Author's Note: In case you haven't noticed, I went back and redid the ending for Chapter 5, the mystery chapter. Hooray!

I couldn't think of a good prompt, so today's story will be about a part of the Majin Buu saga that always bugged me: the part where everyone thought Gohan was dead, even though he wasn't. Here's a brief recap of what happened in the series at the time:

Episode 240: Our heroes summon Shenron. Yamcha wishes that everyone who died that day come back to life, "except the really, really bad ones".
Episode 241: Our heroes find out that Majin Buu killed Gohan. They are all sad, and no one remembers the wish on the dragonballs.

I mean, let's be serious here. Even if Gohan was killed by Majin Buu—which he wasn't—he would have been revived by the dragonballs. Therefore, there's no reason for them to think Gohan is dead forever.

The skies over Earth were dark and cloudy, as they always were when Shenron was summoned. The mood on top of Kami's Lookout was tense, as Goku tried desperately to locate his friends' energy signals.

"I can't find them!" Goku said angrily. "It's so cloudy..."

"Goku, you have to hurry, before they use up all the wishes!" Dende said.

"GOT IT!" Goku cried, before disappearing with the Instant Transmission technique.

Goku reappeared in front of Capsule Corp. All of the Z-Fighters were gathered there on the lawn.

"What is your second wish?" Shenron demanded.

"Did he just say your second wish?" Goku asked loudly. "Oh no, I'm too late!"

"Goku!" Bulma said.

"Hey, Goku!" Yamcha said.

"Did he just appear out of nowhere?" Videl asked. First magical dragons, then people appearing from nowhere...this day was getting weirder and weirder by the second.

"Uh, we don't have any other wishes, Shenron!" Goku called.

"Goku, what are you doing?" Bulma asked.

"Yeah, Goku, we still have one wish left!" Yamcha said.

"Trust me, you guys, we're going to need it for later," Goku said grimly. "Yep, no more wishes, Shenron! You can go home now and come back in six months!"

"NO!" Videl cried. "Don't go! We're not done yet!"

Goku looked at Videl. "But Videl, we can't use this wish right now!" he said.

"Why not?" she demanded.

"Because, we're going to need it to undo all the damage that Majin Buu is doing right now," Goku explained.

"So he is alive," Yamcha said. "Oh man, that's not good."

"I still don't get it," Videl said, scratching her head. "Why are we giving up the wish?"

"Right now, Majin Buu is running around the Earth, killing hundreds of innocent people!" Goku said. "If we don't stop him soon, he might start killing millions of people! We need to save our wish for after Buu is defeated, so we can bring them back to life!"

"Oh, so we're not giving up a wish, we're just saving it for later!" Bulma said.

"Exactly," Goku said.

"Makes sense to me," Yamcha agreed.

"No, it doesn't make sense!" Videl said. "Am I the only one who understands what's going on here? We have an all powerful magical dragon that can get us out of this mess!"

"Now I don't get it," Goku said.

"Look, Dragon Guy!" Videl said, calling to Shenron. "We've got a monster named Majin Buu on our planet. Is there any way you can get rid of him?"

"Oh, sure," Shenron said. "I can put him back in his egg, reduce his power level to one, relocate him to the middle of the sun...any of those options sound good to you?"

"Can you do all three at once?" Videl asked.

Shenron focused his magic powers. Overcoming Babidi's magic was a challenge, but not an impossible one. "!" he said.

"All right!" Videl said. "You see?" she told Goku. "That's why we shouldn't have given up the wish."

"But what about everyone killed by Majin Buu?" Goku asked. "We needed to use the wish to bring them back to life! This is terrible!"

Shenron snorted, and let me tell you, when the mystical dragon snorts, it can be heard all over the Earth.

"I just brought back everyone who died today," Shenron said.

"Yeah, that was our first wish," Bulma said. "I guess you didn't arrive in time to hear it."

"Oh," Goku said. "But this is still...still..."

"I will leave now!" Shenron said. He disappeared back into the dragonballs, and the dragonballs scattered all over the Earth.

"Hey, the sky is back to normal," Videl noted.

