Whirlpool's Rebirth

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Author's note: Ok so in case readers were wondering why this has been updated despite being completed, I'm looking over the story again and re-editing it. I'll be doing this with the other chapters as well, so if you are knew to this story, please understand that I may have not edited the other chapters yet, but plan to do so.

Chapter 1: Origins

It's mid-evening as two travelers are walking towards the border of fire country. The older man, who looked to be in his mid 50's had white spiky hair with two shoulder length bangs hanging down the side of his face while the rest was tide back in a ponytail. His forehead sported a metal headband with two horn like protrusions at the top opposite sides from one another while it had the kanji for oil etched into the middle.

His face although not wrinkled showed his age, two red lines running down from the bottom of his eyelids to the edge of his cheeks. He wore a dark green short kimono with matching pants, over it he wore a red coat vest and under it all he wore mesh armor. Finishing his attire were the two getas on his feet clacking with every step he took.

Next to him walked a sun kissed blonde boy no older than 14. Though he wore a blue head band with a metal plate where a leave was etched into it, it barely kept his wild spiky hair out of his whiskered tanned face. His attire of choice was an orange jumpsuit with blue running across the top of his shoulders and waist line along with the blue sandals he wore. Blue eyes that normally were full of curiosity and excitement seemed to hold a dull boredom.

"Hey pervy sage where are we going, and when will we get there?" whined the blonde in a slightly deep but raspy voice.

The now known sage, though more so known as the toad sage than the title his traveling companion dubbed him with sighed and rubbed his temples. "Naruto I've told you five times already. We are heading for Hot spring country and it will take an hour more before we get there. And how many times have I told you not to call me that, it's Jiraiya or sensei at the very least."

Naruto merely shrugged his shoulders in an 'I don't care fashion'. "I can't help it that you are a pervert. Besides, the fact that we're going to a place called Hot springs tells me what you plan to do." muttered Naruto.

Jiraiya turned his nose up as if offended. "Jeez what did I do to deserve this?"

'Although the brats spot on about why I'm heading there, but I wont tell him that." thought Jiraiya while hiding a perverse grin.

The two continued the rest of the way in silence.

As Naruto and Jiraiya pass over the border separating fire country and hot spring country they were greeted by the view of a nearby town. Both grinned at the sight, though Jiraiya's grin seems more lecherous while Naruto's seems to come from relief. After entering the town they set off for the nearest hotel.

Getting in their room and setting his luggage down Jiraiya turns to Naruto and opens his mouth to speak, but before he can utter a sentence.

"Yeah yeah, go on and do your 'RESEARCH'." said Naruto with obvious sarcasm.

As Jiraiya was leaving to peep on the unsuspecting women at the many hot springs, he could have sworn Naruto was eager to be rid of him; then again he really didn't care. Why bother with it.

As soon as his sensei's foot steps could no longer be heard Naruto began digging through the old pervs pack. Pushing aside old scrolls and spare clothing he pulled out a small but thick black notebook. Unclasping the strap that kept the book closed, he opened the book and began flipping through the pages till he came to a small picture. The picture was of a woman of at least twenty that had long red hair and lively blue eyes. Naruto smiled warmly at the picture of his mother.

Flash back Two Months Ago

It had been a few weeks into the training trip when Naruto had stumbled upon Jiraiya's diary. He originally searched through it hoping to find a few jutsu to practice, seeing as Jiraiya seemed to be taking too long to train him. But as Naruto skimmed through the book he came upon a sentence near the end of the diary that made him freeze.

He reread the sentence pertaining to how Jiraiya's favorite student Minato was planning to name his child Naruto, after a character in the perverted sage's book. At first Naruto thought it was a mere coincident. But something in the back of his mind kept nagging him about it. Deciding to abandon his jutsu search he turned his attention to finding out everything he could about Minato Namikaze and the possible connection to himself.

He would read the diary every chance he got when Jiraiya wasn't around, especially when he was out peeping, and put it back once he returned. He had thought about asking the owner of the diary but then thought against it. Even if Jiraiya knew the truth he hadn't told Naruto, why would he tell him now? As the weeks went by Naruto became convinced more and more that Minato was his father. But the final proof he found was when he came upon the name Kushina Uzumaki.

There was no doubt in his mind as he read the passage talking about Minato's wife. After Naruto had found the name of his mother he decided to turn his attention to her and find out as much as he could. Eventually he had come across a picture of her. He had relished in the fact that he had his mother's face along with the shape of her eye.

End of flash back

Naruto began skimming through the diary once again using what little time (or as little as he thought it was) he had while Jiraiya was 'researching', to do a little researching himself. He had discovered many things about his parents. But the most interesting thing he had discovered was that his mother was not born in the hidden leaf village but in the village hidden among the whirling tides. Unfortunately the diary didn't hold much about his mom's home village other than it was destroyed thus sending his mom to Konoha.

