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Welcome to season nine that takes place a year after the ultimate battle. There will be new villains and new allies with new powers for both sides. Epic battle's and forgotten characters come back. This will be a dark series.

Arthur's Note:

This is season 9 of charmed and used to be called Two Steps From Hell from expudis. She will not be writing anymore stories for this site and because we are friends she gave it to me to finish. This season will include all four sisters.

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Charmed Twisted Destiny

Chapter 1

In the twinkle of a spell

Episodes 9.01 and 9.02

"They're just children for god sake, how can the powers at be even allow it to happen, I mean what side am I on?" Piper Haillwell thought as she finished up the last of the dishes from dinner in the kitchen. She gathered her long dark hair with the soapy wet hands from the dishwater and put it into a ponytail; she could feel the sweat on the back of her neck as she did so. Piper was staring out the window over the sink into a transparent reflection of herself, the blackness of the night made her dark brown eyes completely see-through, almost like she had none at all. "Well they say that your eyes or the portal to your soul, someone got that right," she said with a little intellection. She was wearing a red thin jacket, but the heat from the hot dishwater made that thin layer seem like a cardigan and had the incredible urge to remove it. She walked over to the kitchen island taking her jacket off revealing a white tank top that was a little wet from the water and sweat and put the jacket on the back of a chair, she pulled out for her to sit. For a brief second there was a quick coolness that made her shiver a bit and she closed her eyes enjoying the sensation even though it was brief. She wiped her wet hands off on her blue jeans before sitting down. She and tangled her fingers together and brought them to her chin and closed her eyes taking a deep breath absorbing the silence of the kitchen at the moment. The sound of the front door opening took her out of her fake tranquility as she heard a familiar voice.

"Anyone home?" Phoebe yelled from the Fourier.

"In here," Piper answered and then quickly getting up off the chair and grabbing her jacket. Throwing it on.

"I'm really not in a mood today, I just want to take a shower or find something to punch, and I'm definitely not in the mood to talk. Now if I could just find a waterproof punching bag, then I would be in heaven," Piper thought to herself as she walked into the dining room to finish cleaning up.

"Hello sweetie," Phoebe said as her normal jubilant self.

Piper was making her way to the dining room when she accidentally knocked over a vase off the counter causing it to break into several pieces.

"Dammit," Piper said as she looked down at the mess, which she could swear that the debris was making a pattern that looked like a middle finger, and she wanted desperately to give one back.

"What did the vase do to you?" Phoebe said as she put her purse on the buffet table.

"It looked at me funny," Piper replied going to the laundry room and grabbing a broom and dust pan.

"Honey are you Okay? You have been so angry lately," Phoebe with concern in her voice bent down to help her oldest sister with the mess.

"God she looks horrible, like she hasn't slept in days. I know I have not been over here that much in the last couple weeks, but what the hell could have happened," Phoebe thought as she picked up some of the larger pieces and put them on the counter. "Maybe I should just leave her alone and let her get some rest, she's not one to open up freely, but what if something is really wrong? No I'm not going to let her do this anymore she's not going to push me away or anyone else. Even if that means I get myself blown up in the process. I love her too much and this is not like her, not to be this angry for this long," Phoebe walked over and put her hand on Piper's shoulder. She could feel Piper shaking slightly and her back that was wet from perspiration. She always admired Piper's strength, she has been through hell and back with Leo and after losing Prue, Piper just seem to get stronger every time but never lost her will to live or her humor. But this wasn't the woman she looked up to it was someone different someone ready to lash out at the world or have a break down right there on the spot. At these moments Phoebe wished she never lost her empathy power even though Piper and Paige were somewhat happy about it. If she still had that ability she could help her get through this a lot easier without having to guess what Piper was feeling. Piper was always a little cryptic with her emotions which were odd considering she hated cryptic crap when it came to magic.

"Piper please talk to me, something is wrong I can tell," Phoebe pleaded.

Piper finished sweeping up the broken vase and other contents into the dustpan and dumped it into the trash, and then she went back to the laundry room and put her tools away. She wasn't sure if she wanted to answer Phoebe or not, and walked past her into the dining room.

"Piper I'm not leaving here until you say something," Phoebe said as she followed her and now getting a little irritated that Piper was ignoring her.

Piper stopped at the dining room table and put both hands down on it after pushing some tablecloths away in frustration.

"I'm just sick of this every time we have a quiet moment a demon attacks," Piper said not looking up and kept her eyes firmly in place between her hands, that were beginning to turn red from the pressure she exultant on them.

"You had an attack today?" Phoebe ask

"They went after Chris," Piper said now picking up the blue tablecloths and sitting down in an old antique oak dining room chair.

Phoebe grabbed the chair next to her and set down not taking her eye off of Piper who was still looking down at the dark oval table. "Oh my god, is he ok?" She asks troubled.

"NO, they hurt him," Piper replied through her teeth squeezing the tablecloths together tightly with both hands.

"He is ok right?" Phoebe asks almost in tears as she rubbed Piper's back.

"Wyatt healed him, thank god," Piper replied with her elbows on the table and putting her hands to her face.

"Did you kill the demon?" Phoebe said as she moved over to give her a hug.

Ever sense Wyatt was born all of them have been so worried about him getting hurt, and now the worry was doubled with Chris who was only 4 and did not have a shield to protect himself like is older brother. Chris looked like Piper mini me, with his dark hair dark brown eyes. He was a talker and loved to have conversations with adults even if he didn't understand them all that well, and he adored his mother, spending most of his time with her in the kitchen helping her make cookies. She gave him the nick name Peanut because he loved peanut butter cookies so much, that he would orb then out of the cookie jar even if it meant getting yelled at by Piper for personal gain issues. Six year old Wyatt was is older brother who he loved dearly and played with him, even if there were other kids in the house. Wyatt was very protective of his little brother but they did have their rivalries on occasions. Wyatt looked like Leo, dark sandy blonde hair and green eyes. He had more power flowing threw him then the sisters combined and at times it scared Piper not knowing what he was going to do or be able to do. But for the most part Wyatt used his power rarely because he was still learning them, so the powers he used most was his shield, orbing and healing.

"What do you think," Piper said now finally looking at Phoebe a little angry at the question.

"Piper I know your upset, but don't take it out on me," Phoebe said now standing up and a little angry her self

"Well then way did you ask such a stupid question" Piper thought to herself as she stood up to meet her middle sisters watering eyes. "God what is wrong with me, she is trying the help and all I can do is yell at her".

"I'm sorry Phoebe, I'm just scared," Piper said softening her expression and giving her a hug.

"I know it isn't easy but we will get through this, and you know you can call us anytime right?" Phoebe asks hugging her back.

"I know – I know, it's just you guys have you own lives and I don't what to,"

"Piper it doesn't matter where we are or what we're doing, and I don't care if it is demons or if you just want to talk, you don't hesitate ok?"

"OK," Piper said with a smile.

Phoebe sat down again and pulled Piper down to sit with her.

"Where's Leo?" Phoebe asks as Piper sat down.

"He is upstairs playing with them, Chris won't go back to sleep," Piper replied facing Phoebe.


"What was that?" A very startled Phoebe asks as both of them stood up looking at the ceiling.

"Leo," Piper yelled and when she did not hear a response, she dashed for the stairs with Phoebe in tow.

"Leo, what happened," Phoebe yelled.

Both sisters almost tripped over each other trying to get up the stairs. Both of them could hear both boys crying hard as they approach the first landing to the staircase.

"Dammit Leo answer me," Piper screamed.

The sisters got to the top of the stairs and rushed to the boy's bedroom were the door was closed. Blood was coming out of the gap under the door slowly.

"God NO," Piper's panicked voice said as she pushed hard against the door to open it.

"Paige! Paige!" Phoebe yelled trying to help Piper open the door.

Piper pushed hard against the force on the other side and with a final push opened the door emerging into the dark room and Phoebe squeezed in after her. Piper with shaking hands she turned on the light and was flooded with images of her worst fear. Her two boys were bleeding from their arms and Leo was lying in front of her on his stomach and bleeding heavily from the front of his body, she could not see the injury yet but from the orientation of the blood it might be coming from his chest. Piper stood there for a moment not knowing who to check first, her legs felt like rubber and she grabbed the wall for support as her stomach almost emptied its contents. She saw Phoebe get to the boys, so Piper let gravity take her to Leo and turned him over. His blue and gray plaid shirt was torn at the chest and a deep cut from his neck to his belly button was showing through the tear.

"Paige get your ass here now," Piper practically broke glass with her voice.

Phoebe held two shaking and sobbing boys in her arms and she was trying hard to stay calm and rocked them slowly looking at their injuries. The cuts didn't need stitches but there were at least 3 or 4 on their arms.

"Leo Wake up, please wake up," Piper said as she cradled his head in her hands.

Blue and white orbs filled the room and a dripping wet Paige was standing next to Piper. Paige's mind went numb as she looked around the room until she felt Piper pulling on her leg that snapped her out of the void she was mentally in at the moment.

"Paige heals him," Piper said tugging hard on Paige's red bathrobe.

Paige looked down at Leo's body and hoped she wasn't too late and bent down placing her shaking hands over Leo's injuries. Almost instantaneously her hands glowed a light orange and the cut started healing. Leo's green eyes opened wide as he paned the room finally setting them on his two sons'.

"Wyatt, Chris," Leo's cracked voice shot out.

Phoebe held both the crying boys tight in her arms looking at their wounds that began to heal themselves until not even a drop of blood remained

"Good job Wyatt," Phoebe said smiling through her tears.

Piper lifted herself up quickly with Leo and ran to her two sons that stopped crying and were now putting their hands out to be held in the comforting embrace of their parents.

"Mommy," Chris with arms stretched out awaiting his mother's arms.

"Daddy, "Wyatt asks for his daddy to hold him.

Piper gently lifted her youngest son out of her sister's arm and held him a little too tight.

"Mommy I can't breathe," Chris said laughing a little.

"Sorry peanut, I was scared, are you OK?" Piper asks now letting go a little to allow her son to breathe normally.

"Yap, Wyatt healed me," Chris answered pointing at his big brother.

Leo held Wyatt to his side and panned the room as if looking for what attacked them.

"Did you kill it?" Leo asks nervously.

"Kill what?" Paige replied sitting down in the rocker next to the window, still a little shaken.

"Leo what happened?" Piper demanded.

Leo was not sure what to say as panic struck his face, "Don't scare them, just stay calm," he thought to himself as he moved Wyatt to the other arm.

"I'm not sure, I was playing with the boys and a creature jumped through the window," Leo answered in a shaky voice.

Piper looked into his eyes and saw the fear that resided there for a moment, in a split second she almost lost her husband and her son's. " Just breathe Piper, remember to breathe," her mind said as her chest moved in and out a little slower than earlier and closed her eyes to allow her brain to focus on such a simple function.

"Wait what about Wyatt's shield?" Paige asks now standing looking at the broken window and looked down at her feet that were surrounded by broken pieces of glass. "Ok Paige you dumb ass just walk right into those," she thought now walking away carefully not to step on any pieces with her bare feet.

"It just went right through it, and hit me," Leo answered even a little afraid of what he just said.

Piper turned and walked out of the bedroom door to the hallway "How is that possible?" her voice echoed outside the hallway as the others followed.

Phoebe entered the attic putting her black thin coat on the couch and heading to the book were Piper held Chris in her arms. Phoebe stopped for a moment amazed at Chris's resilience, just a second ago his life was almost wiped out and now he was playing with Piper's necklace resting his head on her shoulder while holding his beloved blanket, something that he loving called Lanky. Piper was turning the Pages of the book almost tearing the pages out. Her eyes were narrowed and red as they looked quickly through the pages not even sure what she was looking for.

