, hot boyfriend being the giver? He didn't mind the notion as much as he thought he would. He turned his head to the side again in defeat.

"I'm going to unbutton your pants now, Mikado."

Don't give me a play-by-play! he thought. He didn't want to voice it though. Kida was just getting his consent, right? Was that normal? Mikado had no clue. Kida was more knowledgeable in this area. Though Mikado was sure (hoping beyond hope) that him and Saki were very, very different...

Kida had to fiddle around with his belt for a few seconds before he pulled it through the loops. Mikado closed his eyes, perfectly content with not watching his former best friend undress him. He ignored Kida's obnoxious giggles that only seemed to echo in the apartment.

Mistake Number One: Never ignore Kida. Ever.

"Mikado, how do you feel about bondage?"

"Bondage?" His eyes flickered open, to meet with the expression of pure joy on Kida's face.

His. Belt. Was. In. Kida's. Hand.

In a deadpan voice he said, "you are not tying me up. Not with my belt."

"Ah, please. You get what you want, and I get what I want. You get a wonderful, first-rate handjob, and I get the beautiful image seared into my mind of a moe, uke Mikado in bondage~"

Bypassing whatever a uke was (he'd ask Kanra-san later), Mikado shook his head. "You are not tying me up, Masaomi." God, it was embarrassing enough that he was going to get a handjob, never mind get a handjob while he was, uh, bound.

Kida's lip trembled. "Fine. I'll suppose I'll just wait until next time then."

"Next time?"

"Yes, Mikado, next time. Couples do this a lot, not just once, don't you know?"

"I know that," he muttered under his breath. It was just weird, to think of it. To think that they had been best friends since forever ago, and here they were in bed, Kida's hands balanced just inches from his groin, and asking to tie him up. Would it still be embarrassing to him after the first time? What about the second time? Would he ever stop blushing, and just let Kida try binding him?

His answer came quickly.

"Fine. Tie me up."

Mistake Number Two: Never let Kida get his way without a fight. Because it will go to his head, every single time.

As Kida started winding the belt around his hands, Mikado got the impression that he was going to lose his virginity, very, very soon.

"There, it's not that bad, is it?"

"It's okay, I guess."

Kida surveyed the view. Heavy blush? - Check. No shirt? - Check. Pants unzipped? - Check. Hands tied up with a belt, appeasing his bondage kink? - Double check.

"Don't worry, if you want, next time you can tie me up with your love, my dear Mikado~"

"You're as funny as ever, I see."

"You're as horny as ever."

He was pleased to see Mikado shut up quickly after that.

He went back to his work. Mikado's belt was secured, holding the boy's hands together above his head. He'd wrapped them around one of the legs of the table, for extra security. He had popped the button of his pants open, and unzipped them. With his shirt gone, he could see the dark blue boxers under the Raira's light blue pants.

"Do you want to keep them on, or take them off?"

"Uh, oh, take them off?"

Kida obeyed the request, shimmying the pants off his friend. He would have never guessed how adventurous Mikado would be in bed...well, he had, but fantasies didn't count, did they? Not that it mattered. It was happening, and that was what mattered. Finally, after so many nights of having to change his boxers after those embarrassingly vivid dreams (very, very vivid he could still recall them on demand), he was going to get what he wanted.

Mikado had shut his eyes again. It was alright. Kida mused that it was probably super embarrassing to watch yourself get a handjob. But that was okay to him, because it was just so cute and so like Mikado at the same time. With those thoughts in mind, he peeled back Mikado's boxers.

The last (and only) time he'd seen Mikado naked had been when they were so small, that he could barely remember the incident. The only thing he remembered, in fact, was that Mikado had run screaming from the room. Why that particular thought? Probably because he had been half-deaf for a few days afterwords.

He'd never been allowed to bathe with Mikado again.

"Ah, Mikado, it's so cute!~"

"S-shut up."