He continued reading for nearly forty minutes and then closed the book. Having just finished reading the last of anything pertaining to his parents, he put the book away. He felt a mixture of pride, uneasiness, and yearning.

Pride in knowing his lineage. Uneasiness in the many things he discovered about Konoha, like the fact that he had been lied to most of his life, and let's not forget it was his own father that sealed the nine tails fox inside him. He didn't hate those responsible, but he felt hurt by their actions.

A yearning came to him due to the fact that Jiraiya's diary was just that, his diary. It was sheer luck that it held the little information about Naruto's parents as it did.

'Heheh I feel like a child that's been teased.' thought Naruto solemnly

Three months later

Since Naruto had finished reading the diary he returned all his time to his training. With his research on his parents ending or for better words coming to a dead end he decided to return to the original goal of his two year trip from Konoha. As Naruto trained, Jiraiya would slowly move them further and further along the coast line of hot spring country, traveling from one town to the next.

Naruto having woken up in their newest hotel room prepared for his daily exercises. Once finished with his upper and lower body work out, he began jogging laps around the town.

It was during his second lap that he saw a decorated sign set up for tourist at the edge of the beach.

'Guess I might as well take a break and see what the signs about' thought Naruto, taking quick puffs of air as he jogged over to the sign.

All thoughts of breathing left his mind as he saw what the sign had written on it. At one point in his life he had fought someone that had believed in fate. Back then Naruto had thought that was nothing but bull shit. Right now though he wasn't so sure.

"I guess I should apologize to Neji next time I see him." whispered Naruto.

The sign in front of him read out in big red letters RUINS OF THE VILLAGE HIDDEN AMONG WHIRLING TIDES. And behind the sign sure enough was a large island several miles away from the beach. Naruto had stood there staring at the island for what felt likes hours. After a while he decided to do what he was best known for... something brash and unexpected.

He began running across the water pushing chakra to his feet so he wouldn't sink. For hours he traveled across the ocean. He was so focused on the island itself that he never saw the various whirlpools surrounding it.

"Almost there, good thing my chakra has lasted this long other wise I would h..." The second his foot touched the whirlpool it swept him into it within a second.

The best chakra control in the world couldn't save him from its wrath. As it sunk him further to the ocean floor, he somehow escaped the whirlpools hold just to be snatched up by the tide slamming his body repeatedly into the ocean floor and dragging him along the reef infested ground. He had tried his best to hold onto consciousness but eventually lost the fight.

Waking up coughing water and gasping for air wasn't a pleasant way to start the day or night if the dark sky was anything to go by. He ran his fingers through the sand surrounding him, his clothes bloodied and torn in varies places. Naruto looked around trying to get a hold of his surroundings. The moon was out, shining its lunar light and the sound of swirling water could be heard off in the distance. As he slowly got up he felt his body shake with every effort he made to rise. When he finally did stand straight he lurched forward puking blood.

'As much as I hate the damn fox, if it wasn't for him healing me I would be fish food right now.' thought Naruto.

Once again luck was on his side as he noticed he had made it onto the hidden village island instead of back on hot spring country. With nothing better to do he began trudging to the ruins of his mother's home village.

Back in Hot spring country

To say Jiraiya was panicking would be a big understatement. When he returned to the hotel earlier and found it empty he simply thought that Naruto was still out training. But when the clock struck eleven p.m. he knew something was wrong. Jiraiya jumped out the window and began searching for Naruto.

"I have told him to train no later then ten p.m. before so either he's ignoring my rule's, which is highly possible or something has happened." That was three hours ago and he still couldn't find him.

'I've asked every vendor I've seen, searched every vacant area he might use for training, and even checked the red light district and still haven't found him.' thought Jiraiya.

He began going over all the facts he had. "OK he didn't take his luggage with him, so he hasn't left town, the Akatsuki are a good probability, but then again I've been checking with my informants, making sure I know where they are. I followed Naruto's tracks to the beach but they disappeared due to the waves. Where the hell is he?"

Jiraiya continued his search but the only clue he got was a witness seeing a blonde kid in orange jogging towards the beach.

"What if the Akatsuki did get him? What am I going to do, what am I...going ...to tell..." Jiraiya's thought came to a stop.

Suddenly his fear for Naruto transformed into his fear for his own life. "WHAT THE HELL AM I GOING TO TELL TSUNADE?" screamed Jiraiya.

Those that knew Tsunade AKA the slug princess and more recently known as the fifth Hokage, knew that she and Naruto were close and that she saw him as an annoying younger brother. Though annoying she still had a soft spot for the energetic whisker faced blonde. Add to the fact that Tsunade had inhuman strength and an already ill temper was bad news. No screw bad new, Jiraiya didn't want to think of the hell he would be walking into when he returned without Naruto.

"WHERE ARE YOU NARUTO?" screamed Jiraiya.

