The class was silent. All the students were captivated by the gory battle scene that was unfolding on the television screen. The students were watching Gladiator, in their seventh period history class. Considering that they were in high school the teacher had thought that it would be a good movie to show them, since they were learning about Ancient Rome.
A girl with shoulder length blonde hair, with small braids here in there sat in her seat, bored. She was of average height (5'6), and was known to be very social. She was considered to be intelligent and a prankster. Which meant she got in trouble every now and then. She turned to the boy next to her, who was frantically trying to finish his history homework from the day before.
He had blonde spiky hair and blue eyes. He was taller then the girl by an inch and half. He was too, very social and a practical joker. In the girl's eyes he was a slacker and put off every thing he could until the last minute. Which was true, no matter how much he tried to deny it.
"Hey...hey Chad," the girl whispered.
"What? Can't you see I'm trying to finish my five hundred word essay?" Chad whispered back.
"Um, remember that joke-" the girl said but never got to finish her sentence as she was cut off by the loud speaker.
"Renee Mc Clellan and Chad Hernandez please report to the principle's office. Immediately!"
The entire class looked at the two. Chad looked even more frantic and began to write faster than he was. Renee rolled her eyes, and began to put her folder into her backpack.
"Renee, I need two more words and my essay is finished. Help me!!," Chad said, pleading with her, then as an after thought he said, "Please?"
Renee said without looking up, "The end."
Chad looked at her and then smiled brightly. "Cool! You rock!"
They handed their teacher, Mr. Skelton, their essays and walked toward the door. A voice stopped them.
"What did you two do this time?" Mr. Skelton asked.
Chad and Renee looked at each other and said at the exact same time, "Ping pong balls."
Mr. Skelton laughed as the two walked outside, into the cold weather. The day was dark with rain clouds, and a cold wind blew the leave less tree branches. This was odd weather for August. Renee shrugged her shoulders, she hated the cold, and her jacket wasn't providing much warmth. Chad was looking at her funny. Her teeth were chattering.
"Is poor little Renee, cold?" He asked, his voice dripping with sarcasm.
"Yes, I am freezing. You have a sweatshirt, and two jackets. I only have one. Can I-"
"No," he said pulling his jacket closer to his body.
"Please?"she begged.
"No," he said, and he stuck his tongue out at her.
They had reached their destination, the principle's office. They both were quite familiar with this office; they were both there at least once a week, and they had only been in school for two weeks. Chad opened the door, and acted like he was opening it for Renee. Renee wasn't easily fooled. She walked by him giving him a look that plainly said "do something there will be pain". Chad was used to this look and gestured for her to go in the door. As Renee was just about to walk in he slammed the door in her face. Grumbling she opened the door, only to see Chad laughing hysterically at her.
She walked to him and started wagging her finger at him. "You're not helping yourself any."
This caused Chad to laugh even harder. The secretary gave Chad a brief glance of warning, before she resumed typing. Mr. Whitman came out and motioned for them to follow him into his office.
They sat in the well furnished office. The mahogany desk was covered with papers and files. There were book shelves filled with other papers and old year books from years before. The floor was an odd yellowish, brown color. The walls were painted a sickly off color white that didn't go well with the floor. The look Mr. Whitman had was not a pleasant one. His face was flushed red, and the veins in his head were purple and throbbing. He was not looking very happy.
He closed the door, and sat in his plush black leather seat. Both Chad and Renee knew that this was not a good thing.
"Chill, Mr. Whitman. No one got hurt, and no one would have anyway-" Chad started to say.
"WE LOST THE GAME! WE WERE SO CLOSE TO WINNING AND BECAUSE OF YOU TWO WE LOST!!!" Mr. Whitman said yelling even louder than he had been.
Renee had rarely seen him lose his temper with them as he was doing now. Then she realized why.
"You made a bet with someone saying that we were going to win, didn't you?" She asked.
