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The young flareon's tail glowed dimly in the hollow where she nursed her newborn son. She pitied him; he'd have to grow up without a father. She couldn't believe she'd trusted him. She was young and inexperienced. She had let her feelings control her, failing to realize he didn't really care about her, just what she could offer him. And that was why she now had a baby eevee nuzzled up against her. She didn't understand why so many males where like that. So many of them were deadbeats. They left many females to raise a litter alone. Right at that moment, she decided she would never let her new son be like that. She would raise him right so that he would never get some poor girl pregnant and then run off. She loved her new child. It wasn't his fault his father had gotten her knocked up then left. And she knew just what to name him. Leone.

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