"I don't know, it just did," Leo answered putting Wyatt down near some toys on the floor. But Wyatt did not move far away from his towering dad as he orbed the toys close to him so he would not have to leave his father side.

Phoebe was now walking again and stood next to Piper and Paige. "What did it look like?" She ask robbing Chris's back who was now putting his hand on Piper's red wet cheek.

"Mommy, you're leaking," Chris small soft voice said but his eye's showed worry.

"It's ok honey, why don't you play with your brother for a minute?" Piper said putting down Chris.

"No," Chris almost yelled hanging onto her neck and tried to use his feet to climb back up.

"It's ok honey, Mommy and your ant's need to work now, ok?" Paige said noticing Piper's anxiety, and gingerly pulled him away from Piper.

Leo took a deep breath and began to explain what the creature looked like. "It had a dragons head but its body was more like a large dog, its eye's had black smoke coming out of it. I think its skin was made up of large fish scales and it had spikes all over it," Leo finished his best description he could as he watched Chris being carried by Paige over to Wyatt and gave him a kiss on the head before she lowered him down to the ground.

"I don't like the fact it went through his shield Leo," Piper said trying to find something in the book.

"Maybe we should take the boy's to magic school for the night?" Phoebe piped in noticing they could not find the creature in the book.

"Sounds like a good idea," Leo replied.

"Coop! Coop!" Piper yelled but he did not come.

"How the hell can it just go through Wyatt's shield?" Phoebe asks.

"Coop! Get down here," Piper's hard voice yelled.

"Piper don't yell for him like that," Phoebe said a little upset, "Let me do it," Coop! Honey,"

"Oh for god sake," Piper said a little angry.

Coop harted in wearing a red shining robe and pulled down his hood.

"Wait I call you twice and you don't come, she calls you once and poof," Piper said a little taken back at his attire, "And what's up with the robe?" looking at him sideways.

"First you sound mad, and second I was in a meeting with the other cupids," Coop replied nervously not knowing if Piper was going to blow him up or laugh.

"Take Leo and the boy's to Magic School," Piper asks.

"I'm not going Piper I'm staying here with you," Leo said walking towards her.

"No you're not Leo, it almost killed you," Piper replied while going to the shelf near the window and grabbing some potion bottles.

"Piper I'm staying," Raising his voice which made Chris and Wyatt stop Playing.

Paige walked over to the boy's and set between them picking up some toys to get their attention, but it did not work as they stayed fixed on their parents arguing.

"Dammit Leo! You can't protect yourself and I can't fight when I'm worried about you," Piper replied in a raised voice with a dozen or so potion bottles in her hands.

Chris started crying first as he hated them yelling at each other while Wyatt began to look around nervously.

OK, stop it," Phoebe interrupted the argument "the boys have been through enough tonight, and they don't need to see their parents arguing. Leo Piper is right you need to go with them and help them get some sleep," Phoebe finished as she walked over to Coop who had no idea what was going on.

"What happened?" He whispered to Phoebe.

"I'll tell you later, could you take them before we lose another toaster," Phoebe asks.

"What?" Coop answer confused about the toaster part.

"Later, just grab the boys," Phoebe replied and kissing the kids on their heads.

Coop walked over to Leo and the boys hoping that he would come without protest, as he knew the halliwell temper was not mostly dominant in Piper, but at some point all of them would flair up on occasions. Leo met Coop near the boys and held their hands.

"Fine, but don't let anything happen to her," Leo's softened expression asked.

"We won't Leo, we promise," Paige replied standing beside Phoebe.

Piper said nothing as she picked up some stoppers for the bottles. "They're not after me dammit, their after our son's," She momentarily thought while putting some of the stoppers in her pocket. "How can they not be furious about this, all of them are acting like this is no big deal," Continuing her thoughts as she approached the suppose sanctuary of the book, the one with all the answers, but not this time and when she needed it the most. Phoebe and Paige stood uneasy watching Piper move about the room gathering various things jerking them off of one shelf then another, not caring if something fell or was knocked out of place by her swift movements. When they saw her approach the book, not even looking at them, they instinctively stepped back and stood uncomfortably quiet.

With trembling hands she turned the old rough pages, 10 minutes went past and nothing, she closed it hard and started to walk away, but before her younger sisters could break the deafening silence. Piper with both hands picked the book up and with such a force that could knock out a 10 foot giant, through the book to the other side of the room. The large old book hit the wall with a thud and almost seems to cry out at her actions. This caused Phoebe and Paige to stand in shock, "Never has she done that, never," Phoebe thought as she watched her leave the room.

"Ok, what the hell was that about?" Paige asks picking up the book from the floor.

"She's angry Paige, very, very angry," Phoebe replied putting the shelves back in some kind of order after Piper ravaged through them.

"I got that, but it's not the first time the boys have been attacked by demons, so why is she getting like this?" Paige asked putting the book back in its rightful spot.

"I don't know," but she needs to calm down or she is going to have a heart attack," Phoebe said putting a small figuring of a bear back on the shelf.

"Well we should probably go down and help her make potions before she blows the house up," Paige said heading for the door.

"I really liked that toaster," Phoebe said under her breath as she too left the attic, hitting the light switch and giving the book one last look before leaving to its dark slumber and shutting the door.

A Blue-throated Hummingbird drank from the Azalea outside the kitchen window as the moon yield its place to the rising sun, creating the magenta, cyan and crimson that danced across three slumbering faces and a kitchen in disarray. Potion bottles, eye of newt, bat wing and many other odd ingredients were laying around not in any particular alignment. The first to stir was that of Paige whose dark red hair that seemed to be a gathering place of those few odd ingredients.

"How is a girl oppose to get her beauty sleep with table head," Paige raspy voice said as she pulled out a bat wing from her frizzed and messy hair

Paige's eyes blinked slowly as she stretched and yawned in attempts to not be the only one awake and made no effort to keep herself quiet about it.

"Don't forget the pig's foot," Phoebe busted out with her eyes still tightly closed and her classes were skewed on her face.

"What, What is it?" Piper yelped while her eyes squinted hard at the bright light coming through the window.

The three sisters were still in the same clothes from the previous night as they moved frog guts, rabbit's foot and other things away from them.

"I was hungry," Paige said now pulling out an eye of something from her hair.

"Oh, what time is it?" Phoebe asks taking her glasses off and rubbing her eyes.

Piper stood up slowly from the chair and made her way to the glass front cabinets, pulling out a canister of coffee.

" 7:30 AM, and why does the sun have to be so dam bright," Piper answered closing the curtains in front of the window over the sink, rolling her eyes at the blue hummingbird that hovered and tilted its head at her before closing them completely.

Blue and White orbs filled the kitchen as Leo and Coop materialized in.

"God if it's not one bright orb it's another," Phoebe said covering her eyes.

"Good morning sunshine," Coop said as he kissed Phoebe on the top of her head with a little laugh.

Piper stopped in her tracks noticing the Leo orbed in with Coop.

"Wait did you orb, because I swear Leo if they made you an elder again, I'm going to go up there and start blowing them up?" Piper said through her teeth using her index finger to drive the point home.

"No Piper I'm not an elder again, they gave me the orbing back just for Magic school and here," Leo answered putting his hands up hoping Piper would not blow him up again thinking he would just form back. Piper sighed softening her expression slightly and went back to making coffee for the group.

"Have enough Potions bottles?" Leo asked looking at the various colored and marked bottles that cluttered the kitchen, as he made his way to his wife.

"No," Piper answered now pouring the dark hot brew into five coffee cops.

"What did I do now?" Leo defensively replied and stopped his approach to his wife who had her back turn to him.

"You almost left me," Piper answered but continued filling the coffee mugs.

"Piper, honey I'm right here," Leo said now putting his arms around her waist.

"I almost never felt that again, that warmth, that safe protected feeling. It was almost gone," Piper thought to her as she stopped pouring the coffee and closed her eyes to let the feeling flood ever brain cell in her head so she would never lose the memory or sensation. Her moment of bliss and calm was rudely forced away when the phone rang.

Piper left the room, leaving the others to their coffee and looks of worry.

"Leo you need to talk to her, she needs to calm down," Phoebe asks taking a sip of the steamy Mojo.

"I know, she has been like this ever cents Chris got hurt a week ago, I never seen her be this angry for this long," Leo said sitting down in the kitchen chair with his cup.

" I think once we figure out what that thing was, she will feel better," Coop said turning towards the hallway outside the kitchen as Piper's voice got louder making the rest of them go to the hallway as well.

"That can't be good," Paige said putting her cup on the counter and listened.

"How did that happen?" Piper said running her hand through her long dark messy hair.

"What's going on?" Phoebe asks.

"How much?" Piper said into the phone.

"I have no idea," Leo answered now walking towards Piper.

"I'll be right there," Piper said hanging up the phone hard.

Piper rushed past the group of people who stared at her awaiting an answer on what the phone conversation was about, and made her way to the back door grabbing her keys.

"Piper what's going on?" Leo nervously asks.

"The pipes broke at the club and there is an inch or so of water on the ground," She answered looking for her purse.

"What, we just had an inspection and they said everything was fine," Leo said trying to get a hold of his wife.

Piper did not say anything as she found her purse and forced the door open, slamming it shut behind her before anyone could protest.

"Ok, something is wrong with her," Phoebe's worried voice said as she sat down.

"Anger demon?" Paige asks a little unsure.

"Could be, you guys should check, while I go to the club to keep an eye on her." Leo said walking over to Coop.

"No Leo, go to magic school and talk to the elders about the creature because you are the one who saw it, Paige can go with you to see if there are books on it. I will go keep an eye on her after I look in the book.

"I wonder why he didn't infect all of us?" Paige asks tilting her head a little.

"I don't know, and how do you know about the anger demon anyway?" Phoebe asks tilting her head back at her.

"You told me about how you and Prue almost killed each other a while ago," Paige answered.

"Right, god I forgot about that, ok let's go people. Phoebe said as she started heading out of the kitchen.

"Wait, someone needs to clean the kitchen before she gets back," Leo said looking around at the mess.

"Well we should go Leo, times a wasting," Paige said as she orbed away with Leo.

"Hay!" Phoebe's voice yelled while looking up at the ceiling, "Clean the kitchen, or check the book, check the book," Phoebe said too Coop and they left the kitchen.

Piper stepped down into an inch of water as she descended the stairs and into the now flooded club and looked around trying to decide if she wanted to cry or scream, but before she could make a decision Tim came out from the back storage room.

"Hay Piper, I'm really sorry about this," Tim said stepping over paperwork and other light objects that floated on top of the water.

"How did this happen?" She asks making her way to the bar.

"Don't know, I came in to take inventory and ended up needing a snorkel. Tim answered.

"What did the plumber say?" Piper asks as she put her hair in a ponytail with a scrunchy she pulled out of her purse before putting it on the bar counter.

"Well it still going to cast 4,000 dollars and he still might not be able to get it done today," Tim answered getting a little nervous noticing Piper was not in a good mood.

"I'm not paying that, god what a creep," Piper replied putting her hands on her hips.

"Do you want me to check some more?" Tim asks after a long pause.

"Yeah and tell them we need it done today by five," She answered.

"OK, I will need to call from outside, because for some reason I'm having issues getting a good signal in here," Tim answered and walked past her to the stairs going outside.

Piper bent down and started picking up the loose paperwork the floated on top of the water.

"Shit this sucks," She said as Tim left.

Leo was playing with the boy's on the light tiled floor while Paige was buying the many old books on that lined the walls.

"I don't even know what I'm looking for," Paige said out in frustration as she would pick one book up and put it back.

"I know Paige, but something has to be there," Leo replied holding up a block while Wyatt orbed it to the top of the pile, "Good job body,"

"Do you think it is the anger demon?" Paige asks taking a book off and sitting it down on the large pine table next to the red couch.