"Well you had to admit it was pretty funny when you saw the final shot being made, and then have our star player fall flat on his as...butt," Renee said, giggling at the memory.
Chad said, "Yeah. And how were we supposed to know that you were making bets? Which you aren't supposed to so anyway."
Renee wanted to smack her head, or Chad's head at what he just said. This was not helping them at all. Chad realized his fatal mistake too late. The damage was done. A loud buzzer rang, indicating that it was time for the students to leave school. Renee and Chad got up and were about to leave, hoping that Mr. Whitman would be too angry to notice their departure. No such luck.
He ushered the two out of his office and locked the door. The heard a cabinet open and then close. A cap being popped off of a bottle was heard next. Renee grinned at Chad, who looked mildly stunned.
"Looks like we made him start a little early, huh?" She asked.
"Yeah. I mean normally doesn't start drinking right after school, until we're like a month into the school year," Chad said, frowning.
The frown didn't last long though, he high fived Renee, who grinned back. Together they walked to room 157. The sergeant wasn't very happy to see them, but remained quiet. He kept looking at the clock on the wall. He sighed.
"How long are you two here for?" He asked.
"Two hours," Renee replied.
The sergeant sighed and then grinned. "That was quiet the prank you two pulled back there."
Chad and Renee sat there for a few moments before they began to argue. The sergeant was sitting at his desk with a rather thick book in his hands.
"I'm telling you, the Cretious Curse will kill you instantly," Chad said.
"Imperio," Renee said.
"Imperio," Chad said, noticing for the second time that day he had screwed up again.
There was a knock on the door, that made the two look up. The Sergeant went to see who was at the door. There was a loud bang, the Sergeant flew backwards and hit the opposite wall. The room shook so hard it rattled the windows and turned the wooden desks over. A bright flash of green filled the room, and both Chad and Renee felt like they were flying.
Renee felt as if she had been spun around one too many times. She was nauseous and dizzy. She heard the hushed whispers around her. She looked at her surroundings in search for Chad. She found him lying on the floor a few feet away, with the same dazed expression she had. She helped him up, and the two saw they were in the middle of a hall, with students wearing black robes.
"What is the meaning of this?" They heard a sharp voice ask.
Both looked up to see a sharp angled, stern face looking at them. Chad stared at her for a few moments, before voicing the question that Renee wanted to ask.
"Where are we?"
"Oh, dear are you muggles? Oh, this....this certainly has never happened before. Follow me," She said in a worried, but curt tone.
"Muggles?" Renee said softly so only Chad could hear.
"Do you think that we...we are in Hogwarts?" Chad asked.
"How could we be? We both know that even if Hogwarts did exist, we would have been invited to the school earlier than this," Renee answered, though she had a sinking feeling in her stomach.
They had arrived at a large stone gargoyle. The woman said "dung bombs" and the gargoyle sprang away revealing a door. The woman beckoned for the two to follow her in to the room.
An old man, with a long white beard and hair sat on a chair. He wore old robes and small spectacles on his face. He looked up and saw the two Muggles standing in front of him.
"Minvera, who are these two?" He asked.
"I don't know Dumbledore, they were in the middle of the hall way. They didn't know where they were. I took them immediately here," Minvera said.
The old wizard, looked as if he were deep in thought. He sat there for a few minutes, before asking the two uncomfortable teens to sit down. Both sat down on two chairs.
"What are your names?" Dumbledore asked.
Chad was unable to speak, for the first time. Him not talking or making snide comments was a first. Renee took it upon herself to answer him.
"I'm Renee McClellan and this is Chad Hernandez."
Dumbledore perked up as he heard their names. His eyes were soon sympathetic, and he stood up. Minvera McGonagal stood too. Dumbledore spoke in hushed tones to Professer McGonagal, and she soon left.
Renee and Chad looked on in utter confusion and disbelief. Both had the same question on their mind, What on earth was going on?