Whirlpool's Rebirth

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Chapter 13: The Unexpected

A void. A pitch black abyss with no light, sound, or warmth. If Naruto had to describe his surroundings, that would fit it perfectly. As he floated in nothingness he wondered where the nine-tails or Madara was.

Studying the description of the Reaper Death Seal, he saw an explanation that the souls sealed during the process would fight for all eternity in the Reaper's stomach. When he used the jutsu against Madara he had been prepared for that. He had been ready to die knowing he would have to fight the mad man forever.

But instead he floated with no control of his destination. No sound could be heard, even when he spoke. His body as far as he was concerned didn't even exist as he couldn't feel anything, no warmth, no chill, nothing.

Even his thoughts didn't seem to exist as they appeared as nothing more than whispers. Naruto began to even question if he himself existed anymore.

Finally something did appear in the realm of nothingness in the form of a red eye with three tomoe. Naruto mouthed the words 'Bring it' despite already knowing he wouldn't even hear himself. It was when only one word was uttered that not only shocked Naruto by the fact that he heard it, but also by the voice that spoke it.


Suddenly pain shot through Naruto. The pain was so intense that he didn't even realize he could hear his own scream.

Naruto woke up to find himself in another blackened area only this time he felt a surface beneath his feet and the senses his body normally had. This new realm held nothing else except for Naruto and a flickering light some distance away.

With nothing better to do, he began walking towards the light. The light began to grow bigger and soon let off a warm glow. Eventually Naruto could see that the light was from a camp fire and that someone was already sitting in front of it. The light from the fire had shadowed the newcomer, blocking any detail or hint to the identity of said person.

When standing beside the now confirmed man and seeing the medium length raven hair along with the black high collar shirt and slacks made Naruto think of Sasuke, but the aged face revealed to him that it was Itachi.

Naruto stood silently next to the man. Too many thoughts and questions were running through his mind that he couldn't even ask for the questions he wanted answered.

Itachi finally acknowledged his presence after several seconds of silence.

"I take it your curious?" asked Itachi in the same stoic voice he used when talking to Naruto before.

"How…..What…." Naruto gave up trying word his questions as he was more confused at the moment than curious, as Itachi put it.

An amused smile crossed Itachi's lips. "As I said earlier, Izanagi."

"Yeah and what has that got to do with this!" Naruto quickly responded.

Itachi's smile didn't even falter. "Saving your life."

Naruto couldn't find his voice at first. The possibility of living was definitely a nice thought, but believing it, especially after what he had done was hard.

"That's impossible."

"Nothing is impossible for Izanagi." Itachi stated.

After Konan told him what Izanagi was and how it worked, Naruto couldn't deny that what Itachi said was true. He would believe him if not for the requirements of the jutsu.

"Considering you don't have Senju blood, that still leaves us where it's impossible for the jutsu to be cast."

Itachi chuckled at Naruto's statement. "Your right I don't have Senju blood, but you do. Although a small amount due to being a cousin of the Senju, it's still there."

The statement alone caused Naruto to freeze. "What are you getting at? I don't have Uchiha blood, I don't have a Sharingan either." he paused, feeling something about the area familiar. "Besides, I didn't even cast the jutsu."

"Of course you didn't cast the jutsu, I did." said Itachi with finality, his voice seeming to echo.

Before Naruto could even respond Itachi held up his hand. "We've wasted enough time, just let me explain and everything will be clear."

Nodding his head, Naruto sat down next to the Uchiha. He had nothing better to do and he was getting no where with his questions.

"In truth I should start with our meeting back in Uzu. After seeing how protective you were of your village and Konoha, I knew you would do something like this to save them. Back then I gave you a small part of my power." Itachi paused for a second. "I had originally meant to use my power to save you from Sasuke if I myself failed in saving him. But then you proved to be more than able to defend yourself from him."

Naruto stayed silent giving the Uchiha his chance to continue on.

