Chapter 19

"Ah, another year has passed us by. This year has been full of many adventures, many new friends, and new learning," Dumbledore paused, as he looked around the feast.
The students looked at him, expectantly. Some students with looks of sorrow on their faces, and others with sympathetic looks.
"As we all know, Lord Voldermort attacked Hogwarts late last week. We were poorly prepared, for this attack, and made do with the little reinforcements that we had. Many students lost their parents or siblings in this battle. For that I am sorry. Other students lost friends, of which I am sorry for too. I would like you all to honor the following teachers and students who fought to defeat the Dark Lord, in a moment of silence. Here are the names of the brave witches and wizards who have died:
Chad Hernandaz, Audra Jay, Severus Snape, Flitwick, and the elf Gamamine."
The entire hall was silent, no one spoke, but there were a number of tears shed.
"Remember them as heroes. Do not continue to mourn for them, they have lived well."
Dumbledore sat down at the teachers table. The students ate in silence. When it was time for them to board the train, many people started to cry. They started to cry because of the friends that they lost, and the fact that they were leaving Hogwarts for another year.
The train ride was slow, and Renee sat in silence with Ron, Hermonie, and Harry. James, Lily and Sirius sat in another compartment, talking. Renee had been badly hurt, and they later found out that she had ducked before the killing curse actually hit her. She was still hearling from all of her injuries.
Sirius' name had been cleared the week following Voldermort's downfall, seeing as Peter was now in the hands of Azakaban officials.
"Where is Renee going to go?" Lily asked.
"I don't know," James replied.
Sirius looked at them grinning slightly. His face contained several cuts and bruises as did the rest of his body.
"Gamamine, asked me to look after her. Before he died. I told him I would."
"Does she know?" Lily asked.
Just then the compartment door opened and revealed a grinning Draco, and a rather flustered looking Harry. DRaco sat down in the compartment and Harry glared at him from the door way.
"I will get you back," Harry threatened.
Draco's grin grew wider, and Harry slammed the door shut. Lily and James looked at Draco, with skeptical looks.
"What did you do?" Lily asked.
"Shrank some dungbombs, and put them into his chocolate frogs."
James laughed and Lily shook her head. She liked pranks, but when they were at the expense of her son, she got angry. She desided then and there that she would show him the ropes.
Draco sat down next to Renee and held her close to him. He knew that she missed her friends and her brother, even though he did try to kill her.
center ~*~
The train ride home was a bit emotional for everyone on the train. Those that knew the people that died, were a bit heartbroken, and those that didn't know them as well were still a bit shocked. The wizarding world was grateful that these witches, wizards and warriors had laid their lives down for them, and were just as stunned as Hogwarts' students when they received the news.
At the train station happy parents greeted their children, asking them questions. Most of the questions asked about what had happened and if they knew some of the people that were killed. In the crowd stood a Remus Lupin, waiting for his friends' arrival.
"Oy, Sirius! Harry! I'm over here!"
Everyone's head shot in the direction of their friend's voice. James ran over to Remus' side and looked him over. He grinned and was about to say something snide, but Lily had already gotten over there and he thought better of it.
Suddenly a loud voice shouted at them. "BOY! GET OVER HERE!!"
James and Lily turned to the see the tomato red face of Vernon Dursly. He stormed over to where the happy reunited family and friends stood, completely livid.
He ignored the people around him, and his wife stood beside him her upper lip curling in disgust. She was about to add on to what her husband was saying when she noticed that her sister and her husband were staring at her.
Her eyes widened, and her mouth went agape. Her face paled into a nice off white color. Renee and Draco were suddenly reminded of a fish, as was Sirius. They all erupted into silent laughter, much to the distaste of Vernon Dursly.
"L.. Ily. They said that you were dead. Well now that you're back you can take your freak home with you."
Before Lily could make any comment or hex her older sister, Renee said, "If he's a freak what are you considered? I mean you look more like a horse, and your husband an over fed pig. I can even imagine what your son looks like; a large whale."
Petunia and Vernon sputtered, but couldn't get out more than a few incoherent mumbles (which sounded like a few choice words) They turned and left, before they could be embarrassed them even more.
Harry smirked, for what seemed like the first time in a few hours. Renee gave a wan smile and looked at his new family. The smile didn't reach his eyes, but no one commented. They walked out of the train station, with Remus talking excitedly. They walked a few miles into the forest, behind the train station.
An old rubber tire served as a portkey. They all felt the familiar feeling behind their naval, and found themselves in front of a large mansion, with huge wrought iron gates. Behind the gates were blooming gardens, and a tall white house.
Renee, Draco and Harry looked at the house in awe. They were both shocked to see how large it was. They went through the gates, following behind parents or guardians. The door was pushed open and light poured from the open doorway. There was a homely atmosphere and both boys felt at peace.

Draco held Renee as she slept on his chest in his room. He felt her breathing calmly and slowly, moving every once in awhile. He stroked her hair, as he thought of how his father was now rotting in Azakaban. He no longer had to be afraid of his father, and now only had to worry about nightmares. He glanced down at Renee and felt protective of her again, and knew that alghough she never talked about how his father hurt her, he would be there when she broke down.
Harry, ron and Hermione looked at the two through the crack of the door. They smiled at each other and silently closed the door. All had worked out for the best after all.