Remembering Leah


No one really had any love for the female wolf. They found her to be a bitter "drag" to be around. So they left her in her hell to morn the life she should have had. She constantly felt she had to prove herself that's what made her take on the last newborn during battle. Only one wolf tried to help her, Jacob, but he was too late. The newborn crushed her cranium against a boulder and rendered her unconscious. Her body instantly went back to its human form and Emmett and Rosalie finished off the newborn. Alice covered the female shifters body and tried to revive her. Nothing, I heard nothing from her thoughts. I only saw blackness. We all would have thought she was dead if it wasn't for her heartbeat.

"The Volturi, she needs to be removed before their arrival. I will come to her after we are finished." The pack removed her . . .

Chapter 1: Comatose

Sue leaned over her daughter crying. "Oh God what happened?" Sue cried, "Who is responsible for this!" Carlisle brought me along with him to see if there was any mental activity going on inside of her. The whole pack stood around her.

"She should have listened." Sam said quietly. He forced himself to feel no regret but in the back of his mind he remembered laughing and chasing Leah in a sundress up a hill when they were younger. "Always so stubborn," I felt the tension and ache in his throat as he masked his concern for the sake of his new fiancé. I looked on Leah's face she seemed at peace, it wasn't as if she was dreaming, more like her slate had been wiped clean.

"All of that doesn't matter now. All that matters is that my sister wakes up." Seth stood by the doors frame while all of this transpired.

"That's what I'm working on." Carlisle looked at me and I shook my head, there was nothing going on upstairs. He sighed and covered Leah with the blanket and asked everyone to exit the room. Everyone looked at my father waiting for a response. "I don't know what information I can give you. She's in a coma . . . the bump on her head should be healed by morning. However, that doesn't guarantee that she will awaken by then." Her mother began to cry. Emily tried to comfort her but she really wasn't having it. Out of the corner of my eye I noticed that my Bella had pulled Jacob to the side and was talking to him. My skin boiled, I couldn't believe that she was pissed at me because I let it be known that we planned to be married. Her focus seemed to be on comforting him but his focus was on what was going on with Leah.

"How long could she be out of it like this," Sue looked up at Carlisle looked pleadingly.

"Comas could last a couple day, weeks, months . . ." Then we saw her inch her way into the living room.

"Oh my God Leah you had us all worried sick!" Her mother rushed to her and embraced her and Leah flinched away she looked at her mother as if she were somebody foreign. Actually she was looking at everyone and everything that way.

"Leah who is hugging you right now?" Sue looked at her at me confused and then looked back at her daughter.

"My . . . mom?" Sue smiled; she didn't realize that Leah was asking not answering the question.

"Do you know your last name?" I asked and everybody started to catch on. She looked around and then tears welled up and then ran down her cheek as she shook her head. Carlisle stood in front of her trying to block everybody in the room, so that their stares and presence wasn't so overwhelming. "Tell me what going on in your head Leah."

"I'm confused and scared . . . I didn't know my first name before she . . . my mom . . . said it." She sighed. "My head hurts really badly."

"You should probably lay back down and rest." Carlisle tried to escort her back to the room so she could have the quiet she needed to remember everything.

"But . . .," she stalled, "I really wanted to see my face." He smiled sadly at her. He gave her pity and empathy because that's what she needed.

"Of course young one," he took her to mirror in the living room beside the front door and she looked at herself mesmerized.

"That's me . . .Leah." She sighed deeply and another tear rolled down her face. I think she hoped actually seeing her face would bring back some memories of something but she didn't receive anything not for lack of trying. She continued to stare in silence. I look a lot older than I feel, she thought.

"You don't want to strain for memories Leah, they will come naturally, I promise to do everything I can to help you." Carlisle placed his hand on her shoulder and she embraced.

"I really hope you can." She said between sobs as she continued to cling to him.

We moved Leah into our house so that Carlisle could control the amount of pressure and stress that her family and friends may unintentionally place on her. Normally she would have been pissed about being in a house full of leeches but since she didn't know what we were she didn't care. She looked around our house in amazement.

"Wow it's so beautiful." She took in details mentally that I didn't think she would notice. She stood in the living room mainly because I think she wasn't sure exactly where to go.

"Would you like me to show you where you will be staying?" Esme said extending her hand to her.

"Yes, thank you." She seemed relieved to be here but she kept touching her nose. It was burning but she chalked it up to bad sinuses. Once they went upstairs my focus turned to my Bella who seemed a bit put out by Leah's presence.

"I don't know if I like another female living in your space." She pouted and I smirked.

"Bella, Leah is ill and she hurt herself trying to protect us, she deserves our help."

"I agree . . . but why does she have to stay here?" I kissed her cheek.

"So that her memories won't be compromised, and the less stress she feels the more quickly her memory should return." I added hoping that she would get the picture.

"I understand Edward. I just don't like it."

"Come on let's get you home before Charlie begins to worry."

I came home at 5AM to change and get ready for school when I heard the most beautiful sad music coming from my piano. In the room sat Leah Clearwater with her finger slowly strategically against the key as she played Moonlight Sonata by Beethoven.

"You play?" I startled her.

"I . . . don't know . . . I guess." She looked down as if she were embarrassed. I looked at the sheet of music I assumed she was playing from, it was something I was composing, which was definitely not what she was playing.

"You've most definitely played in the past. Do you know what you were playing?" She thought about it for a moment.

"Beethoven." She got up and prepared to leave the room. "I didn't mean to overstep. I just saw the piano and was drawn to it." She shrugged. Her mannerisms weren't the same as the way others envisioned her in their minds. This Leah seemed soft fragile, not so much the rough bitter tomboy that they were familiar with.

"Moonlight Sonata . . . a beautiful piece," I added. I started to play the piece once more and she listened to it. Her eyes never left my fingers on the keys, she was studying the music and wasn't phased by my physical presence which was a first for me. It was also a little creepy sitting so close to a shifter. Then again if a shifter doesn't know she is a shifter, is she really a shifter?

"My dad . . . had records of this stuff. I remember hearing it when I was little." Her eyes widened by the revelation.

"Do you remember playing the piano?" She shook her head and sighed.

"Its cool no pressure." She laughed.


"It sounds weird you saying that. I don't know the words don't fit the person. I hate when I have to pretend to be someone I'm not." She frowned.

"When do you do that?" I asked curious what made her say it.

"I feel like I do it all the time. So that people won't laugh at me." I felt sorry for her, but didn't look in her direction instead I began to play something that I composed. I stopped toward the middle when she started to frown.

"What's wrong?" I asked.

"Nothing . . . it just . . . nothing, the piece is a little confusing it starts of so happy and then starts to become . . ."

"Drab, yeah I know, it's suppose to be a piece for my wedding but somewhere along the way I've lost motivation."

"You are the son of Dr. Cullen?" I laughed and nodded. She had sat with me all this time and she had no idea how I was related.

"I'm Edward," I offered her my hand and she shook it.

"You seem pretty smart Edward, you will figure it out." She touched my shoulder and before leaving the room. Once left alone I thought of her and realize that my fiancé might be right to be worried.

Author's Note:

Okay this is a test chapter for this story. I imagine it to be a very story but it's been doing circles in my brain so I wanted to share it. Let me know if you would like me to continue. As always please read and review.