Tough Love

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A/N 2: Response to the Drabble Challenge by Enkidu07 and Onyx Moonbeam
All fellow players can be looked up on Enkidu07's profile page (the many, many names finally exceeded the drabble word count, hehe).

Prompt: Stall

Prompt 2: Newspaper Taxi's extra bonus challenge: one of the guys force-examines the other


"Sit tight or so help me–" Bobby didn't get to complete his threat. Unsteadily, Dean tried to rise from the driver's seat but, true to his word, Bobby handcuffed him to the steering wheel before he could get far.

"Bobby!" Dean protested, indignantly tugging at the cuff.

"That nasty bitch smashed your head against that stall divider. You are disoriented, sluggish–"


"… and aggressive," Bobby finished unphazed. "All signs of a concussion."

Studying Dean's unfocused eyes, the gruff hunter gently carded his hands through the younger man's hair, making sure his skull wasn't cracked.

"You'll live. Idjit!"

The End

A/N 3: I'll give irnan's From the Ashes a Fire credit for inspiration.