"I chose to not intervene in your fight with Sasuke, I can't say I'm happy with the outcome but what's done is done….. But when you decided to fight Madara I saw another chance to make use of the dormant power I hid in you. You're lucky that you saved Konan, not even I knew about the requirements for Izanagi to be performed. I knew the jutsu existed and the hand seals needed, but I didn't know about the need for the Senju blood."

"What did you do, and how did you do it? I'm not going to get my hopes up, I understand what you've told me but I still don't believe it." said Naruto.

Itach gave Naruto a little bit of time to think about all that had been said.

"When you began sealing the last of the nine-tails fox, I decided to act. I'll admit that everything that I prepared to do was nothing more than a theory, one I was unsure if it would actually work." Naruto shook his head hearing this. "I sent part of my power to your right eye. There I used it to manipulate the genes until you had a replicated Sharingan. A low level genjutsu was used to conceal the change in your eye, the last thing I needed was for some random nin to see it, then steal it. Once I did that, I had to draw upon your chakra to power Izanagi. Afterwards it was just simply putting everything to the test."

Whether Naruto believed Itachi or not, that didn't stop him from reaching up touching his closed right eye. He never noticed before that the right side of his vision was blackened out, but then again with how dark the area was he simply ignored it, until now.

"It worked, though a bastardized version. Everything after you sealed the nine-tails had been switched with the illusion I created with Izanagi. The reality of your death was replaced with the illusion of you living." said Itachi.

It was then that Naruto noticed that Itachi was fading away. "Wait! Why did you do it.? Why did you of all people save my life?"

"When you proved to be able to fight Sasuke, I had to plan for another way to use my power. What better way to use power….. than to save a life." said Itachi as he faded away, his voice becoming more and more a whisper.

Naruto's surroundings changed with Itachi's disappearance. Soon he was back in his sewer like mindscape, except this time there were noticeably less pipes covering the walls. Once again Naruto found himself walking to the center of his mind. His feet splashing water aside as he moved.

'Izanagi must have only affected me.' were his thoughts as he stared at the empty cage.

He never liked being in here. It only served to remind him of the destroyed childhood and his burden. And every time he came here, he never knew when he would leave.

'Just like now.'

Several of the ninjas that had gathered around Naruto's body began leaving to report to their own leaders. Tsunade watched as Hinata clung to Tayuya, both crying. She walked over to Hinata and put a caring hand on her shoulder. She knew how it felt to lose a lover on the battlefield, even worse when you could do nothing to save them.

'Hokage I'm sorry but we're having a situation here.'

Tsunade took her hand off Hinata as she heard the voice in her head.

'Inoichi what is it?'

A brief paused appeared between the two.

'One of the Uzu nins that was here is panicking. She keeps saying that Naruto isn't dead.'

Tsunade shook her head. 'Can you let me talk to her, poor girl is taking this harder than the others'

A few seconds passed before a new voice could be heard. 'H-Hokage please listen… Naruto isn't dead, he's not I' said Karin only to be interrupted.

'Look I don't want to believe it either, but we all just watched him pass on.'

Karin's response almost interrupted Tsunade. 'But I can still feel his chakra.'

'Dear, I know this is hard but you'

A groan behind her cut her thoughts off. She turned around to see Naruto, one of his eyes shut, as he tried lifting himself up. She couldn't believe what she was seeing.

Tsunade wasn't the only one who noticed Naruto moving and several others were just as shocked. He paused when he noticed everyone staring at him. Ironically the attention made him nervous.

"Uuuum hi…. everyone."

Poor Naruto wasn't given much time to at least get onto his knees before Hinata tackled him back onto the ground. Though it wasn't unwelcome as he returned her embrace, holding her tightly against him as if he was afraid that he would wake up to discover she wasn't there.

Six Years later

A Twenty four year old Naruto sat on his porch, leaning against one of the support beams as he looked across his yard during the sunny day. His hair was just as long as usual and he wore an eye patch over his right eye. While he still wore his blue kimono, he had gotten rid of the leather armor.

As he looked out over his yard he couldn't help reminiscing about what had happened in the war with Madara and everything afterwards.