He peeked his boyfriend's cheek, simultaneously rubbing his thumb along Mikado's erection. Mikado shuddered, his hands twitching under the control of the belt. His eyes were screwed tight, his mouth open. The scene looked straight out of one of Erika's yaoi mangas (uh, not that he had seen any, of course. Nope, his teenage curiosity be damned he hadn't looked!)

He hummed, adding more pressure. Mikado's hips slammed up, moving his hand up and back down. He smirked. Impatient little boyfriend. Not wanting to disappoint, he started shuffling his hands up and down, up and down, occasionally fondling the tip, sometimes ignoring it altogether, causing his Mikado to let out harsh grunts.

"What, not a moaner?"

"Go die."

He let the comment slide - for the moment. If Mikado was like him at all, he'd be close to coming, and Kida didn't want to miss a moment of it. He picked up the pace, noticing the frequency of the high-pitched wines emitting from the back of Mikado's throat. With one particularly fast stroke, Mikado came.

Kida smiled. A red-faced, bound, after-orgasm Mikado was a really, really cute Mikado. He kissed him on the lips, saying, "How was it?"


"Good." Kida pinched his fingers together, rolling the fluid between them. What would it taste like? He brought his fingers to his lips, smelling it first, before letting his tongue snake out and experimentally lick at it.

"Oh god, ew, that tastes disgusting."

Mikado glared at him. He had the good grace to blush. "Oops, sorry Mikado. I didn't mean it!"

"Sure you didn't." Mikado rolled his eyes, his own face returning to its normal color. "Could you let me go now?"

Kida thought about it. Well, for a few seconds, then he just shrugged. "Not on your life."

Mikado groaned.

He should have known better.



Okay, that hadn't worked. He pouted. Why was Kida so difficult sometimes? He tried to dislodge the belt, but only ended up making Kida laugh at him. Okay, this wasn't like anything he had imagined.

He had thought that he would do these kinds of things when he was older, and with someone who (suspiciously, looked a lot like Kida) would patiently explore it with him. They wouldn't laugh, or tie him up, or call his body parts cute, because they weren't! About the only thing that remained the same was the pleasurable tingle that was still residing within him. Kida was really good at handjobs...

Mikado shivered. Kida had started kissing along the column of his throat, around the spot where he'd placed that stupid hickey earlier. The blonde was taking his time, humming again, just barely, so that Mikado felt the vibrations through their touching skin. He closed his eyes, his head tilted back to let Kida have an easier time. It felt good...

"Ow!" His knee slammed upwards, knocking Kida off of him. Kida curled up into a ball, his hands going to cup his crotch as he howled.

"Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow Mikado! That hurt."

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry!" He panicked, trying to reach Kida, but finding, yet again, the disadvantages of being tied down. Giving up, he sent silent pleas of forgiveness as Kida slowly uncurled himself and sat upright. He had a green tinge around his face and didn't remove his hands. Mikado couldn't blame him, wincing in sympathy. "I didn't mean to."

"What did you mean to do then?" Kida said, teeth clenched.

Oh no, I made him mad. "You bit me, I just reacted."

Kida shook his head. "Maybe I shouldn't have tried that...I always thought it felt good, I just thought you would too."

What? "You like being bit?"

"Huh? Yeah, of course." Kida blinked at him.

Masaomi is really a freak. "But why? It hurts."

"So naive. It's called masochism, Mikado~" Kida coughed. "Though I'm not really into having my penis crushed, thanks."

Mikado mumbled under his breath. Then he said, louder, "What else is Masaomi into?"

"Oh, now we're getting into it." Kida reached over Mikado, undoing the buckles and letting the belt fall free to the floor. Mikado rubbed at his wrists - they were a bit raw, nothing much to complain about. He sat up, tucking himself back into his boxers because, well, he was a decent person, unlike Kida (and it had started to get cold, despite the heated attention just moments before, but that wasn't the main reason.)

"Oh Mikado, let me introduce you into the world of sex, pleasure and romance!"

Mikado sweat dropped.