"All right!" Yamcha cheered. "You guys, I think we just saved the day! We defeated Majin Buu, and we brought everyone back to life!"

The minor Z-Fighters—Oolong, Master Roshi, Chi-Chi and the like—all cheered.

"Gosh, I don't know..." Goku said. "I can't get rid of the feeling that we made a really huge mistake somehow..."

Three minutes later, Goku and the Z-Fighters appeared on top of Kami's Lookout.

Dende ran over, and he didn't even bother to say "hello" first.

"You made a really huge mistake!" Dende said, waving his arms wildly. "What were you thinking, using up both wishes?"

"You were supposed to stop them, Goku!" Piccolo said.

"But Dende, Videl had a really good wish!" Goku said. "She got rid of Majin Buu! The world is safe now, right?"

"I'm not saying it was a bad idea," Dende said. "But she doesn't know all the facts!"

Videl, who had been talking to Chi-Chi about their strange new location, walked over to Goku, Dende and Piccolo. "Hey, Mr. Argue About Someone Like She's Not Even Here," she said. "What are you talking about?"

"You shouldn't have made that wish," Dende said. "You don't know enough about the Majin Buu situation."

Piccolo nodded. "If you knew everything, you would have saved that wish."

"Oh, really?" Videl asked. "And why is that, Mr. Know It All?"

"Because you don't know!" Dende said. "You don't know that...that Gohan..."

"Gohan?" Videl asked, as her stomach flopped within her. She didn't like the sound of this...

"I'm sorry," Piccolo said. "But Gohan is dead. He was killed by Majin Buu."

"NO!" Videl said.

"And now that you've wasted our last wish, we can't bring him back!" Piccolo shouted.

"Piccolo, calm down," Goku said, grabbing his friend's arm. "It's too late now."

"So you see, Videl," Dende said. "Stopping Majin Buu was a good idea, but that wish could have been used for a better purpose."

"Are you guys crazy?" Videl asked. "Gohan's not dead!"

"Yes, he is," Piccolo said. "I heard Vegeta say it."

"Vegeta...the guy who killed all those people at the tournament?" Videl asked.

"That's the one," Piccolo nodded.

"Oh, sure, he's a trustworthy source of information," Videl said, rolling her eyes. "Did you actually see Gohan get killed by Majin Buu?"

"Nobody saw that," Dende said. "In fact, I didn't even know that Gohan fought Buu. None of us sensed the two of them fighting."

"Sensed?" Videl asked.

"When two people are fighting, they exert a lot of energy," Goku explained. "You can sense this energy, even from a long way off. But Gohan...he's not giving off any energy right now."

"Hmmm," Videl said. This energy-sensing thing sounded kind of creepy to her. "What does that mean?"

"If we can't sense his energy, it means that he must be dead," Goku said.

"Can't he be sleeping? Or reading? Or doing something else that doesn't require a lot of energy?" Videl asked.

"Well...yes," Goku said. "But—"

"But nothing!" Videl said. "Jeez, think for a moment, will you? Gohan isn't dead!"

Goku looked sad. "I know that, deep in your heart, you want him to still be alive," he said. "But the truth is—"

"This isn't about my feelings!" Videl said, getting flustered. "This is about common sense. Look, no one saw Gohan die, right? You said yourself that you didn't even know he was in a fight with Buu!"

Dende nodded. "That's right," he said.

"So all you really have to go on here is the word of a lying psychopath, who said Gohan died in a fight that nobody saw or even knew about!" Videl said. "Don't any of you see a problem with this?"

"But...his energy!" Piccolo protested.

"You can't sense his energy, which means he's either dead or sleeping," Videl said. "Why can't he be sleeping? I bet this Vegeta jerk knocked Gohan unconscious, and he just said that Gohan was dead, just to mess with our heads."

"Vegeta did knock me unconscious earlier today," Goku said. "I could see him doing the same thing to Gohan."

"And besides," Videl said. "Even if Gohan was killed by Majin Buu, we just wished everyone who was killed today back to life! So he's alive again!"

"She's right!" Piccolo said.

"Of course I'm right!" Videl said. "Am I the only one around here who thinks things through?"

