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Aidan growled deep in his throat as he walked towards the nurse's station. The fustration and anger boiled in his veins.

At least he finally told her how Sally how he felt.

Well, he didn't exactly 'tell her' as much as he'd kissed her... again.

Before he was called away to the hospital.

They had gotten as far as some serious heavy petting. She had his shirt off and was working on his belt buckle and he was working a hand inside her leggings when he heard his phone go off.

Dammit! So... so close.

He gave a cold glare to the petite, cheery nurse who handed him his patient charts before stalking off.

Let's get this over with.


Josh grinned widely as he spotted his friend sitting on a bench, grimacing into a cup of coffee. The dark-haired vampire looked gloomy and potentially dangerous. Something that the rest of the nurses had come to notice since he had been called in earlier in the evening.

Although Josh knew Aidan didn't like being called in on his days off, luckily this type of thing only happened on rare occasions. So, realistically he knew that his buddy shouldn't be making such a big deal out of it.

Then, again, he was in 'the know'. Unlike the co-workers who felt terrorized by Aidan's dark mood, he had a pretty good guess has to why his pal was acting so moody.

And the reason was packaged in a certain roommate who could mist from place to place whenever she wanted to.

After grabbing groceries earlier in the day, he had come home to a nervous and obviously giddy Sally, who barely waited 10 seconds to tell him what had gone on between her and Aidan on the couch.

Her first words, verbatim, were: "I almost had sex with Aidan!"

He smiled and listened. After all, it's not like she had other friends to talk to about this. Although once she started in on the far more intimate details of their encounter, he stopped her from going further. There's only so many things he could talk to her about and this was not one of them.

Besides, if he wanted any gory details, he could go to his actual guy friend.

The same guy friend who was, right now, glaring at his caffeinated beverage like he could see Osama Bin Laden's face reflected in it.

"Hey buddy!", Josh greeted brightly as he plopped down next to his moping friend. "What's up?"

Finally bringing the mug to his lips, Aidan took a sip and he noticed his roommate's face twist in an expression of disgust before answering. "Nothing. Same old. Same old. Gun shot victim. Cancer patient. The usual-"

He stopped himself slowly as he finally glanced over at Josh, who was nodding almost too enthusiastically for his taste and had an almost maniacal grin on his face.

He stared his friend down but, the almost painful grin wouldn't leave and he nodded eagerly for him to continue like he was telling him juicy gossip instead of an evening at work.

"What?", He finally asked nearly exasperated.

Josh's smile became much more knowing and he wiggled his eyebrows suggestively. Aidan peered into his face before realization sunk in.

"No." He said disbelievingly, shaking his head. "No way."

"I totally called it, dude!" The lighter-haired man almost jumped happily in his chair, slapping a hand on Aidan's shoulder.

"Shut up." He countered, chuckling at Josh's nearly ecstatic movements.

Guess Sally told him something, huh?


"Sally?", Aidan asked a seemingly empty house as he closed and locked the door behind him.

He shrugged off his jacket before speaking again. "Sally? Are you here?"

He was almost gonna head upstairs when she misted into form in front of him.

Sally smiled brightly at the sight of him. "Aidan! Your home. I was just thinking about... oomph!"

In two strides he had her in his arms and was kissing the daylights out of her.

She responded immediately, moaning into his mouth and wrapping her arms around his neck, playing with the small hairs on the nape of it.

He growled and easily picked her up, her legs coming around his hips quickly as he slammed her into the nearest wall. Although the old, very much alive version of her would have not allowed such aggression (Danny was a jealous ass, but very vanilla in bed), she shuddered in delight he thrust his erection into the 'v' of her thighs.

He slowly stopped the kiss, pecking her mouth softly as he rested his forehead against hers, his voice coming out raspy. Husky. "I thought about you when I was gone." He almost made it sound like he had gone off to war again and he'd been barely away 4 hours.

But, she wasn't about to argue with him nestled so comfortably between her legs and his huge, strong arms (A/N: Seriously, have you seen those arms? I mean what's the diet here? Did he go the Popeye route and eat spinach? Really. I wanna know!) easily balancing her closer to him, now was she?

No. No she wasn't.

She giggled as she came close again and initiated a kiss. It started out softly and she slowly flicked her tongue into his cold, wonderful mouth, sampling him. He let it go slow for a minute before both of his hands cradled her face, tilting it to a much better of his liking, further deepening the kiss. Making it passionate. Hungry. More urgent until she whimpered against his lips, making him harder against her.

He almost started as he felt her slender fingers slip beneath his abs down to his belt again. Remembering her earler intention, he broke their kiss again. "Sally..." His voice was ragged. Rough. "You don't have to-"

"I want to." And her hands slipped into his jeans and...

Oh my God.

It had taken Sally a while to both touch and feel things at the same time like everyone else. To really feel the nuances and texture of certain materials.

But, boy she was having no trouble at all enjoying the feel of the masterpiece in her hands. Her slim fingers could barely wrap around him. He was that big.

"Oh, god. Sally..." He grunted, pressing himself into her palm desperately. He kissed her with just as much feeling and moaned deeply. She continued to touch him before he couldn't take it anymore.

Yanking his lips away, he growled out. "Bedroom."

She barely gave a nod of confirmation before they were moving at a dizzying speed into his room.

They kissed hungrily before she tugged at his shirt and he pulled away enough to help her yank it off.

Sally indulged in the feel of his muscles, fingers trailing over the crevices and dips of his build before he pulled to him aggressively, his kiss bruising. Brutal.

They fell onto the bed.

And then something happened.

They were so caught up on each other that it took them a minute to realize what had happened.

They ended their kiss slowly.

"Sally are you... naked?" His eyes roamed from her face slowly downward. She followed his gaze.

She was.

Guess her powers were good at something else as well, huh?

She didn't get a chance to feel embarrassed because of the lust and affection in his dark gaze. The eyes that told her without words how beautiful she was.

They kissed again. Slowly. While his hands luxuriated in the feel of her solidly naked form.

His lips trailed on her cheek to her clevicle down to her breasts and she gasped as he laved a nipple.

"Oh, Sally..." His voice was deeper and husky by now. "I want you. I want you so bad."

He kissed his way back up to her mouth, dipping his tongue bak inside her own.

Lining his shaft near her opening, he delighted in her gasping sound as he leaned up, his arms baring down on her at the same time and looking into her eyes, he asked warningly. "Last chance to change your mind?"

And this was her last chance. Because once they started, he wasn't stopping for anything.

In response, she pulled his head down for another kiss. Their tongues fought for dominance as his hardness plunged home inside her and they moaned loudly at the feeling.

Sally didn't know what was happening. This feeling... it was so divine.

Aidan felt the same way.

Soon, their thrusts became rougher. Faster. Harder.

"Aidan! Oh my god... I can't-" She couldn't articulate what she was feeling.

"It's okay." He kissed her tenderly. Passionately.

"Aaah!" She yelled as her blinding release arrived.

A few hard thrusts later, Aidan followed her. "Gaah..." He growled out as he spasmed inside her before collapsing on her.

"That was-" She didn't know quite how to put it.

"Amazing." He finshed pantingly near her ear.

You said it. Sally thought wryly.


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