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The smoke of Pelargir rose up around our company as the Corsairs of Umbar fled from the fallen men of Dunharrow. We stood silent, staring out at the scene before us.

Suddenly a memory came to me in the form of Galadriel's voice

"...If thou hearest the cry of the gull on the shore,

Thy heart shall rest in the forest no more."

My brow furrowed in confusion; why would such a thought come to me at this time? Moments later I heard a sound unlike any other I had ever even imagined. I froze, even forgetting to breathe for a moment, before turning slowly towards it.

There, on one of the remaining pillars of a past noble's home, sat a bird.

A gull

With the sound it had made, my ears were shown an entire new song, one of the sea. I now heard the tides more clearly than before and they pulled me gently closer with each new wave.

I could still taste the same salt in the air, but it now meant something completely new.


I now knew that with the sea I was free.

I was free…

"Legolas." Came the soft voice of Elrohir from behind me as a hand was rested on my shoulder

I turned to face him but did not reply. I was still far away, and the world here seemed strange.

"Aragorn needs you mellon nín." He said, and with those words I knew he understood

"The blessed realm shall not disappear, and I can sense you have yet to do more great things in Middle Earth." He added even more softly, I nodded almost unnoticeably in reply

"Come Legolas," came the voice of Gimli, breaking through the gloom that had settled about my heart at the thought of the years to come, if they were to come at all "I have a game to continue winning, and there must be two participants!"

I smiled and made my way with Elrohir to rejoin the company. Elrohir was correct; I had much yet to stay for… and no dwarf should ever be known to best an elf in contest.

A Note From The Author (Ithelyn): the game Gimli is referring to is the game that was played between them at the Battle of the Hornburg (involving who could kill the most uruk-hai), which just for this story's sake, was continued at least until the battles of Pelennor Feilds were finished. Also for the story's sake, pretend that they had gone beside the ocean at this time, which I know that in the actual book they did not. Thank you to those of you who read this!