Hey there. This is my second BH fanfic. Got this idea after finishing my first one, 'No, Thank you'. I have recently gotten into the show and have fallen in love with it (can you blame me, seriously?). Sam Huntington is adorable and Sam Witwer is sexy as all hell (my two Sams; hehe) and Meaghan Rath's beauty makes me wanna shoot myself (just kidding! I wouldn't kill myself... with a gun).

But, enough of my dark humor and drama; let's get on with it. Like I said, got this fic idea a couple of days after publishing my first BH story. While that one was mostly sex and not much else between my chosen pairing, Aidan and Sally (duh!), this one will have more plot and some build-up. I've read several M stories involving Aidan/Josh (and have liked them) and nabbed an idea from one of those. Normally, Sally is the one wanting to put our two boys together; but, in this one I wanted to give Josh his moment in the sun (I'm quite fond of him) to put our broody vamp and inquisitive ghost together, since this a Sally/Aidan story. Get it?

P.S. I've also taken liberties with what Sally can do as a ghost. Basically if she really, really wants to do something, she could. Doesn't make a lot of sense, but just go with it. This is rated 'M' for a reason and you know where it's headed. Had to take some chances.

P.S.S. I love writing for you guys and I own nothing.


Let me begin by saying I'm not an idiot. Sometimes. But, not always. Not completely, anyway.

Despite what my co-workers, even family, and yes, my friends might think at times, I'm not a total doofus. My nerdy qualities had started at an early age, following me through junior and senior high school and unfortunately, haunted me all the way through college. The fact that I even had the chance to meet and then become engaged to a wonderful woman at all, was a surprise by itself, really.

But, I digress.

After my little 'change' two years ago, I've picked up a new hobby: People watching. Or in the case of my two completely clueless buddies, ghost and vampire watching.

I'd been watching these two with blazing couriosity lately.

The secret smiles. The near misses of hand-holding. Actual freaking hand-holding. Heads laying on shoulders. A kiss on the forehead, here and there.

Ever since Sally had started learning new 'tricks of the trade' of the spirit world, she'd gotten good. Very good. Now, she didn't really need to try to think so hard to accomplish anything anymore.

But, she still had to think about it, though. That was how it worked.

And aparently, her mind seemed to mostly be on touching and being touched by my vampy pal, Aidan.

Not that he minded or anything.

Nope. Aidan loved attention from attractive women as much as the next guy. But, it was different with Sally. I could just tell.

Now if you happen to come to the conclusion that I'm thinking too much into this let me have the pleasure of throwing it in your face that I caught them. Once. Kissing.

Actually, no. Not kissing. Face-sucking. Lip-munching. All out making out.

Thank you, sir, for apologizing.

It was after a late shift at work that I had walked in on them. It had been Aidan's day off and I was quite eager to get home to hash out the day with my two only friends (don't cry for me, please).

I was grumpy. My feet hurt and I was beyond exhausted.

And I wish I could say I was shocked. Surprised. Maybe even put off by what I saw next.

But, I wasn't. No. I. Was. Not.

Sally had a hand in his dark hair. I could see Aidan's white hand on her back. Their mouths were meshed together hungrily (oh, 'hungrily', never thought I'd use that word like ever). And judging by how close they were pressed together and the shameless sounds they were making, I knew that if they could find a way to go about it, there would have been more skin-on-skin contact, if you know what I'm saying.

Then I walked in.

Mood killer.

My two friends sprang apart like they were on fire, once they realized they were being watched.

For two seconds. I swear!

And since then, I haven't so much as seen them look at each other. Well, not when the other was aware, at least.

This included an ackward instance last week when for the first time in a while, I saw them in the same room together. Not together together. They had more distance between them than a normal couple would have living two countries away from each other.

One would gaze at the other when they weren't looking. Then they repeat. Repeat. Repeat. And repeat.

I gotta tell you, if I wasn't such a goddamn romantic, I'd would have been sickened.

It was then that I made a conscientatious desicion. To bring these two stubborn together if it was the last thing I could do.

First, I'll start with Sally. Then Aidan.

I wanna do this thing in good order, after all.

Like I said.

Not an idiot.


A/N: I hope you liked my representation of Josh's hilarious thoughts. And yeah, the whole 'romantic' was mwant to be sarcastic (very Josh indeed!). And the whole 'not an idiot' thought was just a device I wanted to use to open and close this chapter with humor.

Hoped you loved and please send some feedback!