I know some of you have questions about Alda. Here is some background and information about their powers. I came up with this over three years ago and decided to mix it with Charmed.

fman13: Phoebe's trigger was lack of confidence. She always has issues when it comes to not having an active power and it affects her confidence. Her powers are mostly based on emotion and that is why her chaosion is like a virus.


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Information about Alda

Jade Alda

Founder = Rayress

Powers = Transmutation

Jade members can turn statues in the living things as long as the statutes are made of a special compound. They are very strategic and are physically stronger than normal humans. They are more of the brute force class, hit hard very quickly and ask questions later.

How it works

Their powers work on chemical changes in their body, usually created by fear, anger or high stress. These factors cause the serum and their blood to interact with their DNA causing them to sweat. When the sweat from their hands touches the stone, another chemical reaction starts and the object exorbitant the elixir in their DNA of the Jade member.

Mirth Alda

Founder = Metillon

Powers = Casting

Mirth members can use their voice to break objects and the most tenured members can even destroy buildings. They are the more complicated faction and are usually very arrogant. But they are also very patient and think things through first.

How it works

Their powers work by using their voice to tap into the frequency of objects. Tantalus (Latin word meaning thinking) Crystals were created for mirth members to use as a way of training. The crystals were filled with elixir that when broken whatever the user saw in their mind would form out of the red mist that the building blocks for life. The members had to match the harmonic of the crystal in order to brake them. They use spells but it is not the spell that is important is the tone in which it is spoken. They found that the crystals were very effective and continue to use them even after training.

Time Weavers

Founder = Alda

Powers = Time manipulation, projection

How it works

Time Weavers were created by Alda to hide their battles from the world. Weavers would be neutral by design and have no emotion. Their powers work as a group and it usually takes three to four Weavers to create a time web. Anyone who is not Alda would freeze in time in the web. After the battle the Weavers would rewind time two seconds before the battle started, to remove any damage that was done. Time Weavers are the only ones who can affect Shadow-dells.


Founder = Alda

Powers = Immunity

How it works

Shadow-dells at first were flawed Time Weavers, but they soon found a use for them as they noticed they were immune from Alda powers. So they were created to stop a Avedon if one was ever born. Shadow-dells are very unpredictable and do not follow orders but they are cunning and strong. A special realm was created for them and they are kept there until released by Edoms (elders) or an Avedon is born.


The Palermo stone tells the story of their beginning in Punt around 2686 BC. It was a beautiful place, exotic herbs and spices amazing animals, the Atlantis of Egypt. Until Great disease took hold of the people and they began dying. So the king of Punt task two men to find a cure, Metillon and Rayress. The king was not patient and he pointed to the wall where an image depicted a person being eaten by a hideous creature to create motivation for them to find a cure. Metillon used herbs and spices to create his, while Rayress used stones and precious gems to create his. Both of the cures worked, but there was a price. The serum that they created was changing them, giving them powers. The ones who took Rayress cure could change statues into living things, while the ones who took Metlillon's cure could use their voice to destroy buildings. After the onslaught, the king was blamed and was exiled from Punt. The remaining villagers looked to Metillon and Rayress to lead, but it was split down the middle, so they split into two factions, Jade and Mirth Alda. For hundreds of years battles ensued between the two one blaming the other. Until finally Punt was in ruin and they both had no choice but to leave. Over time the two would meet again in Europe, the dark ages. A time of magic, folklore and dragons, but very few people knew that Jade and Mirth were responsible for it all and it too was tearing Europe apart just like Punt. So an agreement was made between the two leaders to keep their battles out of site so Time weavers would be created. Time weavers would be neutral by designed and would have the power to project any image they wished outside of the web they created, so outsiders would see what the Time weavers wanted them to see. Anyone who was not Alda would freeze in time in the web they created. The time weavers could then rewind time inside the web before the battle began, to remove any damage that was done, Hence déjà vu. Rayress Created a book of how he made his serum and Metillon put his concoction into seven vials. After the agreement the seven vials were kept at Mirth Headquarters and the book was kept at Jade headquarters. But there is one thing that they both featured, something they both knew could happen, a theory. If a Jade and Mirth member had a child, it would result in the Avedon. Someone with both powers and would be impossible to stop and both agreed to use shadow-dells. They would be immune to both Mirth and Jade powers but not the time weavers. But they were unpredictable so a special realm had to be created for them and the only time they could leave is if they were released or if an Avedon was born.