Back in Village hidden among the whirling tides (Uzukage's office)

Naruto had spent the last few hours feeding his curiosity in the Uzukage Archives. While there he had picked up many old history books, family trees and anything else that had contained information on his ancestors' culture. Many would think the young Uzumaki had no talent and no patients for reading and studying. This was true back at the academy, but then again this was not math or geometry, this was his family history and he couldn't stop reading on as if possessed.

As he continued reading he learned several things about his mother's home and about, oh how he would love to throw this in Sasuke Uchiha's face later, his clan. Just as the Senju and Uchiha were the founders of the hidden leaf village, the Uzumaki were the founders of the village hidden among the whirling tides. And just like the Senju and Uchiha, his clan also had a blood line limit. Though the Senju could combine water and earth to make and use wood element jutsu, and the Uchiha had their Sharingan eye's that could copy one's jutsu and predict their movement (among many other special eye abilities).

But the Uzumaki's blood limit was actually the complete mastery of water elements to such a degree that they could easily combine wind or fire elements with their water element thus creating ice element and boiling element. And thanks to their mastery of water elements it took less chakra and effort to perform the various jutsu. He had even learned that the whirlpools surrounding the island were in fact a self sustaining jutsu casted by the first Uzukage. Naruto had set the book of his mother's family blood limit aside. Although he was excited about his blood limit, he had several books to read.

Three days later

Thanks to the various wild life and forest surrounding the hidden village Naruto did not need to leave the island for food. He remained most days simply learning as much as he could about his heritage. All thoughts of training, pervy sage, and Konoha had been abandoned for his curiosity. At first Naruto had been scared that Jiraiya would find him and drag him away. But then he remembered the many whirlpools surrounding the island that nearly ended his own life. The more he read the more he wanted to know. Such as why did all Uzumaki's have red hair, pale complexions, and tended to live long lives. His answer took him back to his mother's blood limit. Somehow the blood limit would affect the genes in a person body and thus show certain changes such as the pale skin and red hair.

'Oh I hope I can activate this blood limit, it would sooooo suck if having fathers genes kept me from it!' thought Naruto rather franticly.

As he continued to read, he couldn't help thinking of Sasuke. Though he could not forgive the Uchiha avenger for abandoning his home village for the sake of power in order to achieve his revenge, he felt a new understanding for his need to rebuild his clan. That's when a thought came to him.

"If that self righteous bastard thinks he can revive his clan, why can't I!" whispered Naruto.

Immediately he began thinking of how he would do such a thing. 'Like they say money makes the world go round and I'll need plenty of it to rebuild the village. Alright I'll need money and lots of it. Next I'll need people, I've done the impossible before but even I can't repopulate a whole village by myself. And I don't plan on making one of pervy sage's fantasies become a reality. Another thing I'll need is strong ninjas, even with the whirlpools surrounding this place it still became a ghost town and my family pretty much bit the dust!'

Then something occurred to him as he thought of ninjas. 'Dammit I completely forgot about Konoha, no doubt Jiraiya has been searching every stone for me, and it's not like they wouldn't send hunters for me if they discovered I willingly left Konoha behind!' he franticly thought.

He paced back and forth in front of the Uzukage desk panicking about how he was going to get around all the obstacles he would face if he went down the road to reviving his mother's clan and village.

"Wait a sec... I shouldn't be getting this scared yet. If I simply change how I dress and wear a wig, I shouldn't bring to much attention to myself. Yeah that's right they will be looking for a blonde in orange. awww but Jiraiya might use the toads to find out where I am... then again how would they know. And even if they know… I bet I can talk them into not telling him."

Naruto began to calm once these thoughts crossed his mind. He looked at his torn and bloodied jump suit realizing a change of clothes was needed in more ways than one.

"Thanks to the whirlpools simple tomb raiders have has been unable to approach the island and loot the place. Luckily blood seals have been placed over the vaults of the scrolls as well. I guess I'll check some of the clothes stores and look for a wig while I'm at it."

As Naruto continued pacing back and forth his eyes caught his reflection in a mirror. He instantly looked at his whiskers and realized they would be a dead give away of his identity.

'Guess I will be making a stop for some make up too. Heheheh, not like it isn't the first time I looked like a women.' thought Naruto almost gloomily.

He continued planning what he would do. "How I look will have to wait. I need to start training again, it's not like I can leave the island until I learn how to turn the whirlpools on and off. And repeating how I got here is a huuuggggee no"

Naruto shuddered visibly at the thought of re-challenging the whirlpools and the results of last time replayed in his mind. 'OK I think I had enough of tempting death for now. I'll focus on my mother's blood limit and if I can't use it I'll just have to focus on water techniques. And if I can't do that... I feel like Bushy Brows now.' thought Naruto ironically

'Jeez what am I going to do if I can't use my mother's blood limit or use water jutsu? As much as I wanted to come here it's become my prison. Well it's not like anything has been easy for me in life, guess I'll just have to take care of this situation like I do any other. Headstrong and flying by the seat of my pants.' Naruto thought rather nervously.