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Rapunzel could feel the tension run through her. It was her first real ball and she wanted to make the best impression that she could. As if learning to adjust to shoes wasn't hard enough, now she had learn the proper etiquette to a formal ball, Eugene was busy working to pay off his debt, which meant that she was alone- except for Pascal.

"Oh Pascal! What am I suppose to do?" The princess looked at her chameleon friend, panic and distress filled her eyes.

The ballroom was swarming with people; they were all dressed with glittering apparel, gems and jewels were being used as buttons for men and most of the women had such stones studded in their cuffs. Everyone was talking, the king and queen, Rapunzel's parents, were busy greeting guests, while the princess was talking to her closest friend.

"Why did Eugene have to work today?" The chameleon sitting on her shoulder squeaked in agreement. It was obvious that her boyfriend needed to comfort her because he wasn't much help.

"Excuse me?" said a voice coming from behind her, "You must be the newfound princess."

Rapunzel turned around to see a girl about her age, with long black hair, wearing a simple light green gown and a small silver crown rested on top of her head. There were no gems or jewels; her dress wasn't sparkling like everyone else's and she wasn't wearing a hint of jewellery or make-up, like all of the women present.

"Um… well… yes," she answered nervously.

"Don't worry," the young girl soothed, "you'll get used to these balls. Eventually." She extended her hand and offered a handshake. "I'm Alexandra, princess of the Kingdom of Cassiopeia."

"Pleased to meet you." Rapunzel accepted the handshake and smiled. "I'm Rapunzel, princess of the Kingdom of Corona. And this is Pascal, my best friend." She pointed at the little green creature perched at her shoulder.

The chameleon turned around and extended his tail towards the black haired princess, which she took as a simple handshake. "Pleased to meet the both of you." Alexandra curtsied before them after she let go of Pascal's tail. "I suppose you're still nervous about these?"

"A bit."

With that, Alexandra grabbed the brunette princess' arm and dragged her across the room. "Don't worry. I'll help." Rapunzel smiled at her colleague as they made their way towards several noblemen and women.

Eugene was busy finishing his work, there was much to be done, but he knew it would be worth it if he and Rapunzel could be together. He cared for the princess more than anything he's ever stolen and he would do anything just to prove it. Even if it meant cleaning up the stables for a while.

Maximus- one of the most respected officials of the royal guard- was more than pleased that the ex-thief, Flynn Rider, or orphan boy, Eugene Fitzherbert, was cleaning his own waste. In fact, he practically neighed in delight.

The ex-thief glared at the horse. "Keep laughing now Max, but we'll see who's laughing, when the princess finds out that someone else has been stealing apples from the 'emergency' food stash."

The white stallion glared back at him and snorted in denial, and then he sighed in defeat. Although it was only one apple, he still took it and it wasn't exactly appropriate for someone of Maximus' rank to steal anything no matter how little of value they are. The horse had a very important position, considering that he helped save the lost princess of Corona and he needed to show an example to those he was training.

While Eugene continued his work, smirking at the proud statement that he made, he thought of the day when he was blackmailed into taking a Rapunzel to see the lanterns and how he brought the lost princess home, how he was repeatedly hit on the head with a frying pan by a girl with seventy feet of magical blond hair. It was a bit of a shock to him, that he fell for someone completely out of his league, but the King and Queen accepted him and were willing to pardon him for his past crimes. But he felt like he didn't fit into the world that Rapunzel belonged in, pardoned or not, he was still a commoner, and a princess obviously deserved so much more.

He still remembered the time they spent together at the festival, before the lanterns, and while she was busy playing around, he went off to buy her, not only a lantern, but also a small necklace. Eugene reached in to his pocket and found the small flower shaped trinket, maybe it wasn't much, considering that he bought it with money he stole, and he was going to give it to her, as soon as he finished cleaning the stables.

Rapunzel and her new friend, Alexandra, had almost finished talking to everyone. Rapunzel had never thought that talking to people with high titles would be so easy.

"See. You're a natural," announced Alexandra.

"I never thought it could be this easy." Rapunzel giggled as Pascal straightened up confidence burning through his eyes.

As the two princesses continued talking, a young man walked by them bowing before Rapunzel. He was dressed in a rich red vest, with golden lining, over a white shirt with diamonds that served as buttons and cufflinks and a large golden crown filled with different coloured jewels, and, strangely enough, had some similarities to Alexandra. The highly dressed man took Rapunzel's hand and gently kissed it, which made her laugh nervously.

"Stephan!" cried Alexandra glaring at the man, "What are doing?"

Stephan let go of Rapunzel's hand and faced the other princess. "Just paying respects to a lovely princess." Then he faced the other direction and winked at Rapunzel.

Alexandra rolled her eyes and groaned. "Rapunzel, meet my immature twin brother, crown prince and future king of Cassiopeia, Stephan."

The prince bowed before her and smiled. "Dear princess Rapunzel, would you be so kind, as to accompany me to the dance?" he asked overconfidently.

The princess in question felt a bit nervous, the dances they did in balls were so organized, while the dances she did at her festival were much more outgoing. "Well," she started nervously, "I'm not really that much of a dancer…"

"Nonsense!" said Stephan as he grabbed her hand and pulled her towards him. "I'm sure you're a dazzling dancer."

Before Rapunzel could reply, he quickly dragged her to the dance floor and they both began to dance. Alexandra looked at the two, and was more than certain that her dear brother was going to ask for more than a dance. In fact, she was sure that he wasn't going to take no for an answer.

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