Happens somewhere in/after Angel. I didn't read it that carefully, so this has no real set place in the book.

For the record, I hate Dylan. He can go die in a hole for all I care. So I don't know what possessed me to write a fricking Mylan fic. *gags* But whatever, here it is. Bring on the Mylan. *gags again*

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"Max, please, give us another chance," Fang begged. I couldn't bear to look at him.

"No Fang. You ran out on me. Dylan never has."

"You haven't even known Dylan for two years," Fang spat, "I've known you for 15, Max. 15 goddamn years. I'm sorry if I was trying to help you and your little mission to save the world and made one bad decision. One, Max, just one. I'm sure if Dylan is around for that long, he'll make more mistakes than that. That is, if you don't get tired of him first." He paused. "Please, just let me make up for it, Max. I love you."

"Not a chance in hell Fang. I'm over you, and what you just said makes me more sure than ever that I don't want you back! I love Dylan now, not you!" I whirled away from him and stalked back into the house. Dylan was waiting for me inside of the door.

"Was that true? Do you really love me?" His eyes were shining with hope. I swallowed.

"Yeah, it was true. I love you, Dylan." I said softly. Dylan kissed me just as soft as my voice sounded. It wasn't like kisses I had shared with Fang, or even like the other times Dylan had kissed me. This wasn't a "maybe" kiss. This was a "beginning of us" kiss. I had finally made my choice. I had chosen Dylan. When we finally broke apart, Dylan caressed my cheek and whispered those three magic words.

"I love you. I love you, Maximum Ride. Always have, always will." I could feel tears welling up in my eyes and I leaned my head against his rock-solid chest. I had finally found someone who could protect me (but not too much, 'cause then I would have to kick his ass for treating me like a damsel-in-distress, which I am not), love me, and never, ever, leave me. I had found perfection in the form of a gorgeous, singing, charming, cloned boy named Dylan.

Other POV

Fang knew he had lost her. There was a time when she was his everything, and he was hers. They had danced around having a relationship for months, and when they finally got together, it was amazing. But Max forgot about her duties as a leader, a mother, and a friend to the rest of the Flock. So Fang had done what he thought was right: leave. But that choice was wrong, he knew that now. They would have gotten over their new-relationship rush and cooled down slightly. Max could have focused more on saving the world, and Fang could have helped her. But not now. Now, he had lost her.

Fang would later fall passionately in love with a beautiful, strong, Asian girl named Kate. But for now, when his world felt like it was shattering into a billion pieces, he swore to never love again.

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