"I'm not sure, he would have infected all of you and not just one, so she may just be having some anger issues," Leo answered as Chris ran is car through the neatly stacked blocks causing them to all fall over.

"Sorry daddy," Chris said playing with his hands and lowing his head.

"That's ok little man," Leo reassured his youngest son while patting him on the head and standing up.

Paige hears her cell phone ring and rushed to find her purse that was on the table to answer it.

"Hello, oh god Henry I'm sorry I forgot to call," Paige said in an apologetic voice. "I will be right there ok," Paige then hangs up.

"You should go home for a minute and say hello to your husband," Leo said with a smile.

"I will be right back Leo and don't worry, we will figure it out," Paid reassured him as she orbed away.

Phoebe flipped through the pages of the book and found the entry for the anger demon and looked puzzled for a moment.

"I don't understand Cole killed him when Prue was alive so how can he do this again?" Phoebe said looking at Coop who was standing in front of her.

"Well they don't stay dead for long," Coop answered walking over to her and pulling her into his chest.

Phoebe grabbed her stomach and bent over in pain looking very pale.

"Phoebe what is it, are you ok?" Coop asks holding her tight.

"Magic school now," Phoebe demanded through her teeth.

Coop and Phoebe harted into Magic school to see the children welling and Leo with his hand to his chest leaning against the large pine table.

"Piper," Leo's mind flashed, just saying her name almost made him pass out from the pain it caused.

Paige orbed in with Henry.

"Piper! The club now!" Paige said through tears.

They all felt it, that sickening feeling that something bad has happened and the anxiety of needing to get to her. Henry ran to the boys and Leo ran to Paige with Phoebe and Coop. Without another word they orbed out.

White blue orbs reflected off the red color water as they finished materializing looking around frantically for any sign of Piper. Phoebe looked down and began to shake at the sight before her. The water was deep red and a chuck of flesh floated by her too small to see what part of the body it came from are who it belonged too. But she did not need to know, she could feel it or the lack of Piper's presence. Even when she was taken she could still feel her presence, this felt like when Prue died. Phoebe shook her head side to side and put her hands to her head, trying to somehow to shake the words loose and out of her.

"NO! Please No! Phoebe's voice cracked as she just shook her head.

"Piper!" Leo yelled through his tear stained face.

Leo looked at the water and went to his knees causing the water around him to move out creating a ripple from his center that made more chucks of flash and bone rise to the surface, but again too small to ID them, " Why didn't I come, I should have been here!" Leo yelled.

"Piper! Piper! Answer us dammit," Paige scream now moving fast through the water trying not to look at it. "I can't – I can't sense her, I can't feel her anymore, "She said through her sobs and looked down.

Paige saw a piece of bone that had flesh attached to it somewhat submerged in the inch water and at the site, emptied her stomach causing her to fall on all fours in the water. "God no, Please No!"

"This is not supposed to happen, we were promised!" Leo yelled looking up to the ceiling.

Coop just stood there in shock as rest yelled, cursed and vomited from the extreme site before them.

Phoebe and Paige found themselves in the same position they were in two days ago, asleep with their heads on the kitchen island table as the blue hummingbird drank from the Azalea, and the sun tried to force its way through the closed curtains that have not been open sense it happened. There were still potion bottles lying about but now held company with seeking spells and call lost witch spells in the form of sticky notes that covered almost every inch of the walls and table. Besides the sticky notes the two sisters were still wearing the same clothes, stained with remnants of potions, sweat and tears. Phoebe slowly raised her head and started rubbing her neck in attempts to get out the kink that afflicted her at the moment and carefully lifted herself out of the chair. "I was opposed to clean this kitchen before she got home," she thought wondering why she even brought it up. "God How could this have happened, how can she be gone, I should have been there, you should have been with her, instead of checking the stupid book," her angry mind continued as she made her way to the coffee maker.

"What time is it?" Paige ask now standing up from the table and walking over to the sink.

"8:00 Am," Phoebe answered while starting the coffee maker.

Paige looks no better than her sister as she splashed cold water on her face from the faucet and grabbed the washcloth to clean her face.

"Has Leo been down," Paige asks grabbing a coffee mug from the cabinet.

"No, he hasn't left their bedroom in two days, I hear him crying hard at night," Phoebe answered as her eyes began to flow again.

"We are going to find her, she can't be dead, she just can't be," Paige replied but her voice was betraying her as a cracked and sounded unconfident.

" I know you feel it Paige, like a part of you is missing, more like a huge chunk," Phoebe said as she poured the hot coffee in her cup and began to cry, making the coffee pour over the edges of the mug.

"I don't want too, I just don't want to believe it," She angrily said as she joined Phoebe in the crying and heart ache.

Both of them stopped when they heard one of the boys crying from upstairs.

"Will Leo get him," Paige asks.

"I don't think so, he's devastated right now," Phoebe answered putting down her coffee and leaving the kitchen.

"I will get their breakfast ready," Paige said and started cleaning a space for the kids to eat.

Leo was laying on the bed almost in a fetal position as he held Piper's pillow tight to his chest that was now almost completely soaked from his body's relinquish assault on his emotions. "I can still smell her shampoo," Leo said as his eyes stared at a picture of them on the nightstand. "I don't understand, why – why did this happen?" he continued to whisper. He couldn't even hear his boys crying from the other room the entire world was blocked out, and he felt completely alone half of him gone, ripped away without a thought or mercy to the pain that was now ravaging him to oblivion. " Pi...per ple...ase come back to me, please," He whimpers as he turned over to his other side still grasping the tear stained pillow.

Phoebe made her ascent up the stairs slowly almost dreading what was coming. Chris never stopped asking for is mommy and Wyatt just kept trying to orb her and then looked devastated when it didn't work. Both boys have not slept well since it happened and wake up with nightmares constantly through the evening. Wyatt understood more of what happened in the way that she's not coming back then Chris did and it was draining to both Phoebe and Paige to try to comfort them as well as Leo and themselves. Phoebe felt like she was pulling 50 pound weights behind her as she continued to ascend the stairs, and each step took every bit of energy she had left. She finally reached the boys bedroom door sighed heavily before turning the handle but this time was different, this time there was something stopping her from pushing the door open. "Chris, Wyatt you need to put your toys away," she said to herself not wanting to yell at them right now and took her emotional anger to the physical and pushed the door open hard until she could barely squeeze through. She was looking down to see what was stopping her movement forward and suddenly her breath was gone and stood there in silence as though someone has stolen her tongue. There in front of her she saw one arm and a tattoo around the wrist, she knew who the tattoo belong to. "Piper! Oh my god, Piper!" She was yelling now and with all her might force the door open and hit the light switch. The room flooded with artificial light and revealed an unconscious dark-haired woman lying on the ground on her side with her long hair covering her face.

"Paige! Leo! Its Piper," Phoebe yelled now bending down and touching Piper's shoulder almost afraid that she would just disappear, while in the distance the sound of footsteps and a door opening mixed with the boys laughing and almost crying at the same time.

"Look Chris I found mommy," Wyatt said pointing at Piper.

"Mommy, mommy," Chris said through his sobs and stretched out hands on his bed.

Leo was the first to enter the very active room and immediately went to his wife's side moving the hair out of her face. His eyes narrowed and his lips quivered when he noticed a scar coming from her eyebrow and down her cheek almost to her neck, but the scar was old like it's been there for years. Paige was the second to enter and without hesitation jumped into her whitelighter mode moving Phoebe out of the way so she could heal her. The more they looked at her the more she seemed unfamiliar, her long dark beautiful hair was now entangled in even looked a little greasy, while her body showed signs of starvation. The gray sweater she was wearing was three times too big for her and went to her knees that covered torn and stained jeans that were also very baggy. Paige backed away in shock because her hands did not do the healing she was used too, in fact there was a red glow and she felt a push back like something was preventing her from doing it.

"I can't heal her," Paige said as she looked at Leo as though waiting for him to say something that would help her do it

"Why not," Leo ask turning Piper to her back.

It was then that he noticed small punctures in her arm near her elbow, and from what he can tell it look like needle punctures. There must have been five or six in some of them looked recent the question why she had them, would be answered when he looked at her other arm and saw a needle sticking out with a large rubber band around the upper part of her arm. "Drugs, why the hell would she do that," Leo thought as he removed the robber band from around her arm. "She wouldn't, the bastards did this to her," He finished saying to himself as he checked her pause.

"I don't know, I don't know why I can't heal her, it's like something is pushing me back," Paige said going to Chris who was trying to get off the bed and make his way to Piper.

"Mommy, I want my mommy! Chris demanded as his ant stopped him halfway.

"I know honey, but we need to take care of her right now," Paige pleaded with him and he finally calm down.

Wyatt was calm and almost smiling at his accomplishment, he gingerly stepped off the bed and walked over to his brother and aunt.

"It's ok Chris, mommy is home now, come on let's play," Wyatt said picking up a toy truck and handing it to Chris.

Chris grabbed the truck but never took his eye off of the woman lying there unconscious as Paige went back over to Leo and Phoebe.

"We need to get her to the hospital," Phoebe said not noticing the white lights appearing behind her.

"My darlings, you found her," Grams voice uttered in shock.

"Grams," Phoebe said as she turned around smiling through tears.

"We need to talk, my sweethearts, let's go downstairs," Grams said as she started to leave the room.

"What, we can't leave her right now she needs to go to the hospital," Phoebe said a little taken back at her Grams actions.

"She is not seriously hurt, Leo take her to the attic, I don't want the boys to see her like this," Grams said firmly and continued to walk out.

Leo gently picked Piper up from the floor and exited the room, going past Grams and the sisters.

"Wyatt, play with your brother okay, we will be back in a minute," Phoebe said now exiting the room as well with Paige and going downstairs in the living room.

Leo put Piper down on the red old couch in the attic and put a pillow behind her head. Her breath was slow but steady and her pulse was low but was present. Now he could really see her and he did not like what he saw. Besides the scar on her face she had many on her arms and some looked only day's old, as they were red and bruised. She also looked older "What did they do to you?" He said now lifting her sweater up to revealed her very scarred stomach and showing her rib cage. His tears of happiness at finding her would turn to tears of sorrow for the pain they put her through and then anger rose up in him and he lowered her sweater back down while closing his eyes tightly shut.

Phoebe, Paige and Grams finally made their way to the living room while Phoebe would look up stairs almost every second and seemed very anxious in her body language.

"Ok Grams, what do you want to talk to us about," Phoebe ask inpatient.

"I don't know how you found her, but there is something you need to know," Grams said looking up at the ceiling nervously.

"What, and what do you mean you can't believe we found her?" Paige asks in puzzlement and why she would even say such a thing.

"I don't know how to say this, so I will just say it, she is a demon now," Grams said backing up a little.

"What, that's not true," Phoebe said confused.

"I'm sorry, but she did something very bad and now she's a demon," Grams voice cracked at the last statement.

"You don't know what you're talking about," Paige said angrily.

"There's nothing you can do for her now, you need to accept it and move on, Piper is dead," the last part made Grams lower her head as the tears began to flow.

"She's not dead, she's right there, how can you say that?" Phoebe's voice now showing her anger.

"She died when it happened," Grams said now looking up at the ceiling again.

"When what happened?" Paige demanded.

"I don't know, and the elders don't know either, we just know she's a demon, and we also don't know when she was taken, for some reason we can't remember," Grams said nervously.

"What the hell does that mean, and what has she had done to deserve this?" Phoebe voice now cracking as she began to pace.

"I'm sorry my darlings I have to go, I said too much," Grams said now backing away more.

"Oh, the hell you don't, your granddaughter is lying up their unconscious and in pain, so don't you dare step away," Phoebe said pointing to the attic, while Paige starts to go up the stairs.

