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I'm Too Young for Love

"Bella!" Ugh! Great here comes Alice. Don't get me wrong I love my little sister, but she has enough energy to power all of France!

"I'm coming Alice. I'll be done and a few."

My name is Isabella Swan, but I prefer Bella, I'm 20 years old. I live in France. Unfortunately I just turned 20 that mean it's time for my parents to find me a suitable suitor. The unfortunate part is I don't have a say and all the people who live in France are obnoxious snobs. Tonight is my dinner party. Yeah right more like the throw the riches man at Bella-dinner party. So now Alice wants to come and dress me up like I'm the annual Christmas tree. Why so those obnoxious men can just stare and drool at me. I don't think so. Yeah I know I'm gorgeous but I hide myself in baggy clothes so men can look me in the eyes instead of leering at me.

"Bella just let me dress you. You'll look gorgeous when I'm done with you." She just won't let it go.

"Alice I'm capable of dressing myself!"

"Then why are you in pa's room?"

"Alice you know how I feel about this party. So let me be." Yes I'm currently in my father's room finding one of his shirts to cover myself. Don't judge me!

"Bella, please?" Oh no not the face, but before I registered what I was doing I turned around to see Alice giving me this look like someone killed her kitten.

"Fine Alice, you can choose my outfit"

And that's how I found myself in this peach colored dinner dress that I would never wear out in public. So much for not attracting attention to myself.

"Isabella, my darling you look beautiful. You should dress like this more often." There's always some type of demand hidden in her comments.

"Yes honey your right." Traitor! I shouted mentally at my dad he knows I hate dressing up.

"Pa do I really have to go? You know I'm not ready to get married!" well not to anyone who lives in France.

"Isabella you know it's mandatory to be married off at the age of 20, besides I plan on picking Jacob Black." My eyes probably popped out of my head by how wide they got.

"Pa, no. Please no, I absolutely hate Jacob." Yes I indeed hated Jacob Black. When I was 18. A stupid 18 years old I had a crush on Jacob. I thought he was absolutely gorgeous. He showed interest in me and I being Bella blushed like the school girl I was. The point is I thought Jacob was the one and we slept together. After we slept together he tossed me out like yesterday's town news. It broke my heart and it made me into the strong woman I am today. The only person, who knows besides the obvious Jacob, is Alice. I love my sister I can tell her anything.

"I don't understand why he's gorgeous –'' interjected my mother "He's a sick womanizing jerk who can't be with one woman" I stated. I started to tell them all the reasons, but thought better of it.

"Isabella as parents we will seek out whose best for our daughter's so suck it up it will be better as your marriage progresses." And with those final words I knew I had no choice.

With that all said and done Alice chooses then to enter the sitting room. "Okay everyone I'm ready. Let's get going."

As we walked out we noticed the French soldiers marching up and down the streets. "Oh how I hate wars they are so depressing. I hope this one is over soon" My mother said. We all nodded in agreement. Are heads bent in sorrow for the people we were losing to this war. Little did we know most of them were people like us?

I and my family live in France as a Jewish family. We are living in the middle of a ragging war. Adolf Hitler is taking Europe by storm. He despises people like my family and me. He thinks we Jews are contaminating his people. In his sick mind the perfect people are Christians with the blonde hair and blue eyes. Me and my family here horror stories of what's happening to the people from the places were Hitler has conquered, and that Hitler will conquer France next. But I don't think he will capture France. We got the allies on are side. But those stories still seem to be nagging at me somewhere in the back of my mind.

"Earth to Bella we are here" Alice sings to me. Wow I must have really been caught up in my thoughts. "Oh god Bella what's wrong? Why are you crying…?" I was crying? Alice voice just seems to keep going. "…Bella it's just a party it'll be okay…" I didn't even realize I was crying.

"Alice I'm fine, just got caught up in my thoughts."

"Well what are you thinking about that'll have you in tears."

"Hitler" I said in just above a whisper.

"Oh Bella, those are just rumors it'll be okay" I tried to smile but she saw right through it.

"It'll be okay Bella, okay" all I could do was nod because I didn't think I could speak without my voice cracking.

"Now let's get this stupid dinner over with." And with that I smiled a genuine smile.

I hadn't even realized are parents left us outside. With that I muttered "thanks for the love mom and dad."

As soon as I walked in you'll never guess who was at the door waiting for . Before I could speak Alice said something that made me love her even more.

"Back off mutt." she basically spat at him. But that didn't stop him.

"Bella you're going to marry me and you know what you did that will have you begging me to marry you." with that I stopped dead in my tracks. Oh no.

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