The True Beginning

Hurricane the Hedgehog

I stared ahead into the vanishing daylight with Darkness by my side. I had been traveling with my friend for ten hours straight and finally decided to rest. I collapsed on the cool grass and closed my eyes for a moment.

"I want to apologize for..."

I opened my eyes, "You didn't do anything wrong, Darkness, it's my fault the rift is occurring."

Darkness bit her lip, "But...I've contributed to the rift."

"How...please explain...I'm tiered."

"I'm not even from this universe. I was sent here when I was born due to the fact that I wasn't even supposed to exist."

"Darkness...don't worry, I assure you we'll make everything right."

Darkness sighed and nodded.

"The rift is growing though..."

I closed my eyes once again, falling into sleep.

"Shadow, what do I do?"

"Piece the puzzle together, place your pawns on the board, and beat the organization. From there, I should have no trouble restoring time."

"I'm still confused by several things, like Darkness's past, the organization's goal and purpose, and..."

"All you need to know is Darkness is your key to the organization."

"Wake up, you fool!"

"Get away from me when I'm trying to sleep!" I spat.

Darkness lifted a giant teddy bear over me and hit me with it, almost like she would with her scythe.

"Where did you get that from?"


I gave up on protesting Darkness's weirdness and lied back down.

"Rawr!" Darkness growled playfully. Darkness always acts strange without sleep.

"I think it's time to get started..." I mumbled as Darkness jumped up smiling.

"I'm ready to save the world. I've been ready since I've met you!"