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The next morning, Helen was doing her rounds for Gaius, delivering potions throughout the castle. She took a deep breath before knocking on the door to who Gaius says is nasty, even on a good day.

"And what time do you call this you bumbling idiot?" he wrenched open the door and came face to face with Helen.

"You're not Merlin."

"Thanks for clearing that up for me." Helen replied sarcastically.

"Who are you?"

"I am Gaius' helper, Helen. Merlin's sister."

"Merlin's sister? Well I have just made up my mind. I don't like you."

"Whereas you are my number one fan." Helen replied, keeping her sarcastic tone.

"Well you cheeky young gal. I have a good mind to report you to the king for your rudness."

"My rudness? You ought to listen to yourself before accussing other people of that."

"How dare y-" he broke off when he saw Uther approaching. Straight away, Helen bowed her head. "Ah Uther I wish to talk to you."

"Later Elfric. I need to see Arthur." Helen's head shot up. She thrust the potion into Elfric's hand and rushed away. She shut herself in a room and locked the door behind her, concentrating on Merlin.

Merlin woke up and found himself being spooned by Arthur. He sighed happily and smiled when he felt Arthur press a kiss to his shoulder. Merlin turned his head to look at Arthur, who smiled before capturing Merlin's lips. Arthur's hand moved down from Merlin's chest to his cock that was half hard. He started stroking Merlin whilst grounding his own erection against Merlin's arse.


Merlin broke from Arthur and shot up into a sitting posistion. "Merlin? What's wrong?"

"Shh." Merlin closed his eyes and tried to focus.



No it's Gaius.

It's too early for sarcasm. What's wrong.

Uther is on his way to see Arthur. I thought I'd best warn you. Because I'm guessing you are still in bed.


Well you need to get up because Uther is nearly there so get, what I'm guessing, is your naked arse out of Arthur's bed and get dressed.

The connection broke and Merlin looked at Arthur who was staring at him. "It's Helen."

Arthur covered them both up quickly. "Where?" he asked looking around.

"Not in here you prat." Merlin said as he got out of bed. "People with magic can communicate with their minds. She's just warned me that Uther is on his way here because he wants to talk to you." Arthur shot out of bed and got dressed. Merlin who was already dressed, helped him. Merlin faced the door. "Tospringe." eyes glowing gold, Arthur heard his door unlock.

A few minutes later, Uther walked in. Merlin bowed and looked at Arthur. "I'll get your breakfast sire." he said and left Arthur with his father.

Merlin was walking down the corridor to get Arthur's breakfast when a hand grabbed hold of him and pulled him through a door. He spun round and came face to face with Helen. "First of all let me say how lucky you are that it was me that walked past Arthur's chambers last night when you two let each other know just how much you missed one another."

"What do you mean?"

"I heard you both Merlin. You forgot to put a silencing charm up so I did it for you."

"And it worked? Well done." Merlin stepped forward and hugged her, but Helen pulled away. "Second of all. I'm your younger sister. Which means you look out for me. Not the other way around."

"Well you said that because I helped you with your magic that you would."

"Yes, but not all day every day. What would you do if I wasn't here?"

"I'd be lost." he said, giving Helen his brightest smile that always made her not be angry with him. "That's not fair." she said. "Arthur's breakfast." she said pointing to the table. "Take it to him."

Merlin hugged her. "Thank you sister. And thank you for the warning this morning."

"Your welcome. Now get going." Merlin hugged her one last time before picking up Arthur's breakfast and leaving. Helen smiled as she watched him leave, before leaving herself. She was glad that she was staying in Camelot. After all. Someone has to look out for Merlin besides Arthur and Gaius.

Merlin entered Arthur's chambers with his breakfast to see him leaning against the wall whilst staring out of the window. "Your breakfast Arthur."

Arthur turned around and saw Merlin put his breakfast on the table. Arthur walked over to the door and locked it. "What did Uther want?"

"Just to discuss something about the counsel meeting this afternoon. Until then, I'm all yours."

"Good. I need cheering up. Helen has just told me off."


"Because I forgot to put a silencing charm on the room last night and she walked past and heard us, she said we was lucky it was her and not someone else, so she put a silencing spell up for us."

"Remind me to thank her." Arthur walked up to Merlin and kissed him. "Arthur, your breakfast."

"It's not food I'm hungry for." Arthur said, putting his hands on Merlin's hips and pulling him towards him. "Now then. Lets finish off what we started this morning." Merlin smiled and put a silencing spell on the room before following Arthur to the bed.

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