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Eugene was gently stroking Rapunzel's short brown locks as she explained to them about Stephan.

"I can't believe that jerk!" Eugene rambled on and on about how aggravating Stephan was. "Don't worry Rapunzel we'll fix this," he said to his girlfriend with forced cheerfulness.

"How?" she asked, panicked.

"I don't know yet, but I promise I'll fix this."

"With my help," Alexandra interjected.

The two glanced at her as if they suddenly noticed her presence. They had been so caught up in Rapunzel's dilemma they had forgotten that Alexandra was standing right behind them.

"Sorry," said Eugene.

"Don't worry about it. And don't worry about my brother I'll have a talk with my parents. I'm sure they can settle this."

Unbeknownst to them all Stephan was listening behind the doors of the library. And although he couldn't hear much since the doors were so heavy he managed to understand most of their plan.

It was time for dinner. The servants had all of the dishes laid out before them and each dish had an amazing meal to offer. But as appetizing as they were Rapunzel was more concerned with the upcoming marriage between her and Stephan than her hunger. No doubt his parents have already made plans for the ceremony and maybe even their grandchildren. The thought of it made Rapunzel shiver, she wasn't ready to get married at all let alone start a family.

"So Rapunzel are you enjoying the food?" asked the queen.

"Of course Your Majesty," she replied nervously.

"You seem a little on edge," the king noticed, "Perhaps it's the exciting anticipation for your wedding."

Rapunzel felt a shiver down her spine. If only they knew the truth: the wedding was the day she dreaded the most.

Rapunzel couldn't reply, so the room stood still with an awkward silence, but Stephan interrupted the silence by standing up and raising his glass.

"In that case, I propose a toast," he declared. As he lifted his glass even higher, his parents lifted theirs with pride gleaming in their eyes, "To our marriage."

"To the marriage," his parents echoed.

Rapunzel looked to Alexandra for help. Quickly catching her friend's distress, Alexandra stood up, prepared to speak.

But Stephan interjected. "Mother? Father?"

"Yes son," said the king.

"I believe that it would be in our Kingdom's best interest if my dear sister found herself a suitable husband as well?"

Both monarchs nodded in agreement, however, it was a known fact that Alexandra was too stubborn to accept any suitor presented to her and forcing her to marry only made the suitors uncomfortable.

"Of course," Stephan continued, "I'm fully aware that my dear sister has very eclectic tastes. Which is why I think it would be in her best interest to leave Cassiopeia for a while. So that she can meet a suitable husband on her own."

The Monarchs thought it was a monumental idea, but the two princesses were in disagreement. Alexandra was the only one who could convince her parents to stop the marriage from even happening, since they needed the blessings of both Kingdoms in order for the wedding proceed and Rapunzel was still too full of concern for her own land to refuse him so quickly.

"Oh come now Stephan," Alexandra started, "Do you honestly think that I would just leave to miss my dear brother's own wedding?"

"While I do enjoy your company dear sister," he replied, trying to contain his sneer, "I think you yourself should find someone of high birth more suited to your tastes."

Alexandra and Adrian's relationship was legendary in her kingdom, and the two were an admittedly good match. No man of high society would have ever been able to handle her stubbornness. Unfortunately, Adrian was not a high society man and the rest of the Royal Family had little interest in what he had to offer them.

"Brother dear," she responded with false sweetness, "Now what kind of a sister would I be, if I didn't see my brother off on his own wedding day."

"Come now Stephan," said the Queen, "Your sister makes a valid point. A Royal Wedding is a momentous occasion, so the whole Royal Family must attend."

"Of course Mother," Alexander sighed, annoyed. He rose from the table. "You'll have to excuse me. I have some nuptial matters to attend to."

His departure left an ideal opportunity for the two princesses. Unfortunately, the monarchs' plans for the marriage rendered them deaf to every word their daughter spoke. With the meal over, Rapunzel returned to her boyfriend's arms, while Alexandra spied on her brother.

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