"Paige, honey she's not Piper anymore," Grams said pleading with her.

"Yes she is and I'm going to help my sister!" Paige yelled as she ascended the stairs.

"I have to go, I love you," Grams voice echoed as she faded away in white lights.

"Grams! Dammit, fine if you won't help us then we will fix it ourselves as we always do," Phoebe yelled out and ran up the stairs.

Leo stroked Piper's hair and kept saying her name trying to get her to wake up as Phoebe and Paige entered the room.

"Leo, how is she?" Paige asks walking over to the book.

"We need to take her to the Hospital," Leo said worriedly.

"Grams said she was not seriously hurt, so we just need to figure out what happened," Phoebe replied standing next to Paige.

"What did she say?" Leo asks.

"She said something that doesn't make any sense," Paige answered turning the pages of the book.

"What are you talking about?" Leo asks now standing up.

"Grams said she was a demon that she did something very bad and no one remembers when she was taken.

"That's ridiculous, and she was taken..." Leo tried to finish the sentence but couldn't. "Wait why don't I remember?" He finished.

"Either can I," Paige piped in nervously.

"Me either, what the hell is going on?" Phoebe said rubbing her hand through her hair.

Piper's eye lids started moving rapidly and her breath quickened which caused everyone in the room to focus on her not knowing what state she would be and when she woke. Piper's eyes opened very slowly and were trying to adjust to the light and the new surroundings as well as the blurred figures in front of her. "Where am I," her voice shakily ask as her lips stuck together slightly from the lack of moisture. "Where the hell is I," she realized that opening her mouth was too exhausting and just said things to herself. She squinted her eyes to try to focus on the one figure that was close, and slowly became more defined. "Leo, it can't be, dammit another hallucination god I hate those are the worst, especially when they show my family. Please just go away, go away," Piper put her hands to her face and started to cry hard.

"Piper Honey, its okay your home now," Leo said now bending down to her side.

"Go away!" Piper yelled out no longer keeping her thoughts contained.

"Piper, its Leo Honey, god I missed you," Leo's voice began to crack as he started to touch her hands.

"No! You're not real, go away, please," Piper's voice began to lose its forcefulness and sounded more like begging.

"Piper it's Phoebe and we are real, please honey look at us," Phoebe ask now standing closer and bending down.

Piper moved her hands out of for face and opened her eyes wider to let the images in, and then broke down again. "Please stop! Please, I can't take this I can't take it anymore," Piper pleaded. Leo put his hand on hers and she jerked back violently moving into a sitting position and putting her knees to her chest. "Don't touch me! Please, I'm exhausted just give me one night, please," Piper's voice barely audible because she had her head buried into her knees as her arms wrapped around them while she rocked back and forth.

"Piper what happened to you?" Leo asks through his teeth, "Who did this?" his voice slightly raised.

Coop harted in and saw Piper, he smiled at first and then noticed her condition.

"Oh my god, you found her and what happened to her?" Coop asks not moving from his spot.

Phoebe ran over to him and pressed her body against his chest while his arms embraced her.

"We don't know, we just found her like this and we can't remember when she was taken," Phoebe said still looking at Piper.

"She was taken..." Coop could not finish his sentence, "I can't remember, why I can't remember?" Coop said nervously.

"I don't know, but Grams said she was a demon now," Phoebe's voice low trying to keep Piper from hearing her.

Piper looked up and began to think that maybe this wasn't a hallucination, that maybe she made her way to the house not realizing what she was doing. "I must have took too much tonight, oh God I can't be here, they'll kill you," Piper's panicked voice spat out as she tried to get up but Leo stopped her. "Don't touch me, Please don't! She yelled out backing her way to the corner of the couch. Phoebe grabbed her stomach and bent over in pain.

"Phoebe what's wrong?" Coop asked nervously.

"I think I'm getting my empathy power back," Phoebe replied through her teeth.

"Can you feel what she's feeling," Leo asks.

"Yes and we need to back off, she doesn't like being touched it hurts too much," Phoebe answered now trying to stand up straight.

"Why?" Leo asked through his quivering lips.

"I don't know but I think she was raped many times," Phoebe answered and almost collapsed at the thought.

Coop noticed how thin she was in look like she needed some substance.

"She needs to eat, let's take her downstairs and get her some food and water," Coop said now walking over to the red couch.

"I can't be here, you don't understand," Piper was panic now and got out of the couch only to step a few feet before falling to her knees. Leo tried to catch her but remembered what Phoebe said and let her fall.

"Piper no one is going to hurt you or us, I promise," Leo said trying desperately not to touch her if the need was overwhelming, he just wanted to comfort her and make her feel safe again. He put his hand on her shoulder and she immediately went on the defensive backing herself up to the corner of the room and again putting her knees to her chest.

"Leo! Don't please," Phoebe yelled not caring if she woke up to boys or the neighborhood.

"I'm sorry, I just want to hold her," Leo's voice matching Phoebe's.

"Ok, we need to back off, she needs to eat, Piper do you want some food?" Coop asks in a calm voice.

Piper nodded her head but did not say anything. "God I'm starving, I'll just eat something and go, maybe he won't know I was here, are just eat something and go," Piper thought to herself as she slowly stood up. Piper's demeanor was that of a broken person, her shoulders were slumped in her head lowered in defeat as she followed Coop out the attic door.

Phoebe and Paige watched the others leave and began to talk amongst themselves while looking frantically through the book.

"Hay, if she was evil wouldn't Wyatt's shield have gone up," Paige ask with a little smile on her face at the idea.

"Your right, but that doesn't answer what happened," Phoebe said looking a little pale.

"Are you OK?" Paige asks concerned.

" No, God if she was raped Paige I don't know if we will really have her back for a while and they gave her drugs, she could be addicted," Phoebe answered through sobs.

"I know honey but at least she is home, I know it will take a lot of time to heal her but we have magic on are side," Paige said patting the book.

" And why does she want to leave, she is terrified of being here, not to mentioned she looks older and those scars look old, I know I don't remember exactly when she was taken but it wasn't that long ago was it?" Phoebe said walking over to the couch and sitting down.

"We will figure it out Phoebe, but we need to be strong for her," Paige answered and rubbed Phoebe's back.

Piper stopped for a brief moment looking into the empty living room as she was being led to the kitchen, " I used to play with Wyatt and Chris in that room, god I miss my son's," She thought as her eyes closed tight while turning away from the room that besides the kitchen she spent most of her time in. She felt a hand on her arm and lifted her shoulder to her ear in hopes to protect herself from what might come, but it was gentle and not pulling hard in the way she has grown used too. Leo watched her reaction to his touch and let go of her arm as they entered the kitchen.

"Here honey, sit down," Leo ask in a soft voice as he moved the chair out for her.

Piper began to sit down on the hard wooden chair but stopped half way wrinkling her face and letting out a small moan before slowly settling down. She noticed that she made a sound and looked up at the men in the room with a little panic "I'm sorry," Piper said in a whisper and looked down at the table.

"For what?" Coop asks digging through the fridge and finally pulling out some grapes.

"I spoke when I was not spoken too," She replied still looking down.

"Honey it's OK, you can talk to us were not going to hurt you," Leo's voice clearly shaken at what she said.

Piper did not look up but started to rock as she looked numb at the table.

Phoebe and Paige entered the kitchen and made their way to the table were Piper sat.

"Piper, do you remember what happened?" Phoebe asks softly as she tried to get Piper to look at her, by lifting her chin up with her hand.

Phoebe felt her stomach fall and her eyes bust not being able to control them when she looked into Piper's eyes. The once strong, independent woman was now broken in more way's then one, all the love and laughter ripped out till all that remained was a small amount of life that wanted to end. Phoebe looked away and lowered her hand putting it to her stomach, trying not to collapse from the pain she felt from her own emotions and everyone else in the room.

"I don't remember, it was a long time ago," Piper said putting her hands to her temples rubbing them hard and closing her eyes.

"Piper I think you just been gone for a couple days or so, but we can't remember exactly when or how this happened," Coop said as he put the grapes down in front of Piper who without hesitating began to eat them.

Piper looked up after eating a few of the fresh cool green grapes squinting her eyes at him in puzzlement. "Coop I've been gone for 4 years," She shook her head at him for a moment, in a way of saying you should have known that and continued to eat her grapes. Everyone in the room just stood there with their mouths wide open as they tried to adsorb what she just said.

"What, that is not possible Piper, Coop is right I think it's been a day or two not 4 years," Paige finally said after a long silence.

"What do you want from me? I'm not Piper anymore dammit and I don't want anything to happen to you so please just let me eat and I will go," Piper's voice risen for the first time sense she has been back.

"OK, how can you have been gone for that long and how are you a demon?" Leo said getting a bottle of water out of the fridge.

Coop noticed Piper getting very uncomfortable and rocking harder than before, but he started believing her more than the others, she looked older and those scars were old, she also lost about 10 to 15 pounds or more. "There is no way that could have happened in few days," His mind thought as he walked over to her.

Piper felt like she was being smothered by her own family that she has tried desperately to protect. She gave up the notion a long time ago of ever being back with them and excepted her fate no matter how much she hated it. She would love nothing more than to fall into their embrace even if it was painful both physically and emotionally, to see her son's, to go to work at P3. "I need to eat and go before this becomes impossible to leave them again," Her thoughts were interrupted by more questions.

"Sweetie, did the demons give you drugs?" Phoebe nervously asks.

"No, it helps with the pain," Piper answered shamefully but defensive.

"Guys lets back off, she needs to rest now, Piper do you want to go to the living room to finish eating your grapes?" Coop said picking up the bowl of grapes and waited for Piper to stand.

Piper stood up slowly and followed Coop out of the room.

Leo was at a loss as he watched her leave, Coop was being more of a husband to her then he was, but he was so scared that even though he found her again that she was lost. Maybe she was a demon now and there was nothing they could do to help her out of the hell she is in. " No, I'm not losing her again even if that means I am married to a demon, even if that means I become one myself to be with her, I can't live without her," Leo said to himself watching her leave the room slowly, her week small body looked like it could barely withstand the slightest push and she limped a little while her head was always lowered.

"Paige go to the elders and see what you can find out and don't take any cryptic crap from them," Phoebe said as she stood up to follow Leo and Coop out. Paige nodded her head in agreement and orbed out.

Piper sat on the big dark brown couch and was grateful for its softness while Coop handed her the bowl of grapes and Leo put the bottle water down on the table in front of her. She still did not look up and began to eat and drink with her knees to her chest like a lost child.

"Piper, please you need to tell us what you did," Phoebe said as she approached the couch but was stopped by Coop.

"Phoebe we need to give her some room or we will push her away even more," Coop said holding her in is arms.

"I know, I'm just, Oh my god Cole," Phoebe stepped back almost tripping over Coop's feet as she looked at the other end of the room. Coop took a step forward in front of his wife and Leo stood in front of his. All eyes were on a man they believed died and gone from their lives for good but there he was.

"How are you," Leo started but was cut off.

"I don't know for sure but I think I am here to help Piper," Cole said with a little smile.

"How the hell can you help her?" Phoebe asks still suspicious of him.

"Well if she is a demon, which from what I can tell she is, then they will try to summer her back," Cole answered looking at Piper who did not even notice his presents.

"OK, I don't care anymore so if you going to help us then help us," Phoebe said now sitting next to Piper.

"First you need to make a potion to keep them from finding her and summoning her," Cole said looking at Phoebe softly.

"Don't look at me like that, and I don't even no where to start with that, we don't usually make potions for demons," Phoebe said a little angry that Cole would even try.

Leo sat down next to Piper and noticed something sticking out of her pocket and pulled it out. The pendant was the size of his hand and had green gems all around it, with a red ruby in its center.

