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This is the sequel to 'Merlin's sister'. It is a few weeks later and Merlin is, as promised, helping his sister Helen with her magic, and in return for him helping her, Helen is helping Merlin and Arthur keep their relationship hidden.

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Helen was pacing, just outside the gates of Camelot, pausing after so long to look up towards the forest to see if she could see her brother Merlin returning.

Helen had enjoyed her stay in Camelot and when it was time for her to go home, she didn't want to. Merlin wanting to do what he could to help her after her helping him and Arthur get together said that he would go and visit their mother and try and talk her into staying. Merlin let them know that he would be back sometime today, whether to pick Helen up and take her home or tell her that she could stay, she didn't know.

Arthur had finished training, they were supposed to be training for a full morning but Arthur couldn't, his mind was on Merlin. He had only been gone a week and after two days, Arthur was missing him like mad. He called for his knights to stop and told them that training was finished early and that they were to return to their posts.

When the training ground was empty except for Arthur, he turned in a full circle and stopped when he was facing the forest. Merlin said that he would be back today, he decided to give Merlin until sundown to come back before going out and meeting him.

He looked away from the forest and closer to the gates and smiled when he saw Helen pacing.

Helen looked towards the forest before pacing again. She knew that Merlin would be back today, so she had been here since just after dawn. Just as she turned to walk her usual pace, a pair of hands grabbed her upper arms. "You're going to wear a hole in the ground." Helen looked up and found herself staring at Arthur with an amused look on his face.

"Sorry. It's just that I'm anxious."

Arthur chuckled. "I can tell." Arthur looked over Helen's shoulder and saw Merlin come into view. "Merlin will be here any second now." Helen scoffed. "Wanna bet."

"Okay then. If within the next minute you see Merlin. You have to do all of the chores that Merlin should do today which is cleaning my armour, exercising the dogs, mucking out the stables and washing my clothes. That way I can spend all day in bed with Merlin, because I've missed him that much It's making me barmy."

Helen stood and thought about it for a few seconds before shaking Arthur's hand. "Done."

Arthur shook her hand and grinned. "You certainly have been."

Helen frowned. "What do you mean by that?"

Arthur placed his hands on Helen's shoulders and spun her around.

Merlin was really close to them both now with a grin on his face. Helen looked over her shoulder at Arthur who was quietly laughing. "That's not fair. You saw Merlin coming when you made the bet, so it doesn't count."

"Don't worry Helen. I wouldn't do that to you anyway." Arthur assured her.

Merlin walked up to them both with a grin on his face. "Let me guess. You've been out here since just after sunrise waiting for me and Arthur knowing this has decided to come and wind you up."


"Well he had had to wind someone up Helen, seeing as I wasn't around. Anyway, I suppose you want to know whether I bring the good news of you being able to stay or the bad news telling you that you are to go home."


Merlin smiled. "You can stay in Camelot. You can live here."

"Yes." Helen said, making fists with her hands. Arthur picked Helen up and spun her around before placing her back on the ground. "Why are you so happy?" Merlin asked, looking at Arthur. "Helen can live here. And I'm happy for her because that's what she wants and I'm all for making Helen happy because she got us together." Arthur explained, but Merlin knew that there was something else. "And?"

"Well, if Helen is to live here and be Gaius's asisstant, she will have to have your room, which means that you will be living with me in my quarters. And seeing as all that I had planned today was training and I finished that not long before you came back. I want you in my chambers. Now."

Helen put her hands over her ears. "I don't need any images thank you." Arthur laughed and turned to make his way back to the castle but not before beckoning Merlin to follow.

Helen hugged and thanked Merlin before telling him to go. Gaius had given her the morning off to wait for Merlin. Now he was back, she had to get back to work.

Arthur had a servant come and do him a bath, once done, Arthur locked his chamber doors and turned to face Merlin. "Strip." Merlin wasted no time in doing what Arthur told him to do and within seconds, Merlin was stood naked in front of Arthur who stripped himself before getting in his bath. "Are you going to stand there and let me enjoy the view or are you going to join me where I can enjoy you even more?"

Merlin smirked and joined Arthur, sitting in front of him with his back against Arthur's chest. Seeing the water rise up even more as he got in, Merlin created a spell around them so that the water will not make too much of a mess if it splashes over the edge.

"What are you doing Merlin?"

"I've simply done a spell so that the water will not make too much of a mess."

Arthur seeing this, smirked. "Planning to make a splash are you?"

Merlin turned himself around so that he was facing Arthur. "Oh yes. A very big splash." he said before placing his lips upon Arthur's. Arthur roamed his hands down Merlin's back before resting firmly on Merlin's arse. "Gods I've missed you Merlin."

"I've missed you too Arthur. So much." Merlin replied as he threw his head back when he felt Arthur's fingers enter him. After a while of Arthur pumping his fingers in and out of Merlin, Merlin growled. "Arthur. It's not your fingers I want in me. It's your cock."

Arthur smirked and pulled his fingers out to lift Merlin up, when Arthur lined his cock up, Merlin slammed down onto him. "Ah Merlin."

Merlin started to ride Arthur slowly whilst kissing him gently.

Helen who had been delivering potions to different people that evening came to a stop outside of Arthur's chambers when she heard a muffled moaning. She put her ear to the door and when she heard that the moaning had got louder, she pulled away with a smile on her face.

"You have both missed each other that much, Merlin has forgot to use the spell that not let anyone hear." she mumbled to herself. She quickly checked the corridor she was in and when she saw that it was deserted, she stretched her hand out towards Arthur's door and said an incantation that Merlin had been teaching her. Once she put her hand down, she put her ear to the door once more and was happy that she couldn't hear anything. Happy that the spell worked and that she had managed to do it, she did a little dance before making her way back to Gaius. Telling herself that the next time she saw Merlin she would tell him that no matter how much he missed Arthur, he should have put up a silencing spell around Arthur's chambers. He should be thankful that it was Helen that heard them and not someone else.

Yes, she would be having words with her big brother tomorrow when he was to teach her some more magic.

After drying themselves and having something to eat (Arthur asked another servant to bring him some food) Merlin and Arthur got into bed, Arthur pulled Merlin close to him, letting Merlin rest his head on his chest and wrapped his arms around him. Arthur kissed Merlin on his head. "Good night Merlin."

Merlin in turn, kissed Arthur's chest. "Good night Arthur."

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