"You see, my dear sweet Mikado, sex is all about showing passion with the body. If you have no passion, you will have boring, bland sex, and you will have to resort to using your hand to pleasure yourself for the rest of your miserable life."


He looped his arm around Mikado. "So humans found various ways to get each other to enjoy the experience. Why do you think there are so many positions? And of course, with our great big human brains," he tapped his skull, "we found toys to introduce into the fun as well~" He started ticking off everything he could remember on his fingers. "There are: vibrators, dildos, whips, chains, floggers, handcuff-"

Mikado covered his ears. "I get it, I get it, you can stop."

"Since you so rudely interrupted, I demand that you listen to the rest of my speech without speaking." Really, Mikado was so rude sometimes. Like that time he...or that other time he... "Or I will force your mouth shut." He waggled his eyebrows for good measure.

It took him a bit, but Mikado got the hint. "You're a pervert, Masaomi," he deadpanned. "And you didn't even answer the question."

"You were cuter when you were tied up."

Mikado didn't say anything, just cast a dirty look at the belt lying oh so innocently next to him. Kida didn't mean it - they both knew it. Even his bondage fetish couldn't top his Mikado fetish. But still - he replayed the moments over and over again in his mind, blissfully sighing. If he saved up enough money, he could buy even better things than a worn-out old belt. And that would mean more sexy time! And that would mean more happiness!

He just needed a job...



"How do you feel about prostitution?"



"You're an idiot."

"What? But Mikado! It'd be a disservice to the world if you kept this darling face and sexy body of mine all to yourself. Don't you understand? Selling myself is the only way to make everyone else happy~ And the money can make us happy, and we can buy all kinds of bondage gear, and a better house, and wedding rings and-"

He hadn't meant to launch into a tangent. Or well, he rarely meant to really, but his nerves or his confidence always managed to lead his tongue to babble for him. Thankfully, Mikado didn't hit him (some of the girls at the park had excellent aim!) instead opting to place his hand on top of his mouth. He stopped talking.

Mikado was making a move?

How interesting!

"So you really do like bondage that much?"

He nodded. Mikado's hand was still in the way, and all. And he wasn't so rude as to brush it off.

" want to get married to the future?"

Oh shit. He had said that. He scratched awkwardly at the back of his head, then just gave a sharp nod. Cheesy pick up lines were a go. So was kissing and groping and just loving in general. But marriage, that shit was real.

And really embarrassing, so it seemed.


Mikado retracted his hand, cradling it against his chest. It was very moe-cute, much like Anri's erotic-cuteness. But it was the way Mikado's eyes found his and stared him down, the way he moved forward to press his lips against his, the way he subtly guided Kida down into the futon, the way he blushed doing it all, that made Kida sigh with pleasure. If everyday was like this in marriage, he would willfully tie himself to Mikado any day.

But then, he didn't really have to worry about that, because as soon as his back was against the futon and his eyes closed, Mikado slipped the belt around his hands.


"Yeah?" He had the belt buckled perfectly. Good things came to those that watched and waited. Kida usually stuck his nose in - and got it bit in the process. Like right now. While Mikado hovered over him, Kida threw dirty looks at him. "You did say I could tie you up before," he added sheepishly.

"Hmph. My sweet uke Mikado has transformed into a seme." Fake tears budded at the corners of his eyes before he caught sight of Mikado's amused face. The water works dissipated. "So what are you going to do to me, oh great seme-sama?~"

(Did Kanra-san know what a seme meant too? Kida knew, so Kanra probably did too.) ", is there anything you really want me to do?" He fidgeted, racking his hands through his hair again. It was starting to flatten, go back to normal and all.


His eye twitched. "Keep it down, Masaomi. You know the neighbors can hear everything through the walls," he hissed.

Kida pulled on the belt experimentally. They both knew he could easily have escaped. They both knew that the neighbors would probably hear them no matter what (the walls were so thin!) They both knew.

But they went on anyways.