"Piper where did you get this?" Leo asks a little confused why she would have it.

Piper looked over to him and then his hand, her eyes widened and she put her shaking hands to her chest.

"Oh god, I not oppose to touch his things," Her voice cracked while looking hard at the pendant Leo held.

Leo noticed her panic and put the pended on the coffee table covering it with a magazine. "Who, whose things?" He ask not sure if he wanted the answer. Piper was a charmed one and would be a big prize for the source.

"Leo, we need to make the potion as soon as possible," Cole said standing up and heading for the kitchen and looking back at Phoebe, who rolled her eyes at the thought that she would after work with him.

"Phoebe do you need me to stay with you?" Coop asks looking hard at Cole.

"No it's OK, if I need you I will yell," She answered giving him a kiss on the lips and headed for the kitchen, Cole was there when Paige orbed in.

"Blender!" Paige yelled lifting her hand towards the blender and it turned to blue and white orbs, and then re-materialized hitting Cole in the head.

"Ouch!" Cole yelped holding his now bruised head.

"Paige he is here to help, and don't ask just trust me," Phoebe said as she saw the fear and panic in Paige's expression.

"He's like a cockroach," Paige said lowering her guard.

"We need to make a potion to keep Piper from being summoned," Phoebe's voice sounded out of breath as she had to rush in to stop Paige from killing Cole.

Two demons stood robbing their heads looking at an iron cage in a poorly lit room. Lonarth had a dark red long cote on with pieces of jewelry all over it, everything from ear rings to brooches, and the walls seem to continuing on the theme from his attire as necklaces and rings cluttered the cave walls. His bold head shined and reflected some of the pieces that hung about over his head.

"Where did she go?" Lonarth ask in puzzlement.

"You lost her already, how the hell can you lose her she doesn't even have any power, not to mention this cage is opposed to block any signal or magic?" Althain angrily ask.

"I can't sense her for some reason, and back off your making me all sweaty," Lonarth answered walking over to a table that had more jewelry and bottles on it.

"Why can't you summon her she is a demon after all?"

"I don't know, it's like I can't lock on to her fully," He replied looking for something on the table.

"How did she get away from you?"

"I don't know she was in her cage, and then she was gone," still searching the top of the table.

"The boy!"

"No he can't summon demons, and he can't sense her anyway and where the hell is it?" Lanarth said as he through his hands up and then put one around his neck.

"No what about moms and what are you looking for," Althain voice clearly showing frustration at his fellow demon.

"That's absurd, and it's nothing, I must have dropped it," He answered

"Just get her back and train her well the new source wants to see her soon," Althain demanded and shimmered out.

"I hate it when people tell me how to do my job,"

Paige, Phoebe and Cole were in the kitchen, Cole stood over the stove starring the boiling pot while Phoebe was cutting some herbs and Paige was getting something to drink.

"Well Paige what did the elders say?" Phoebe asks not sounding very confident that it would be any help.

"She traveled though time somehow," Paige answered a little shocked that she got a straight answer from the elders for once.

Phoebe stopped cutting and looked at her youngest sister hard. "What, Piper doesn't have that power, so how did she do it?"

"I'm just telling you what they told me, so don't kill the messenger," Paige answered while putting her drink of soda down on the table.

Cole would periodically look up from the boiling brew to get a glimpse of Phoebe, even with the dark circles under her eye's and her hair a mess, she was beautiful. He watched her cut the herbs in small pieces carefully and place them to the side. He still loved her but he knew that she did not love him anymore, how could she after all the pain he put her through. Cole has been in limbo for a while and new Piper's fate more than anyone, and for some reason he wanted to help her get free of it. There was much the charmed ones didn't know about the dark side and they were just now getting a taste of what it can really do. Cole always believed that the underworld was hell, but he was mistaken. Being in limbo means he could walk into other realms easily and one day out of boredom he enter one that he quickly ran out off. It was the true hell the one that awaits him when the world finely comes to an end and he is judged. He also knew that if Piper died that is where she would end up, not in heaven not even in limbo a place that he would not wish on any soul.

"Cole! Cole!" Paige yelled at him because the pot was boiling over.

Cole snapped out of his thoughts and asks Phoebe to put the herbs in. They both watched as it did the normal poof and smiled a little at their small victory.

"Paige! Phoebe, come in here now and bring the potion," Leo yelled from the living room.

When the three arrived Piper was holding her stomach in pain and looked like she was beginning to shimmer out. Cole took the potion and told her to drink it. Piper grabbed it out of his hand and drank the small bottle until it was emptied and Piper stopped rocking.

"Is she OK," Phoebe ask concerned sitting down beside her.

"Yes, it should keep them from getting her for now, but it will wear off," Cole replied.

"OK, we need to fix this now," Paige said starting to pace back and forth.

"Wait, grams said the elders couldn't remember as well," Paige said sitting down in the large love seat next to the couch.

"That takes some serious power," Phoebe said.

"Who would have that kind of power?" Leo asks.

"I have no idea, I don't even think the source can affect the elders, and I should know," Cole replied.

"Maybe that's why Piper can't remember, whatever is affecting us is affecting her," Phoebe's voice seemed to have a hope to it. "That's it, I got it,"

"Got what?" Paige asks throwing her hands in the air.

" Paige go get the book and the crystals, Coop go to the elders and find out if anyone would have the power to wipe out are memory of when and how she was taken," Phoebe ask as she sat on the coffee table in front of Piper who had her eye's closed and looked asleep. "Leo wake her up, we need her awake,"

"But she just fell asleep," Leo pleaded stroking Piper's hair.

"I know honey but she needs to be awake," Phoebe said as she stood up again.

Paige orbed out and Coop harted out.

"So what is your plan," Cole asks.

"Were going into her memories," Phoebe said moving the coffee table out of the way.

"What?" Leo asks remembering the last time they went into her head.

"The memory spell!" Phoebe replied sitting on the floor as Piper began to wake up.

"Wait we had some problems with it though, we almost screwed up the future," Leo said nervously.

"So we just rewrite it so were not really there, just observing," She answered confidently.

"4 years is a lot of bad memories, Phoebe and your running out of time," Cole worriedly said.

Paige orbed down with the crystals to only catch the end of the plan, but got caught up quickly as she could hear some of the conversation through the vents from upstairs, " Wow the vents do echo the noise well," She thought as she placed the crystals around the room.

"No it will work we just need her to show us what we need to know," Paige chimed in.

"What do you mean?" Cole asks confused.

"Trigger objects or sounds, people," Phoebe answered.

"What?" Still confused.

" Something I learned in my psychology class, really bad memories are imprinted in different parts in the brain, it's a way of protecting us from all the pain the memory may cause," Phoebe continued as she lit the candles that Paige brought down just in case they needed them.

"I even think Floyd would get a headache from this," Paige said with a snort.

Piper sat their listened to them and for the first time in 4 years she felt hope, she unknowing placed her hand on Leo's and squeezed. Leo looked at her and knows she wanted to try.

"All I have to do is get Piper to tap into those, I can use my empathy power somehow," Phoebe's voice sounded more confident as she explained.

"But how are we going to know what is important?" Paige asks now sitting on the floor with Phoebe.

"Like I said trigger objects when I do the spell I will make sure that they glow somehow," Phoebe answered holding out her hands for Piper to join them.

"Like I said 4 years of really bad memories Phoebe, do you think you?

Can handle it?" Cole said again to enforce what they were walking into.

"I'm not going alone Cole you and Paige are going with me," Phoebe said as Piper stood up and sat down on the floor.

"Why me?" Cole asks suspicious.

"Do I need to answer that?" Phoebe replied.

"Do you remember the spell?" Paige asks.

"Yeah, I'm just tweaking it a bit," Phoebe replied writing on a piece of paper. After about a minute she was done.

"Just close your eyes Piper and let us into your head, you need to really dig into your memories, OK?" Paige asks as she held her hand.

"Piper do you understand?" Phoebe asks as she put the piece of paper on the floor and held Piper's and Paige's hand, while Cole held onto Paige's and Piper's.

"I think so," Piper hastily replied.

"Leo if anyone attacks we will not be able to defend ourselves, so

Call for Coop," Phoebe said as she moved in a little to get comfortable

"I understand," Leo said as he walked over to the window.

"Don't worry Leo we will make sure this does not happen," Paige said through a smile.

"I hope so I can't live without her, I love her to dam much," Leo's voice a little raspy as he looked at Piper and smiled.

The 4 sat and closed their eyes while Phoebe said the spell, and with a white flash they all collapsed on the floor unconscious.

The flickering of candle light, distant screams and smells of perspiration mixed with mildew rushed their senses as the room came into focus. Phoebe, Cole and Paige stood in the center of a poorly lit room surrounded by shinny objects the glittered in the little light the room offered. Necklaces, rings and other pieces of jewelry hung and sat on the walls and table. In the far corner a rusty iron cage that was the size of a small bedroom took up most of the space. Alongside the shiny beautiful objects was the contrast of torture devices from whips of different degrees of affliction to knife with serrated edges and other things that needed to be in a museum that showed the inhumanity to man, but the blood stains would have made them less valuable. In the center of the room there were chains attached to the floor by two iron rings with shackles on top of a crimson colored irregular pattern on the floor.

Phoebe could feel the misery and pain here, it ricked of it as she moved forward to try to get a better understanding of what her eyes were showing her. Paige was not far behind as Cole taken up the rear.

"Wow, talk about creepy," Paige said trying to touch one of the pieces of jewelry but her hand went right through it. "Right we are just here to observe, where is Piper?

"I didn't want her to relive it, so she is asleep so to speak," Phoebe answered.

"I know this place," Cole said as he looked around.

"Why does that not surprise me," Both Paige and Phoebe said in unison.

A man with his arms around a woman shimmered into the room and he let her go. The woman stepped back looking at her new surroundings and was in complete shock.

"Oh god, its Piper!" Phoebe's voice cracked.

Cole grabbed Phoebe to keep her from running towards her oldest sister. "Remember we are looking around for things to glow so pay attention." Cole saw the man and in a whisper said his name causing his stomach to almost overturn "Lonarth,"

"Well, how the mighty has fallen," Lonarth said as he walked over to the large wood table and put a ring on the top of some other jewelry.

Piper finally snapped out of her shocked state and noticed the man had something in his hand setting it down on the table "Hay that's my wedding ring!" She yelled while stepping forward and then stopped when she took a look around the cave like room. She felt sick as she saw the torture devices with blood stains on the tips of knifes and whips.

"Paige! Paige!" She yelled looking up but knowing she was in the underworld and she would not hear her.

Paige felt herself sink at Piper calling her name, knowing that 4 years ago she did, and knowing that she did not come. It was already starting; the guilt the anger, the sense of helplessness and this was just the first memory. "Be strong Paige," her mind swarmed with many others as Cole looked around the room knowing the others were focused on Piper.

"I will add it to my little collection, along with you," Lonarth said with a smile as he turned and faced his new addition and challenge.

Phoebe focused hard on Piper and noticed that her hair was kept and she looked strong and fit. "Look at her, she looks like herself." She said as she stepped tentatively ahead.

"Well that's good I like to add demons to mine," Piper said through her teeth raising her hands ready to fire.

"And sounds like her," The youngest sister snorted a little after speaking.

"Oh, your demon hunter days are done Piper," Lonarth replied as he walked over the. But before he took two steps a dark blue dusty ornate bottle filled with black liquid glowed orange.

Paige saw something out of the corner of her eye and looked hard at the table " Wait that bottle just glowed," She said a little excited that the spell worked and that Piper was helping them out. Phoebe quickly ran over to it forgetting that she could not touch anything and instinctively tried to grab it, but then remembered and grunted a little in frustration.

"Heather," She said as she looked at the label of the bottle.

