The others arrived, only to find their youngest friends unconscious, covered in blood. Particularly Simon was shocked to see his sister in the state she was in. He shouted her name, hoping to get some kind of a reply, but she said nothing.

"She needs medical attention, as soon as possible!" he exclaimed as he tried to pick her up.

Zoe decided to help him, and in doing so, in the end she was the one to carry River, as she was much stronger than Simon, and the latter needed all his breath to help her. As Zoe had her in River in her arms, Simon warned her: "Be careful with that arrow."

"I've helped people who've been shot before." Zoe assured him, "I know what I'm doing."

That's when all his attention turned to Reese. He felt his pulse, which was very weak.

"Is he dead?" Mal almost sounded concerned.

"No, but he will be if I can't help him." Simon replied.

This surprised Mal: "What do you mean?"

"I thought you could help anyone?" Kaylee questioned.

"I could fix him up, if I had the right equipment." Simon replied, "But even then, he's lost a lot of blood. I can help River with her blood loss as I'm her brother, but Reese... I don't even know his blood type, and even if I did, I'm not sure we'll have enough blood to give..."

That's when River mumbled something. Nobody was sure what she said though: "C... Cy... on..."

To her brother is sounded like she was trying to say "Simon", therefor he ran back to her: "I'm here. Don't worry, you're..."

"No..." she interrupted him, and with still some difficulty, she finally managed to say: "... Cylon."

"Cylon?" Jayne sounded surprised, "What the (speaks Chinese) is a Cylon?"

To Simon, however, it appeared to mean something. After some seconds, he remembered why: "Of course!"

"What? What is it?" Mal asked.

"It's where the resistance is based!" Simon exclaimed.

"It's a planet?" Mal sounded surprised.

"Yes! I have stayed there myself before I saved River." Simon answered, "Those guys were prepared for anything. They've got food, water, weapons, even medical equipment."

"But why is it on another planet instead of right here?" Inara wondered.

Mal, however was more concerned over something else: "And they're just gonna let us in that easily?"

"Well..." Kaylee said, "Reese is the last living member of the resistance, so..."

"If they got blood, they'd better know his blood type as well." Zoe remarked, "But if there's no one there..."

"With the proper equipment, I can find that out for myself, so that shouldn't be a problem." Simon interrupted her.

"You know where we can find this... Cylon?" Mal finally asked.

"Yes." Simon answered.

"Then we have no time to waste. Let's go!" Mal ordered.

As said, they traveled to the aforementioned planet. Being the so-called best surgeon in the system, Simon had no difficulty to fix up both his sister and Reese, or at least as good as he could. When they arrived at the resistance base, Simon did not hesitate to take what he needed to help both of his patients. The rest of them had other concerns, as the base has stored lots of food, as well as weapons, albeit weapons from the previous centuries but having those were better than having none.

A few hours after they landed, they had managed to load up their ship with all their needs. Simon, however found it necessary to pick up some more bags of blood before they left. Once he returned to the ship, and as the door was closing behind him, Mal remarked: "Well, I didn't think that Reese would pay us for our own efforts, and now look at this."

"Think we'll come around for a few months, sir." Zoe added.

"You went through all this trouble hoping he'd pay you?" Inara questioned.

"Well, even if his plan failed, I just wanted to be sure we didn't do this for nothing." Mal answered.

This started another argument between these two. Simon decided to ignore them, as he headed straight towards the infirmary.

"Their first quarrel as lovers." Kaylee laughed, as she joined Simon.

"You almost sound like you're looking forward to our own." Simon said.

Avoiding this, she then asked: "So River and Reese will be okay?"

Simon sighed, but then spoke as though he wasn't annoyed: "It'll still be a while. Even if they've got enough blood, they'll still need to recover from their wounds."

This appeared to sound funny to Kaylee: "So you're saying they'll both have to stay in the infirmary for a while?"

"As much as I like to keep River out of there, as it's not her favorite place in the ship, yes they'll have to stay." Simon replied.

Kaylee seemed to think otherwise: "I think River will not be so angry about that."

Simon shrugged, after which he opened the door to the infirmary. Whatever he saw then, caused him to drop his bags of blood, shut the door again and cover his eyes.

"What's wrong?" Kaylee seemed worried.

"I..." Simon muttered, "I... did... not... see that!"

Kaylee laughed: "Are you saying they're...?"

"Nothing's going on in there!" Simon exclaimed, as he tried to get Kaylee to turn away, "There's nothing to see there!"

"Nothin' to see?" Jayne had suddenly appeared at the scene too, looking through one of the windows that allowed them to see inside, "Looks to me like..."

"Do you mind!" Simon tried to persuade him to look away, "That's my sister in there!"

Inside the infirmary, River and Reese were having, what some may call, the time of their lives. Although still recovering from their wounds, and still weakened from their loss of blood, it looked like nothing could stop them from spending some time, really close together, on the same bed, or table, or whatever anyone would call it. Whatever happened outside the room, neither one seemed to care, as they've got each other to worry about. At this point, nobody in the ship could be more happy than these two.