Mikado stared at his friend. Kida was splayed out underneath him. Unlike Mikado, he was still clad in his pants, shirt and boots. Mikado was pretty certain that when he'd been tied up, he hadn't radiated such smugness. And he was pretty sure that he hadn't been giving the lustful eyes that Kida was. And he was pretty positive that he hadn't been that hard at just being tied up.

His hands fumbled as he moved to unzip Kida's pants. Kida, for his part, didn't make a quip about it and Mikado was thankful. The energetic blonde would have normally gone on in length about it, but instead, he just watched. With sheer will, Mikado stopped his hands from shaking, and with renewed vigor, unzipped his boyfriend's pants.


"Yes?" Was that a smug tint to his voice? It sounded like it.

"Where is your underwear?"

It was a very annoying tint.

"The pants were too tight to bother with any." Kida shrugged, the belt rising up on the table leg before falling. "And I anticipated getting some," he tacked on.

Very annoying.

"Masaomi is a pervert," Mikado said tonelessly. Really? No underwear? That must not be comfortable. He rubbed his legs together just thinking about it, ignoring the way his erection was steadily coming back. This time it wasn't about him!

Ignoring whatever prattle Kida was going on about, Mikado slid back on his knees. He parted Kida's legs just wide enough to fit between. Kida was warm, the skin of his erection even more so as Mikado gave the first tentative lick. The fluid that had no doubt built up over the course of the night was just a bit salty. He swirled his tongue to catch every drop of it, inwardly cheering that he could beat Kida at this at least.

After all, Romeo over there had said "ew" about his.

Kida didn't know what was more of a turn on - the fact that dear, sweet innocent Mikado was lapping up his fluids like a pro or that he was on his knees, sucking him off while Kida was in bondage.

It was like, straight out of that one yaoi manga Erika had(n't) lent him.

A series of shivers worked their way throughout his entire body. Mikado, flaming red as he was, had started bobbing his head up and down, taking more and more of Kida into his mouth. His tongue darted every which way, not sure which spots to treasure and which to avoid, but Kida still found it hypnotizing. His hips jerked as Mikado took almost all of him into his mouth. He hissed, pulling on the belt. The table moved an inch or so closer, but didn't budge further, even as he groaned, "Mikado," and gave a sharp thrust upwards.

"Be quieter," Mikado commanded him. His sapphire eyes darted back and forth, almost as if he thought the neighbors would plow out of the walls. If his neighbors were Izaya and Shizuo, maybe that would be possible, but Kida couldn't fathom that, not as quickly as Mikado went back to work.

If his hands had been free, he would have grabbed on to Mikado's head and thrust into his mouth over and over again, but this was just as good. He arched his back, calling out Mikado's name for the umpteenth time in so long. And with one last suck, he came.

His eyes half-lidded, he watched Mikado's face contract with surprise, then his own eyes shut as he lapped up what he could, slowly drinking it. Kida had to gulp, the rest of his body frozen. Maybe Mikado wasn't just moe-cute after all...


"Y-yes?" Damn it, that stutter. He was not supposed to stutter!

"I, I guess you liked it?"

Okay, so he was still moe-cute. With a dash of erotic-cuteness sometimes. Only sometimes! Kida threw his head back and laughed. "Of course I liked it, Mikado~"

"Oh. That's good." Mikado smiled at him. Out of nowhere, he then started flailing. "Oh! I should let you go now, huh?" He didn't wait for a response, just tugged the belt safe from Kida's hands and the table. His long fingers stroked the soft skin along Kida's exposed wrists. "Did it hurt?"

"I'm fine." He batted away Mikado's hands, pulling himself into a sitting position. He threw his arms around Mikado's shoulders, bringing his face to rest against Mikado's neck. For once, the boy didn't fight him, instead leaning into it. Kida exhaled happily, nuzzling Mikado. This was right. This was good. This was what he had wanted all along. It had taken an ex-girlfriend, a meddling informant, a gang war, and an ignored note to set all this in motion.

Despite it all, he couldn't say he would do it any other way.



"I love you."

"...I love you too, Masaomi."