"What?" Paige asks confused.

Phoebe stepped back to the others "Just remember."

All of them were forced back to Piper's predicament when they heard an explosion.

"That will be gone soon," the bold man laughed as he brushed himself off.

Piper backed up as her power had no effect on him not even her freeze and looked for an exit but she could not see a door or any other means of escape. All she could do was back up as he approach with a creepy smile as his cote made clinking noises from the bits of jewelry that hanged down hitting the others. "What do I do?" She was panicked now as her thoughts went dark of the possible outcome of this encounter. "I fight, dammit come on Piper, just fight," She continued her thoughts as she stopped backing up and now stood her ground clenching her fist.

"Your witch powers, there is always a delay;" Lonarth said now standing his ground. "It's always the same with them, they just make it harder on themselves," He said to himself.

Two demons shimmered in behind Piper and grabbed her arms so tight that the circulation was being cut off from her elbow. "Stop it, Let me go!" She yelled as she struggled to get free from them. "Paige!" She yelled again as she was quickly getting exhausted.

"Your one of us now Piper, welcome home," The bold man said with a smile.

All Phoebe could do was watched the two demons hurt Piper and she could feel the fire in her rise up as he face showed her emotions clearly. "I can't wait to vanquish his sorry ass," She fumed.

Cole could clearly see that the sister's emotions were on high. "Hay guys look around," He said hoping it would help them deal with this better then what they were.

Phoebe looked at Paige, "He's right," and noticing Paige's look of disbelief continued her talking "Quit looking at me like that, I know."

"You can't vanquish him anyway he is a handler. And without the power of 3 you don't stand a chance," Cole said looking around for any other glowing object.

Without notice the room begins to blur and fade out only to be replaced with the same room as they tried to steady themselves. A wave of nausea hit them.

"Oh I feel sick," Paige said as she put her hand to her mouth.

Phoebe put her thumb and index finger together in a pinching jester. "Yeah sorry there might be a little side effect,"

Both Cole and Paige gave Phoebe a look "Thanks for the heads up Phoebe," they both said together.

"Looks like we are in the same room," The dark red hared sister said now being able to take in her surroundings better.

"I think it is a different memory though," Phoebe replied.

Piper and Lonarth shimmer into the room and he throws her hard to the ground, and Piper could feel her knees almost crack from the force. Her face was dirty and her clothes were torn a little as her hair was messy and a little wet from the blood that came from her brow. She was shaking but her eyes were dark with fire as she looked up at him. She did not look any older so from what the others could tell, that this was recent.

"You know the rules Piper, you are only allowed to shimmer to go to work and back to here and you are to never contact your family," Lonarth said walking circles around her.

"You can't make me forget them;" Piper pushed the words out of her mouth with venom.

"You will," He answered still making circles around her but stops and back slaps her knocking her to the ground.

Piper did not stay down for long in with a flash of rage, she rose quickly up. She punched and kicked him landing one after another, jaw, rib, chest, nose were all the receivers of fist and feet moving quick and with strength. Phoebe felt her spirits rise a little at her big sister who was not one to use her body as a weapon and relied on her power solely was now using ever part of her body to fight back. "That's it Piper get him," Phoebe yelled to offer her support even though she knew she could not hear her. Paige was next to offer hers "Kick his ass Piper!"

Lonarth was taken by surprised at first but started regaining his composure and with a swift movement as he towered over piper by feet, grabbed her arms then turned her around and without a care of the pain it would cause, took her feet out from under her. Piper landed with a thud on the hard dirt ground that felt more like concrete.

Phoebe turned her head and shrugged her shoulders inward as though to use them to block out the sound. "Come on Piper get up, please," She pleaded.

Lonarth used his knees to pin her arms to her side and the ground as she fell flat on her stomach. He bent down to her ear, "See you don't even know how to use them anymore," he whispered. His breath was hot and smelled of rotting flesh. Piper tried to turn her head but he put his hand on the back of her neck forcing her head still.

"Get off me!" She struggled under him but he was too strong and she could not move.

"You might want to get used to this position Piper, you're going to be in it a lot," He said now relinquishing his grip on her neck.

Cole fortunately was looking at the scene as the two sisters were looking away not wanting to watch it anymore knowing it was going to get worse.

"Hay his pendant glowed," He said pointing to the necklace around Lonarth's neck.

This forced Phoebe and Paige to turn around to face the scene as Piper was able to get free of him and back away using her hands and feet to move backward. "What the hell does that mean?" Piper worriedly asks looking around for something to use.

"You'll see," He replied walking over to the wall. He moved his hand across some of the knifes with his fingers as his eyes lit up and the corner of his mouth rose slightly, until he rested them on a whip and pulled it off the wall. It was a dark leather brown and not very long, but what it lacked in length, it made up for in bite. The tips had small hook like razors at the end and made small sparks when he dragged it on the floor.

Piper could feel her hart almost beet out of her chest as he approach her evilly and methodically, she could see the pleasure in his face. Making him angry was stupid and reckless but she would not submit not yet, she still had hope her sisters would find her, that she would remember how she even got here and why do they keep calling her a demon slave. She was so focused on him that she didn't notice the two demons's come in behind her. They grabbed her arms and took her to the center of the room were the chains resided, dragging her the whole way as she tried to fight them off. After what seemed like hours but was only a few minutes "clink" the sound of the shackles locking in place around her wrist forcing her to her knees and unable to get up. With that sound she felt defeated and with no hope of a rescue from her family or no means of escape she grasp the chains with her hands and squeezed hard, readying herself for piercing pain. Her eyes were still narrowed and they was still fire behind them as Lanarth walk behind her.

"You are very disobedient and the new source will be seeing you soon," He said positioning himself to give as much power in his attack on her as possible.

Phoebe could see Piper's eye's as she looked directly in her direction but Piper was looking into an empty space. That dark brown eye's that once had some much love and passion now looked hate filled and terrified at the same time. She was so focused on those eyes that she did not see Lanarth raise the whip up in the air and strike down hard onto Piper's back. But she did hear the sound it made, "Slash" but Piper only flinched "Slash," She flinched again "Slash," This time she groaned and breathed out loudly. Paige had her back turned and her hands over her eyes as tears ran down her already stained face. Cole looked at the man who he would go to whenever he wanted some action in a whole new light, now he looked at him with disdain and rage. It took 5 lashes before the sound of metal hitting flesh was replaced with an ear drum braking scream. Piper had her forehead on the ground and her arms outstretched to her side as Lanarth struck her again " Please, stop," was all she could get out between the strikes as the burning and stings caused her to shake uncontrollably. Phoebe was taken out of her trance by the scream to see Piper's dark red covered back as her shirt was now coming off revealing the sliced wounds. After 5 more lashes he stopped and ordered the two demons who watched with glee to put her in the iron cage.

"Oh god please change this memory now," Phoebe said though sobs as she watched Piper being dragged half naked to the cage.

"Please change it," Paige pleaded.

The two demons dropped Piper into the center and one gave her a kick in the side for good measure, casing her curl up in the fetal potion.

Lonarth put the whip back on the wall not bothering to clean it off and made his way to iron cage grabbing a towel off the table to wipe his brow. "I will not feed you, or clean you. Tomorrow you start your job above ground and an apartment has been retained for you. The first 2 weeks are paid but you will take it over after that," He said now sitting in a chair next to the cage. " They will be a healing here soon to take care of your back, but this is the last time you will be healed, this was a warring Piper do as I say and you will not be beating much," He stood up and walked back over to the table. "If you let yourself die then I will kill your family, if contact them again I will kill one of your son's. You will go to work at 7 AM and come back here at 6 PM for your session with the source, are we clear," He finished now looking at Piper who was starting to sit up.

Piper lifted herself up to a sitting position with trembling arms while somewhat listening to Lonarth rules and threats. "I have to work?" She thought to herself not wanting to provoke him anymore today, mostly because she was barely conscious and her back felt like it was on fire. She brought her knees to her chest for the 3rd time today feeling a sharp pain in her side, making her face contorted in pain. His threat was serious about killing her family as he proved he could do it with ease once. He summoned Wyatt to the cave after she told him he was lying and that he could not get past Wyatt's shield, but Lonarth just walked right into it and patted Wyatt on the head to prove his point. Piper found out that he was bound by rules and could not hurt or kill anyone as long as she followed his rules.

"Here this will help with the pain," Lonarth said as he put a needle and a large rubber band in front of the cage.

"Get that away from me," Piper said glaring at him and then showed a little panic in her features.

He just smiled at her as he stood up "After the healer is done with you, I will send you to your apartment," He said and then shimmered out.

The other 3 could just sit there and watch as Piper rocked back and forth looking hard at the needle.

"Please Piper change this memory honey, please," Phoebe pleaded again feeling completely drain already.

As on queue the room blurred away and they were standing in a rundown apartment.

The two sisters and Cole found themselves in a ran down apartment, while rain cascaded on the grungy window and neon lights blinked on and off outside. Phoebe studied herself on an old dresser that was missing its top and bottom drawers as her hand landed into a half an inch of dust. Paige tried using the wall to keep herself from stumbling over and pull back immediately looking at her now sticky hand causing her to wrinkle her face a bit. After adjusting to the quick flashing of the neon lights that came through the window, their eyes rested on a bed with tattered and entangle sheets, a night stand missing one leg and leaning against the wall to support it, and a red lamp on top of it. There were no pictures on the walls as water marks made the only decoration on them.

"Where are we now?" Phoebe asks as she finely was able to stand straight again.

Paige moved closer to the other two for comfort" As long as it isn't that room,"

Piper shimmers in wearing a t-shirt that had some kind of logo on it and she looked at least 3 years older. Her hair was still messy but longer and her face showed years of pain and suffering as she walked past them to the bathroom holding her left arm, stopping once at the door frame to keep herself from falling. After a moment she walked into the dark room and turned on the faucet while never looking up at her reflection and letting the water turn from a light brown to clear before putting her hand under it.

"Piper! Piper!" Phoebe yelled trying to get her older sisters attention.

"She can't hear you Phoebe just looks around try not to let it get to you," Cole said while looking out the window.

"God Cole this hurts you know," Paige said as she wiped tears off her face using her sleeves.

"I have a feeling it is going to get worse," Cole said and turned away from the window.

"He's right we need to look around, I would never forgive myself if we missed something,"

"Why is she here anyway?" Paige asks looking around the room but her attention was on the grime cover phone as it rang.

Piper sighed heavily and slowly left the bathroom walking over to the phone.

"Hello," Piper's said in a low voice.

"Did anything glow yet?" Paige ask

"No, not yet," Phoebe answered watching Piper closely, trying to make out the phone conversation

Piper lowered her head and tried to run her shaking hand through her hair, but could only go half way before she made a groaning noise and put her hand back to her side.

"I don't have the money right now, I lost my job today, and can I get it to you later?

"Why does she have to work she owns a club/restaurant?" Phoebe asks confused.

"She has to fend for herself Phoebe; she lost those things when she became a demon." Cole answered.

Piper tries to sit on the bed but grabs hold of her side and again makes a groaning sound and closes her eyes tightly. It was hard for them to see her in the dim light, but the noised she made was enough to tell them she was in pain and exhausted.

"Please I need to sleep," Piper pleaded trying to cover her cracking voice and after a silent moment "Fine," then she hangs up and carefully sits on the bed folding her legs as she covers her face with her hands. After a minute or two Pipers reached under her stained pillow and pulled out an old picture that was torn on the corners.

"That picture glowed," Phoebe said as she quickly ran to Piper's side.

Phoebe put her hand to her mouth as she looked at the photo that Piper's shaking hand held. Phoebe, Paige, Leo, Chris, Wyatt were all in it smiling wide.

