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It had been well over three hours since I touched Isabella's wet cunt, yet I still had the fragrant scent of her on my fingertips. I felt sick as I inhaled deeply, never wanting the scent to go away. It was intoxicating. I became drunk from it and like any good fiend I wondered when I would be able to get my next high or if I ever would be able to.

As I laid by myself in my empty king size bed I thought of nothing but Isabella. My cock came alive and strained against my boxer shorts as I thought of the rough way I wrapped her silky brown curls in my hand.

Faintly I could hear the city bus outside my window stomping on the breaks; the door hissing to let out the passengers. Like clockwork the train whipped by rattling the walls a bit. I pulled down my boxers. I couldn't take it anymore. I decided to allow myself some release.

Freeing my erection, I gripped it and I imagined my hand was hers or better that I was inside of her. Yes, it was her pussy and I was fucking her. Obediently she would bend over and hold her ankles while I licked her pussy. She would beg her master not to stop, to give her more and more 'til she was panting with her breathing shallow and increasingly rapid.

Then and only then, I would place my aching prick inside her as she still held that position. My pace would be slow, but I would swing my hips forward with force as I inched deeper inside of her. She would thrust her hips back on to me just like she did earlier in my office. When I was ready, right when I was there, Isabella would kneel before me with her soft lips parted. I would shove my shaft deep down her throat releasing my load.

"Take it all," I cried out getting caught up in my fantasy.

I caught the hot liquid in my hand as it seeped out the tip. Walking awkwardly to the bathroom I cleaned myself. Once done I cut off the bathroom light, placed my boxers back on, and got in bed. Before drifting off to sleep, I told myself that there was nothing to worry about because Isabella would defiantly say yes.

Boy was I wrong.

It seemed me and Isabella had returned back to square one. She avoided me as if I was a creepy nuisance who wouldn't take no for an answer. When I entered the room she left immediately. When I 'accidentally' spilled water on my keyboard and put in a call for her assistance instead of Isabella, Angela Webber responded. Though she was sweet about it and attractive also, she was not who I wanted.

The more Isabella drew this out the more I became increasingly irate. I brooded in silence in my office and snapped at anyone who dared to pester me. Surely fed up with my poor attitude and possibly fearing a compliant from another co-worker, Emmett had a talk with me in his office about my sudden change in mood.

"What the fuck Edward?" he asked once the door to his office was closed,"Just a few weeks ago you were on cloud nine."

I raised an eyebrow at him, silently challenging his analysis.

"Okay, not cloud nine but you were," he paused,"happier than usual. What changed Eddie?" Emmett and I were usually open with each other. He was my older brother, but we were close. He knew me better than anyone, but I knew I couldn't be honest about sleeping with one of his employees. Especially one that was engaged.

So I did something I'm not very good at. I lied. "I'm fine Emmett. Just a little stressed."

Emmett studied me for a while, but soon gave in. "Can you at least keep it together while at work? You yelled at poor Jessica for what? Because she faxed the wrong memo?"

"Oh please Emmett, the only reason that you even hired her was because you wanted to fuck her," I reasoned.

"Yeah. Well, not anymore," he slowly drawled.

That definitely peeked my interest. Emmett was a 'love'em and leave'em' type of guy. He never kept one girl for too long. Just like how he could tell something was bothering me I could tell he was hiding something.

"Who is she?" I uttered with a smirk on my lips. Emmett's face went pale he knew he had been caught.

It didn't take much for him to give in. "Her name is Rosalie. She lives in my building."

"Oh how did you meet her?" I asked probing further as I slipped off the chair and sat on the edge of his desk. Closing the space between us I forced his eyes to focus directly on me. "And don't try to get out of telling me or I will call Alice and make her get the story out of you. You know her methods are more tortuous. The woman will do anything, including water boarding."

He chuckled before leaning back and placing his hands behind his head. "Last Friday when it was storming, I realized I forgot my umbrella. So I got off the metro and -"

"Wait," I interrupted. "Why were you catching the Metro?"

"Someone threw a brick through the front window of my Mustang," Emmett murmured.

"Wow. Karma is a bitch isn't it Emmett," I said as my small smirk went to a full grin.

"Anyways, I was pretty soaked and it was raining so heavy I barely noticed her walking behind me. After a few blocks she caught up with me and offered to share her umbrella," he replied as he rolled his eyes.

"What? Was it love at first sight or something?" I sarcastically asked.

"More like I liked her looks and conversation. We had sex that night," he replied.

"So she is just like any other girl you'd pick up?" I questioned.

"No," he insisted,"she's different. I stayed at her place for the whole night and the night after that and the night after that. I like i'm apart from her i can't stop thinkong about her." He sounded like he was surprised by his own words.

I was shocked myself. I had never seen Emmett serious about a girl, never the less admit to it. Selfishly I started to focus on my own love-life which was non-existent at the time. "I'm happy for you Emmett. I hope to meet her one day."

"Glad you said that. We're having dinner with dad and his new girlfriend this weekend," he announced.

I jumped up from the edge of his desk quicker than lighting. "Won't be able to attend," I said as I headed for the door and quickly opened it.

Over my shoulder I heard Emmett loudly shout,"Come on you can't avoid him forever!"

I closed the door behind me tuning Emmett out.