Short story for my fav. pairing on the show. Don't know why I chose certain couples to ship over all otheres but I do. Anyway, l'm mostly writing this because there is a noticable shortage of stories such as this one. Thus, for those that enjoy this pairing I'm adding a little something to the desolate wasteland that is their obsession. Enjoy.

What I Know

The Outlaw Star drifted in space. Everything was as it should be. Everything was right. Gene would know, being captain and all.

The bridge was lighted only by the stars and the faint glow of Melfina's tank. The controls were on standby, with no one needing to use them at the present moment. All the halls were empty, the crew in their quarters save for the android who remained connected to the ship. Gene knew the way by heart and he knew exactly what it would look like because he'd spent enough time wandering the ship late at night in search of clarity.

Suzuka, the Twilight Assassin, slept well but lightly. Her weapon was never far out of reach and she could grab and use it before any would-be intrudor had time to blink. Always aware of the world around her, it was unlikely anyone could sneak up on her. Gene knew, he'd seen Aisha try.

The C'tarl C'tarl herself was most likely passed out half-way on and half-way out of her bed. Limbs flung all about her, she would be snoring loudly. Gene knew, he had seen her many times on the couch when they docked to port, and it never failed to make him feel sympathy for whatever bedmate she might have in the future. Even he couldn't sleep through that ruckus.

The last member of the crew, technically the first after Gene, slept soundly and quietly. It had been a long day, and Jim had done more work on the ship than he did most days, afterwards cruising the net and finding some possible business connections that might come in handy in the near future. The night had been even longer, if you could count this time in space as night and day. There was no sun, so they were only able to judge based on the hours themselves.

But regardless, Jim had been kept awake until about 0400 hours because of Gene's exploits. Always labeled as over-sexed, Gene had again lived up to that reputation by keeping a hot young body in his bed wailing in pleasure until the early hours of the next day. He often had wondered how Jim had ever put up with it to begin with, but had never had the chance to ask.

The weariness showed in the way Jim had collapsed into bed, and the way his body would not be awakened for anything until at least noon. It also showed in the childish way he curled up in a ball on his side of the bed.

Gene knew it had been a long day because he had worked with Jim all day, and he was just as tired. He knew Jim had surfed the net for contacts because Jim had had his head resting on Gene's leg as he did so. Gene knew he'd been up later because they'd spent hours exploring each other's bodies and coming together in knew Jim had collapsed into sleep because he had been there, and he knew how he slept because Gene was lying beside him now, as he had every night for the past two years.

And as the sound of Jim's gentle breathing lulled him to sleep, Gene knew he'd be there to watch Jim sleep for the rest of his life. He also knew he'd never want anything else. Gene would know, ee was the captain of the Outlaw Star, afterall.


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