"I'm so sorry, I'm sorry," Piper's said through her sobs and short breaths as she rubbed the photo and moved into a fetal position.

Phoebe tried to reach out to her but just went right through her, "Dammit," putting her hands hard to her side.

Knock Knock

All of them turn towards the door backing up a little from the interruption. The door opens and a man in his 50s comes walking in putting his hat on the lower end of the bed. He started taking off his dark brown shirt that had dark circles under the arm pit and through it into the corner.

"You know sometimes I like it when you can't pay in cash," He said now pulling a needle out of his jean pocket. "Here baby, this will keep you still,"

Piper carefully moved the picture under the pillow and turned to her back staring into the ceiling as she relinquished her arm to the man. They watched as the needle went in, and then Piper's eyes glazed over.

"You're not going to vomit on me again, because if you do I won't give any more to you," He asks now pulling the needle out.

Piper's lips moved but no sound came out as she continued to look into space.

"What! She would never do that," Phoebe said in denial.

"It's not Piper anymore, she is just trying to survive. She is a demon," Cole replied with an understanding tone.

"God don't make us see this, change the memory now!" Paige screamed.

The man started taking off his pats and the room changes again in a blur.

Paige shows regret on her face the minute the room comes into focus, as they find themselves in the handler room once again. Piper is in the center completely naked with 15 demons around her as they rub their chins and whisper amongst themselves. Piper's thin fragile body told a story of nightmares, short and long scars made their home on her arms, legs and stomach, along with yellow and darken bruises on her inner thighs. Piper's face showed only two emotions, that of submission and shame as her eyes looked downward.

"Keep the bruises to a minimal the source likes to be the one to inflict the most," Lonarth instructed the group.

"How much was it again?" One demon asks quickly.

"10,000," He answered hearing the other demons mumble in disapproval.

"You have to be kidding me, look at her she's not worth it," The demon said looking Piper over.

"Take it or leave it, she used to be a charmed one the most powerful one," Lonarth replied.

"Are you trying to get us killed?" Another demon said as the rest backed up.

"She does not have her powers anymore and I stripped her of any demon powers she may have had, she is harmless," Lonarth reassured the group.

The demons moved back to the center. One moved behind Piper and at first gently put his hand around her waist, which caused her to tense up and close her eyes shut.

"8000 and not a penny more," The demon said in a confident voice.

"Fine! You have three hours and that's all," Lonarth answered in disappointment.

The demon with his arms around Piper's waist quickly took his forearm and put it around Piper's neck. She instinctively lifted her hands to take some of the pressure away as she was not able to breathe but two demons pulled them down. With one swift movement from the one behind her, he shoved her to the ground and hit her in the face as he moved on top of her.

Phoebe and Paige looked away but the sound was like daggers as they could hear her being beaten and after the demons were afraid of killing her with their fist, the other sound happened. Piper's whimpers were barely audible overtop of demons moaning in pleasure, but Piper never spoke as all of them would soon have their turn.

At that moment a picture of a creature flashes orange above the demons on the wall behind them. Cole was the only one to notice as the others were turned away, he did not say anything and turned his back to the scene starting to cry.

"God I want to go now I can't take this anymore!" Paige yelled out.

"Please Piper change it, CHANGE IT NOW!" Phoebe pleaded as she tried to keep her stomach from overturning.

The room blur's away.

The room blurs in and the three find themselves in another dimly lit room. On one wall a large bed that seemed out of place against the cave walls and screams in the distance. The red silk gave off a shine as the large bed post rose to the ceiling and had ropes on all 4 of them. Ornate carvings of monsters adorned the dark wood and looked freshly polished.

"Thank god," Paige said and released her breath.

"I wouldn't say that just yet Paige, this is the sources chamber," Cole's voiced clearly worried.

Piper and Lonarth walk into the room. Piper looks a little cleaner, but her hair was still greasy and her head is down looking at the ground. Her red short dress was two sizes too big and if it wasn't for the thin straps would have fallen off.

"You look horrible!" Loath said through his teeth right into her ear.

"I'm sorry, I did the best I could, I'm sorry," She whispered back lifting her shoulder up and tilted her head towards it.

"I see she still does not follow your orders very well Lonarth," The source said flaming into the room and removed his hood. This source looked human and his features were soft except for his eyes that showed hate and lust.

Phoebe and Paige started looking around the room while Cole looks up and sees the whole ceiling flash orange.

"Did you see that?"

A diagram covering the ceiling had abstract symbols in a circular pattern. One side was dark green and the other dark red. The word Mirth was on the red side and Jade was on the green side while in its center it said Alda.

"What is Alda?" Phoebe asks now looking up.

"I don't know," Cole replied.

Paige is fixed on Piper and the source starting to cry while Phoebe and Cole are studying the diagram.

"Lay on the bed Piper," The source said in a calm but ordering tone.

Piper does not move at first and the source notices her hesitation to his request.

"Your making me look bad," Lonarth said again in her ear.

"Leave us Lonarth,"

"You will pay for this later," Lanarth whispered to Piper and lowered his head to the Source before leaving, but the pendant around his neck fell and hits the dirt ground. Everyone was too focused on the source and the room to notice.

"How are you Piper?" The source asks making his way to the bed.

Piper did not raise her head and let out a small snort too low for him to hear. "I've been worse,"

"I think I ask you to do something," He said while pointing to the bed.

Phoebe doubles over in pain holding her stomach.

"Are you OK?" Cole asks.

"No! I'm feeling what Piper is feeling," Phoebe answered but could barely get it out through the gasp.

"I thought we blocked her emotions when we did the spell?" Paige asks concerned and a little confused.

"Apparently not very well, I can't take this we need to go," Phoebe said now on the floor with her knees to her chest.

"We can't we still don't know how this happened," Paige's voice broke as she began to look at the scene again.

"She's right you just have to get through it," Cole said agreeing with Paige.

"I can't it hurts to much, oh god she is so terrified," Phoebe was now rocking harder.

Cole bent down next to her, "You can do this," his voice raising.

Piper finally made it to the bed and sat down on the silky sheets. The source put his hand on Piper's shoulders and pushes her down onto the bed and she does not resist him.

"I hope we don't need the ropes this time," The source whispered as he started kissing her neck.

"No I will do what you want, just don't hurt me," Piper ask almost begging.

Paige looked away, "This is not happening,"

The source squeezed Piper's arms with his hands hard and his fingernails began to dig in a little. Piper tensed up and closed her eyes tightly. "We will try again tomorrow," He said to her now using his knees to pin her arms to the bed while he began to remove his robe.

Without thinking and knowing what he meant, she let the word sneak out of her mouth. "NO!"

"Try what?" Paige ask

The source stopped his disrobing and looked at Piper hard. "What did you say?"

Piper could feel his anger radiating from his body and new she would pay for what she just said and in a moment of panic kept talking. "I'm sorry I didn't mean to sa...," was all she could get out before she felt his hand around her neck tightening and cutting off her air flow.

"Did you just disobey me?"

She starts to lose consciousness but she kicks him off, then crawled away holding her chest trying to get her breath. Her left hand landing on a pendant that Lanarth dropped earlier.

"Oh god we need to go now!" Phoebe yelled.

The source materializes a knife in his hand and walks towards Piper who is not moving and clearly terrified. "Maybe you need some more scars the keep obedient."

"No!" Piper pleaded but then shimmies away.

The room blur's out.

Piper shimmered into a dark basement as the others appeared in front of her.

"Are we in our basement?" Phoebe asks confused.

Paige looked around. "I think so,"

"Oh god I can't be here," Piper shakily said as she ran to a box of old clothes and just grabbed what was on top. She through the dress off and changed quickly into a sweater and a pair of jeans then shimmered out.

"No piper don't leave, don't leave," Paige pleaded.

The room blur's again. Piper shimmers in the alleyway and collapses, they run to her.

"Dammit did anything glow in the last memory, it went to fast?" Phoebe said very rushed.

"I don't think so," Paige answered.

Blue and white orbs surrounded Piper and she orbs away.

"Look she is orbing," Cole said with a smile.

"It's Wyatt," Phoebe replied.

The alleyway blur's away. "Dammit it's moving too fast," Phoebe yelled out in frustration.

P3 blur's in and Piper is picking up some paperwork that is floating on top of the water.

"Oh my god I'm remembering now, the clubs pipes busted and she had to

Go," Phoebe's voice raised as she was beginning to remember.

"Why are we remembering now?" Paige asks.

"Because she is," Phoebe answered.

Cole noticing that the sisters were looking everywhere and new that is was going to be the most important memory. "Pay attention,"

Billy walks out from the side of the bar lifting her legs high because of the water.

"Yak," Billy said weakling her nose.

Piper stood up and dropped the paper back into the water.

"Billy what the hell is you doing here?" She asks very annoyed.

"What? You called me Piper you said you wanted to talk, by the way your club is flooded," Looking around the club.

"Billy I never called you! And wow you're very observant," Piper answered rolling her eyes.

Billy gave her a glare as she walked forward a little. "What is your problem Piper? God I'm sorry about your son I don't know what else you want me to say,"

Piper's eye's narrowed. "I thought you were leaving, so good bye would work for me,"

Phoebe's eyes widened as she watched the two exchange words. "Oh god I think I know what happens,"

"So do I, we need to stop her now!" Paige said.

"You can't this is a memory remember we need to listen," Cole chimed in.

"You are a selfish bitch Piper," Billy's voice raised.

"Excuse me," Piper raised hers back.

"Ever since I've known you guys my parents died and I had to kill my sister and now you're going to play the phone game with me, what are you going to get my grandparents killed too,"

Piper was fuming now and body shook a little. "Billy you don't know what the hell you're talking about. A demon killed your parents not us and your sister was evil,"

"I saved your guys ass and you don't even acknowledge it, you just used me," Billy said putting her hands on her hips.

"You didn't seem to mind using us to find your sister,"

"Your joking right, I could have found her without you. Maybe we should have killed Wyatt so you would know what I'm going through, maybe we should have killed Chris two to make up for my parents,"

Piper's face hardened and her eye's grew dark. "You attacked them didn't you; I don't know how you did it after we bound your powers."

"What? What are you talking about, god you're crazy," Billy said cutting Piper off.

Cole's mouth opened wide. "Billy just glowed,"

"Someone should stop your kids from ever reproducing and bring more powerful crazy people into this world," Billy yelled.

Without hesitation Piper threw up her hands and with a flick of her wrist, Billy exploded into pieces leaving chucks of bone and flesh floating in the now dark red water. The others stood there not believing what they just saw.

"NO! GOD NO PIPER WHAT DID YOU DO," Phoebe yelled through sobs.

Piper just looked at the water in a daze when Lanarth shimmered up next to her.

"Well hello," He grabbed her and they both shimmered out.

Piper was the first to be jolted awake from her trance and sat up in a cold sweat. "No, god no," She said putting her hands to her face and rocking.

"Piper why did you do that?" Phoebe yelled as she got her bearings and stood up.

"It doesn't matter Phoebe, Does everyone remember the clues?" Cole asks as he lifted himself up.

Phoebe and Paige both nodded and looked hard at Piper. "I don't see how they're going to help us?" Paige's voice was hard as she sat on the couch.

"Billy threatened her kid's guys, how would you have reacted," Cole said a little upset with how the sisters were talking to Piper.

Leo was now sitting next to his wife rubbing her back as she rocked. "What are you talking about, and who threatened are sons?"

"Billy, and then Piper killed her," Phoebe answered as she picked up the book.

Paige grabbed the pendant off the table and sat down next to Phoebe.

"We need to check the book for that name Heather."

"I will go make some more potions," Cole said and left the room.

Leo stood up and followed Cole, "What happened Cole?"

