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I wake up to a cool, sunny morning. Sunlight filters through the leaves, dappling the ground with fluorescent green. I jump to my feet, excitement flooding through me. We're going to the ceremony now! Mom is already awake, and she has food: two bidoofs and a starly. I jump on Raina. She springs up, looking around wildly. Then she glares at me.

"What was that for?" she asks angrily.

I shrug. "I needed to wake you up."

"So you jumped on me?"


She shakes her head, irritated. I look over at Mom.

"So, are we going?" I ask.

"You two need to eat first," she replies, shaking her head.

She passes me the starly, knowing how much I like birds, but I'm too excited to enjoy it and I gulp it down as fast as I can. While Mom and Raina finish their bidoofs, I wait impatiently, hopping from paw to paw. When they finally finish, we start walking slowly towards the ceremony. Raina and I keep running ahead and then hopping around anxiously waiting for Mom to catch up. After a little while, I see a clearing up ahead.

"Raina, look!" I cry. I run towards the clearing.

When Raina and I emerge from the forest, I draw in my breath sharply and Raina gasps. The clearing is huge! At the far end, there is a big tree with a huge hole in the middle of it. Connected to the tree, on the same level as the hole, there's a big platform made out of boars of wood. Scattered around the clearing are about seventeen or eighteen trees. Each tree has two holes in it. One on ground level and one above with crooked, run-down, wooden stairs leading up to it (probably carved by a big pokemon with sharp claws). A curtain of long grass covers each opening. These are high-quality dens!

There are already seven or eight eevee families milling about in the clearing. I spot one blue eeveelution with a long fish tail who can only be a vaporeon. I see another eeveelution that's covered in leaves who has to be a leafeon.

"C'mon," Mom said. "Let's go sign in." We follow her over to a no-nonsense looking yellow eeveelution.

"What eeveelution is that, Mommy?" Raina asks.

"She's a jolteon, Raina," Mom says.

"Hello," Mom says to the jolteon. "We're here to sign in"

The jolteon dips her paw in a wooden bowl filled to the top with something that looks and smells like oran berry juice.

"Name?" she asks.

"Fiona," Mom says.

"And you are a female flareon?"


"Isn't it kind of obvious?" Raina whispers to me. I shrug. She probably has to ask even if she already knows the answer.

"Would you like to volunteer for Flareon Day?" The jolteon asks.

"Yes, please," Mom answers. I wonder what Flareon Day is.

"And your children?" The jolteon enquires.

"This is my son Leone and my daughter Raina," Mom says and spells it out for her.

The jolteon is quickly writing down everything Mom says with her ink-stained paw.

"Alright, that's all we need. You're all signed in. We hope you enjoy being here. Your tree is #9, bottom floor. The opening speech is tomorrow. We will see you there."

"Thank you," Mom says. "You want to go see our tree?" She asks us.

"Yeah!" I say.

"Let's go!" Raina says.

Mom leads the way over to a tree and walks through the grass curtain.

"I wish we'd been on the top," I say.

"I don't," Raina replies. "I don't like being up high."

Inside the tree are three rooms. The first room is covered in soft moss and has two entrances into other rooms. The other two rooms have mareep's wool covering the whole floor. These are the rooms for sleeping. I figure Mom will sleep in one and Raina and I will sleep in the other. I love the soft moss in the first room. It was much nicer than the hard earth floor back at home. I went into the other room. I don't like the mareep's wool as much. It was too fluffy and scratchy; I definitely prefer our starly down at home. I'd rather sleep in the first room on the sweet-smelling moss.

"Well, now that you've seen our den," Mom says. "I want to go show you off to all my friends and family."

I groan.

"Oh come on, Leone," Raina encourages. "It'll be fun! We'll get to see all the eeveelutions and meet other eevees, too!"

Mom leads the way out of the den and into the clearing. "Hmm. . . Where to go first?" she wonders out loud. "Oh, there's Kora!" She rushes over to meet an eeveelution like the blue one I saw before. "Kora, I haven't seen you in ages!" She exclaims as we catch up.

"Is that a vaporeon, Mommy?" Raina asks.

"Yes, kids, this is my sister Kora. She's your aunt," Mom tells us.

"These are your kits?" Aunt Kora asks Mom.

"Uhuh, this is Raina and this is Leone. Aren't they adorable?"

"Mom!" I protest.

"What about your kits?" Mom asks, looking at the five eevees clustered behind Aunt Kora.

"Well, my first one is Wolf. Then there's Stanley and River. My little girl, Mina, and my youngest, Cory," Aunt Kora responds.

"Aaw! They're so-" Then Mom pauses, staring past Aunt Kora. "Hey, what's Max doing here? I thought it was mothers only."

Aunt Kora turns around. "I'm not sure." Then she calls out, "Hey, Max!" A jolteon like the one Mom talked to before turns toward us. However, this time it's a male and he has four kits with him. He comes over to meet us.

"Max, what are you doing here?" Mom asks. "Shouldn't the mother of your kits be here?"

"Unfortunately, my mate passed away," Max responds. "And the rules about no males here have gotten more lenient. Some fathers have started to come as well as mothers."

Raina and I are just standing there as all this happens, wondering whom this guys is. Suddenly, Mom seems to remember us and tells us that he is her and Kora's brother and our uncle. Aunt Kora and Uncle Max are still talking and he introduces his four sons, Aaron, Alex, Anthony, and Adam.

"Why do their names all start with 'A'?" Raina asks, with all her usual tact.

Max turns to her and tells her that he named them that because their mother's name started with 'A' and she died giving birth to them.

"Oh," Raina says quietly.

As we all stand around awkwardly, Mom says that she's going to take us to meet her other friends. After that it was a whirlwind of meeting Mom's old friends and their kits. I met my dad's sister, an espeon named Violet, and her two boys, Riley and Willy. I also met my dad's brother Matt, who, unlike my dad, was nice and had insisted on coming to the ceremony with his mate Kelly and their two kits Julia and Chris. The same happened for Mom's old friends Ryan and Lauren who had both insisted on accompanying their daughter Lila. After all this, Mom wanted to keep going around seeing old friends, but Raina and I were tired and wanted to go back to our tree.

That night, as I settle in to the scratchy mareep's wool I can't fall asleep for a long time. I stay awake thinking about what's going to happen tomorrow when this whole thing really starts. I can't wait to find out what I'm good at. As I listen to the soothing sound of Raina's breathing, I drift off to join her in sleep.

Sorry, I know that chapter was kind of boring. It was even boring to write it, but I had to get those characters in there. That wasn't even all of them, but I didn't want to push it. We'll meet more important people tomorrow in Eevee School and I promise it will be more interesting. -Alli