Disclaimer: "Firefly/Serenity" and related characters are created by Joss Whedon. Characters used in this chapter (who will appear in later chapters also) are mine.

Note: "Kung fu" in the title does not refer to the martial art, but to the original meaning of the word: "achievement through great effort".

Blue Sun HQ, planet designation: Cronus

Everything was going about it's usual business in the building. There was nothing, except for the low paychecks, about which anyone inside the building could possibly complain. That was, until everyone's computers started to go haywire. Everyone did what they could to help the problem, but nothing worked. Suddenly, a gas got vented into the entire building. The gas was suffocating, but that wasn't what got them down. It appeared as though the gas merely had people relax, rather than be agitated about what's happening. One moment they thought they must do something, the next, they rather wanted to lie down and sleep.

Somewhere else in the building, a small group of four people, each wearing masks, marched their way through the building. What they did was upload a virus into the building's main-frame, so all it's technologies, including building's securities, would become useless to anyone working inside. To be sure there'd be no resistance either, they vented gas into their air-shafts.

"Everyone's down." a female in the group whispered.

"We're going in." the leader said.

With the failed securities, there was hardly any trouble for them to open secured doors. They went deeper into the building, until they reached what appeared to be the central core.

"Funny. I thought they'd put this kinda thing in a ship." one other member remarked.

"Perhaps this even is a ship." another one remarked.

When everyone looked at him, he explained: "Makes sense. In case people would try to invade this place, so they can fly away."

"Not much good this did to them." the girl in the group laughed, as she took out a pack of plastic explosives.

Everyone grabbed a few pieces of their own, which they placed everywhere in the room, hiding out of plain sight, just in case.

Once that was done, the group retreated themselves, through the same corridors they had entered in the first place. On their way, one of the guys was hit by something. Nobody could be certain as to what it was, but based on what they saw, it looked like a more dangerous version of their usual sound-guns, as the vibration it normally creates, causes the body to vibrate so heavily, and fast, that part that is hit would instantly implode. In the first room the other three could find, they hid themselves, while trying to fend off the guards, who too had started to wear masks, with their own old-fashioned projectile guns. As soon as they started to come from both, they realized they were cornered.

"Now we're humped!" the leader exclaimed.

"What do we do?" the girl wondered.

The other guy stopped shooting to look around in the room. The core was somewhere underground. As they weren't too far away from there, so they were still underground, therefor there was no room to escape to. That's when he noticed something else. There was a hole in the wall, big enough to fit a human.

"The garbage-disposals." he suggested, "It's our only chance.

The leader cursed something in Chinese, before stating: "That's the most ruttin' act of desperation I..."

He couldn't finish his sentence, as he suddenly got hit in his shoulder. His arm couldn't remain attached, but the shooting had stopped.

"Murphy!" the girl shouted at him.

While the guards were closing in slowly, the leader took something out of his pocket: "Here's the detonator. You guys finish the job."

Before either the girl or the other guy could say anything, the leader passed out and died.

"Get outta there, or we'll bust your gorram heads off!" one of the guards shouted.

The girl suddenly threw the detonator to the other guy, saying: "You go ahead, I'll distract them."

"Lewis, what are you..." the other guy tried to ask.

The girl, while readying her guns, interrupted him: "You're too important for this. You must survive no matter what!"

"I'm not more than you or..." the guy tried to say, but he was too late.

The girl got out of the room, shot whoever she could, while the guards tried to stop her as much as they could. The girl didn't appear to care if their weapons had destroyed bits of her arms and legs, while the other guy still hesitated to do anything. But with every bit of his friend that he saw being ripped off, he decided he must do this. He quickly returned to his dead leader, picked up some of his explosives, as well as his guns. Two of them were regular handguns, the others were larger machine-guns. These kind of weapons were little old-fashioned in this age, some would even say obsolete, but have been proven most effective against their high-tech enemies. With these weapons at hand, he turned to the garbage-disposal unit, jumped through and disappeared.

One way or another, the unit lead him outside the building, where the guy pressed the button on the detonator, causing the building to explode. Given that the guy was inside a container, he couldn't actually see the explosion, but he heard it. It was enough for him to know that the mission was accomplished. Unfortunately, that meant the deaths of his three friends as well.