"Dende, we have to find Gohan, NOW!" Piccolo ordered. "Before Babidi or anyone else can get to him!"

"Oh, man, Babidi!" Dende said. "I forgot about him! Goku, is there any chance you could...?"

"I'm on it," Goku nodded. He disappeared with Instant Transmission.

"Well?" Videl asked.

"Well, what?" Piccolo asked, rudely.

Videl crossed her arms and glared at Piccolo. "I'm waiting for your apology."

"Apology nothing!" Piccolo said. "I won't—"

"I'm sorry for yelling at you about wasting a wish," Dende said. "And for jumping to conclusions about Gohan's death."

"I forgive you," Videl said. "And I understand why you were upset. Gohan is a very...special person."

Goku managed to find Babidi and kill him, without much trouble. He was also able to find Gohan's unconscious body, and brought him back to the Lookout.

"I told you he wasn't dead!" Videl said.

"Dead?" Chi-Chi screeched. "Who said my son was dead?"

"The green guy did," Videl said, pointing at Piccolo.

"Uh oh," Piccolo said to himself as Chi-Chi marched over to him with an angry look on her face.

Dende used his healing powers on Gohan. Gohan stood up, unsteadily.

"Huh?" Gohan asked, looking around. "Dende? Dad? What's everyone doing here on the Lookout? Where's Majin Buu?"

"He's gone, Gohan," Goku said. "All thanks to Videl."

"Huh? Videl?" Gohan asked. "Where's she—?"

Videl stepped forward, in front of Gohan. "I'm right here, you idiot," she said. "Do you realize how worried I was about you? You went off to fight evil monsters, and everyone said you were dead, and—"

"Gee, Videl, I didn't know you cared so much about me," Gohan said.

"Of course I care about you!" Videl said. "You're friend."

"Just a friend?" Bulma wondered.

"I care about you too, Videl," Gohan said, hugging her. She hugged back, grabbing him tightly.

"Aw!" Chi-Chi said.

"He should have kissed her," Yamcha said to Krillin.

"Yeah, no kidding," Krillin said. "I think we'll have to teach Gohan a thing or two about how to handle women..."

"And just what is that supposed to mean?" Android 18 asked.

"Uh, nothing!" Krillin said.

After a lot of explanation from Dende, as well as a special guest appearance from the Supreme Kai, our heroes finally understood everything that happened that day. And because everyone—besides Bulma—was in a mood to celebrate Goku's last day on Earth, they went to Hercule's humongous World Tournament Celebration Party.

"I'm the Champ! I'm the Champ!" Hercule cheered. "I'm the...uh oh," he said, catching sight of Android Eighteen.

"This is so much fun!" Goku said, stuffing his mouth with chips. "I'm really sorry I have to go back to Other World!"

"We could always use the Namekian dragonballs to wish you back to life," Dende said. The Guardian of Earth was currently dancing to the loud music.

"Really? That would be great!" Goku said.

"Yeah, I'm sure everyone there would—aw, the song's over!" Dende said, as the techno beat disappeared and was replaced with a cheesy duet. "I hate slow songs!"

"Gohan and Videl seem to enjoy it," Goku said, pointing at the two teens. They were spinning in a circle, hardly aware of the world outside them.

"Aw, that's so sweet!" Chi-Chi said. "They make such a cute couple!"

"What the—?" Hercule shouted from across the room. He marched up to the two teens. "Hey, you! I thought I told you to get your hands off of my daughter! She's not allowed to dance with anyone until she's married!"

"Dad!" Videl said, embarrassed.

"You leave Gohan alone!" Chi-Chi said, smacking Hercule.

"Mom!" Gohan said, embarrassed.

As Chi-Chi and Hercule began to fight, Goku turned to Dende. "Now that I think about it, you probably should ask the people on Namek to bring me back," Goku said. "I have a feeling it's going to take more than one day to resolve this situation."

"Yeah, no kidding," Dende said, watching the screaming parents and the blushing teens.

The End.

Author's Note: Well, that's it, folks! Eight short stories, each one written in a day! Thanks for reading, everyone.