Getting Acquainted
By: Manna


The plains of Sacae could be harsh; when the winter rolled in, snow fell so thick and fast a person could easily find themselves lost, and in the springtime, bandits from the mountains came down to replenish their supplies and kill a few innocent people. Lyndis wondered if the figure lying prone before her was a victim of the latter, or if he'd simply entered the vast plains unprepared.

She supposed it didn't really matter either way. With care, she used the damp cloth in her hand to wipe the dirt from the man's face. He was surprisingly handsome under all the grime, with dark brown hair and unnaturally smooth skin. She didn't get the chance to dwell on such thoughts, for other things needed tended to, and it seemed the stranger would wake in his own good time.

Turning to other chores, she nearly forgot about him. The sound of a soft groan and of rough cloth rustling drew her eyes up from the leather she was valiantly attempting to stitch into some sort of satchel. "Oh!" she said, jumping to her feet and crouching down beside him. "Oh, you're awake."

When he seemed to get some of his bearings back (and stopped staring at her as if she were either a crazy cannibal or a hallucination), she thought to introduce herself. It was a custom in most places to do so, right? "My name is Lyn," she said, nodding seriously. "What do they call you?"

The man blinked, opening his mouth in a perfect O as he thought. "My name?" he asked, and for a moment he seemed as though he could not recall it. But then a light came into his eyes, and he puffed out his chest proudly.

"The name is Stu," he said in a smooth, deep voice. "Beef Stu."


Author Notes:

Now you know why Lyn always thinks the tactician's name is an odd one. This is for THE SOLMAN, better known as Solmedes on LJ. Actually this is entirely his fault. I blame him.