It was funny that despite he himself killed Madara, he ended up sharing credit for ending the war with Anko. Kabuto never saw the kunai nearing his throat till it was too late to do anything, and a playing possum Anko pierced, lacerated and demolished several of his main organs. . Thinking back on it, Naruto had to comment on how stupid it sounded to poison a master of poisons, especially when said master was probably immune to many of them. Naruto didn't mind sharing the glory with someone. In truth he wanted as many people as possible to focus on Anko. It was bad enough that he was going to have to explain his miraculous revival to his friends and Tsunade.

After the war, Naruto found himself in quite a bit of trouble. Once the happiness that he was alive wore off, Hinata become both angry and distant with him. Apparently girlfriends didn't take attempted suicides well. Three weeks, this was how long Naruto spent in Konoha trying to apologize and promising to never do it again. It had taken several forms worshiping such as foot rubs among other deeds to be forgiven.

After he had calmed her down and gotten her forgiveness he presented the engagement ring to her, luckily erasing the whole incident in the process. It wasn't how he had planned to propose, but it had given him the reaction he had wanted.

The front door of his porch swung open to reveal a small six year old girl with long red hair, wearing a light blue medium kimono. Naruto smiled at his daughter as she practically bounced in place like the bundle of energy acted like. He saw the eagerness in her pale pupil less eyes and had a feeling what she wanted.

"Papa, wheres Mama."

"She'll be back soon. So tell me Hitomi, what do you want mama for, maybe papa can help?" asked Naruto

The little girl shook her head. "Mama makes it better."

That was all Naruto needed to hear to know that all his daughter wanted was a snack. He wasn't a bad cook, but one thing he did know was that Hinata was far better than him.

"Ah I see, yes it would be better if you waited for mama." said Naruto acting slightly depressed.

Hitomi for her part had grown wise to his antics of acting or faking, though she still humored them. She walked up to him and patted him on his arm.

"It's ok Papa, your good at many things." said Hitomi before she ran off to partake in one of her other favorite hobbies.

The question right now was would she go bother one of her Aunts, or would she play with one of her cousins.

Naruto smiled even more as he thought of his family slowly being built up. No one in Uzu besides Hinata knew that Karin and Tayuya weren't really his sisters. And to Naruto that was the point of bringing them into the Uzumaki family. As far as he was concerned, he didn't care if his blood line limit was passed on to his family or not. Yes he was excited of the idea of teaching his children, but it wasn't even guaranteed that his children would inherit it. So why focus on it.

What he did want was to repopulate his family, and he planned to do it one step at a time. He doubted that he would live long enough to truly see his family become the clan he wanted it too. But then again all he wanted to do was insure that it would get there.

It was at this time that Naruto saw the front gate opening. Hinata walked through wearing a white kimono with a lavender obi. Cradled in her arms was their infant son. Naruto owed a lot to Itachi. If it wasn't for him, Naruto would have done exactly what his father did to him. Apparently Hinata had been pregnant with Hitomi before the war. If Itachi didn't save him, then Naruto would have left his daughter without a father and his son wouldn't be born.

So when Naruto found out that he and Hinata would be having a son, he decided to name him after the man that saved him.

Hinata sat next to Naruto and leaned into him. Making sure not to disturb his child, Naruto wrapped his arms around Hinata and pulled her closer to him.

"Our daughter wants you to make her a snack." said Naruto.

"I'll make one for her after I put Itachi to sleep." said Hinata somewhat awkwardly.

It hadn't been long since she had her son and calling him by a name that belonged to someone known for the genocide of his family was a little weird. Luckily Naruto seemed to be having just as much trouble doing so.

Said infant was currently reaching for one of his mothers strands of hair. Looking at his son, Naruto couldn't seem to understand how he had brown hair instead of red or blue. He wondered if the Hyuga gene was possessive or something, as his son also had somewhat grey pupil less eyes.

Finally succeeding in grasping his mother's hair, Itachi giggled. The child's amusement seemed contagious as Naruto and Hinata smiled as well.

Naruto knew that the peace he currently enjoyed would not last forever. But until it was broken, he was happy with the life that he had.


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