"I will explain in the kitchen, Piper, Phoebe, Paige go upstairs with the crystals, it's a smaller room and easier to keep protected," Cole said as he walked into the kitchen.

Phoebe and Paige were standing near the book ruffling through the pages as Piper paced the center of room mumbling to herself. "What have I done, this is my fault," She felt her whole world collapse, how could she come back from this, what has she done to her family?" Was all she kept saying while her sisters were looking hard into the book? Phoebe out of frustration at not finding anything quickly put her hands out over the book and closed her eyes.

"Heather," Phoebe said and the pages turned until it landed on a page titled (ultimate sacrifice).

"Wow we actually found something," Paige said a little shocked.

"Yeah, listen to this; Heather was a witch and her daughter turned into a demon, so she made a potion that would kill the handler the only problem is only a demon can kill him with it."

"How does that help her, she's a witch?" Paige asks.

"She by her own free will committed a heinous act which turned her into a demon. But the handler killed her before she had a chance to use it," Phoebe answered as Cole was caring the potion while Leo had a glass of water for Piper as they came into the attic.

Paige gave Cole an inquisitive look. "Wait we can use Cole."

"No we can't he's not a demon anymore, he's not anything anymore. He is in limbo remembering," Phoebe replied looking back down at the book.

"The one dam time I wish he still was. What about the pendant, why did it glow?" Paige asks.

"Piper do you know what the pendant means?" Phoebe asks her while Leo gave her the water.

"No I just remember grabbing it," She answered taking a drink.

Paige looks over at Phoebe, "Hay Phoebe you're not hunched over in pain anymore?"

"Thank god, I think I'm starting to get control of it better than when I had it the first time, I can separate hers from mine. Okay we need to start putting the pieces together, and unless there's a demon out there that has a grudge against the handler, and would want to help us, yeah that's going to happen," Phoebe said rolling her eyes.

"Oh crap, did you read the rest of this?" Paige said looking down at the bottom of the page.

"Wow, that is some powerful potion," Phoebe answered.

"What, what is it?" Leo asks.

"The potion will kill any demons within 5 yards," Paige answered.

"Check the pendant," Cole asks.

Phoebe put out her hands again. "Pendant and the pages started turning until they landed on a page.

"Wow, two for two," Paige said.

"Look at this, how to see enchantments on objects," Phoebe said as she pointed to the page.

"The pendant is enchanted?" Paige asks a little puzzled.

"Piper do you remember saying anything around the pendant?" Phoebe ask softly now because Piper looked terrified and her hands were shaking while she was trying to drink the water.

"I just wanted out of there I just wanted to go home, I just wanted to see my family one last time," Piper answered and grabbed her stomach and then shimmered out.

"NO! dammit they got her,"

"They must have found a way through the potion," Cole said.

"We have to go get her," Leo's voice was panicked as he looked at Paige to orb.

"Let me have the pendant, we need to figure out how to trigger this thing," Phoebe ask grabbing the pendant from Paige.

"No we need to go get her," Leo yelled.

"Leo it want matter if we don't undo what she did," Paige said handing the pendant to Phoebe.

Piper shimmers into the cage looking defeated. Lanarth is standing outside smiling but tilting his head looking at her appearance.

"Why do you look so different?" Lanarth ask.

"Please don't hurt them I will do, anything you ask," Piper pleaded.

"I will keep my promise; as long as you stay alive I won't kill them. But you have broken one of yours," Lanarth said smiling and looks around the room at the walls eying all the torture devices.

Piper knew what was going to happen and started to back up to the corner of the cage. "Please wait,"

Lanarth moved his hands over the objects on the wall. "What to do, what to do."

"The pendant was enchanted with a time traveling spell," Phoebe said in a rushed voice.

"How could she have tapped into that not knowing that?" Paige asks.

"The spell works on your desires, she said before she shimmered out that all she wanted was to come home and see her family one more time."

"What does she mean one more time?" Leo asks.

"After she disobeyed the source and shimmied away from him, she thought she was going to die," Phoebe's cracked voice answered.

"So all we have to do is have the desire to stop this from happening, which we do and touch the pendant," Paige ask.

All of them touched the pendant but nothing happens. "Dammit, why didn't that work?" Phoebe said in frustration.

Cole walked away from them. "My guess it has to be her, enchantments only work for one person wants it is engaged."

"I thought demons could not use witches spells," Leo ask.

"It's an enchanted item it takes the witch out of the equation," Cole answered.

"Well we have a problem she's not here, and I don't know where that room is in the underworld," Paige said.

"I do," Cole answered but was looking away ashamed.

"Do you think you can do it?" Phoebe asks.

"As long as he's not there I should be able to open the cage, it's magically protected but the cage can be opened just by using my hands from the outside," He answered.

"But Once we get her back he will come for her or try to summon her again," Leo said as he paced.

"We can give her the potion that should stop the summoning, but if he comes for her we can't kill him," Paige said.

"Why didn't she just let them kill her over the years? It would have ended her suffering," Phoebe asks.

"Know it wouldn't have, if you die you go to heaven, if she dies she goes to a far worst place for eternity. And He probably told her that if she lets herself die he would kill you, that is how he keeps control," Cole answered.

"It's not fair after all the good she's done," Leo yelled looking up and crying.

"We know what Shakespeare says, the good that you do is impaired in your bones, but evil that you do lives long after you," Cole replied but immediately wish he didn't say it.

"Not funny Cole," Phoebe said angrily.

"Wait what about the potion we saw in that room? Won't that kill him," Paige asks.

"Yeah but it will also kill demons within 5 yards, it would kill Piper too," Phoebe answered rubbing her head.

"We need to find another way," Leo asks.

"There is no other way. You came this far, so here is what we are going to do. I will go down and let her out of the cage telling her to grab the potion, and then to come home," Cole answered.

"But the potion will...," Phoebe started but was cut off by Cole.

"I know but it may not kill her quickly, and that should give you enough time to put the pendant in her hand. You need to have her think of her most desire, to have this never happen, to go back in

Time before she did what she did," Cole said walking over to Leo.

"It's our only hope I've already, lost her at least this way we have a chance," Leo's voice showing surrender.

"Let's do this," Paige said with a little confidence in her voice.

Cole materializes out of the room.

Lanarth grabs a long knife with sharp grooves on one side. "This will work for a while." But touched the edge and noticed it is not sharp. "This needs to be sharpened," He voiced and left the room leaving Piper huddled in a corner of the cage.

Cole materializes into the room. Piper stands up and runs to the front of the cage.

"You need to go, he will kill them," Piper pleaded noticing Cole near the table.

"You know what this is Piper?"

"I think so, but if I use it and I die and if he doesn't he will..."

"The pendant is a time traveling object."


"Get back to them they'll explain," Cole answered and turned away from her as both of them could hear footsteps in the distance.

"He's coming back," Piper whispered.

Cole opens the cage. "You don't have much time, go now."

Piper runs out and grabs the bottle, then shimmers out of the room. Cole materializes out as well just before Lanarth comes in and see that the cages open and she's gone. "Dam witches!" He said and shimmered out.

Piper shimmers into the attic holding the potion tight as Lanarth shimmers in behind her, and before the others could react he throws them to the wall with a flick of his wrist.

"NO!" Piper yelled.

"I warned you Piper, I will kill one this time the next time I'll kill one of your children," Lanarth said as he lifted his hand.

Piper looked into Leo's eyes, "I love you."

"What? Demons don't love," Lanarth said looking at her oddly.

Piper lowers her head and the bottle falls out. Lanarth looks and sees what is happening but it is too late as the bottle hits the floor breaking into small pieces. A thick billowing black smoke rises from the ground and goes into both Piper's and Lanarth's mouth and eyes. Both Lanarth and Piper fall onto the floor, Piper falls to her knees and then collapses.

Leo ran over to her, "NO."

"Get the pendant now!" Paige yelled running over to Piper.

Phoebe grabs the pendant off the table and runs over to Piper, while Lanarth starts moving slowly and groaning. Paige, Phoebe and Leo are kneeling next to Piper, who is struggling to breathe. Phoebe puts the pendant in Piper's hand and squeezes tight.

"Come on honey you can do it just keep fighting," Leo pleaded.

"Piper you need to think back to when this happened, you must have a desire to go back, remember to give us time to stop you," Phoebe ask through sobs.

Piper squeezes the pendant hard and closes her eyes with tears running out of them and they all fade away.

Leo, Paige, Coop and Phoebe orb into P3 and see Billy and Piper arguing. Piper is raising her hands at Billy.

"Paige now!" Phoebe yelled.

"Billy!" Paige said as she lifted her hand.

Billy materializes into blue orbs as an explosion occurs behind her, and then re-materializes a few feet away. Phoebe runs over to piper and pulls her arms down.

"Could you cut that any closer?" Phoebe said relieved.

Piper didn't look at her but was fixed on the wall that was still smoldering from the explosion. "What, what just happened?"

"We saved your ass, that's what happened," Paige replied with a wide smile.

"Dammit you just tried to kill me!" Billy's angry voice made them all look at her.

"Billy, shut it." Leo yelled back.

"Way to go brother-in-law," Paige said a little impressed.

"Are you ok Honey?" Leo asks worried.

"Leo what is going on, Are the boys ok?" Piper's shaking voice asks.

"They're fine but you have some serious anger issues to work out," Leo answered.

Billy stood up from the water clearly annoyed and upset. "You people are nuts."

"Billy you need to go, we will talk about this some other time but you need to go," Phoebe demanded.

"Fine with me," Billy answered and pushed her way through the water and out the door, slamming it as she left.

"Let's go home," Leo said holding Piper's hand.

"What about the water." Piper asks looking around.

Paige did the spell that fixed messes and Piper gave her youngest sister a hard look. "Don't look at me like that woman; you have no idea what you almost did." Paige said as she grabbed Piper's arm and the others touched her and they orbed away.

Unfortunately the kitchen was still a mess as Piper and Phoebe sat there staring at the table looking uncomfortable in each other's company.

"Sorry about the mess," Phoebe said still looking at the table.

"It's okay you guys were busy, you know saving my stupid ass."

"Yeah, just another day in the Halliwell Manor," Phoebe answered starting to laugh and look at her older sisters.

"That's disturbing," Piper replied and looked at Phoebe. "So when do you think Paige will start talking to me again?"

"When she forgives you."

"So 20 years from now?"

"Honey she had to watch you suffer, and she couldn't understand how you could do that to your family."

"Yeah I know, I am so sorry Phoebe, wait why have you forgiven me so


"Well considering I was the Queen of all evil and forgave me pretty much the next day, I think I owe you one. Buy the way, I know you're birthday isn't until next week, but I thought you could use this now," Phoebe answered handing her an envelope.

"Anger management classes, I will use this, but no spells right," Piper put the envelope on the table.

"Right, it is completely magic free,"

"Did you find anything out about the creature?" Piper asks walking over the sink.

"No not yet, and it is kind of creeping me out, after you a Leo went to bed, Cole said he saw a drawing of a creature glow in one of your memories."

"Ok, I understand the pendant and the bottle, but was does the picture of my family and the diagram have to do with how I got back?" Piper said as she put her cup in the sink.

"Well the photo kept you connected to us somehow and that is way Wyatt could still sense you. As for the diagram, I have no idea. But Paige is looking it up at magic school.

"Leo pissed at me too," Piper's voice lowed as she sat back down.

"I wonted worry too much, he will forgive you when he wants some," Phoebe said with a laugh.

"Thanks honey, your know for everything."

Phoebe got up and walked over to Piper. "Just don't do it again, and I love you,"

"I love you too." Piper said giving her a hug back.

Arthur's notes:

Episode 9.02

A mysterious creature that seems to be immune to magic is attacking, while Phoebe, Paige and Piper are getting new powers. A new witch is becoming friends with them that has a unusual past.