Hey everyone! Well, this is it! I know you've been waiting patiently for the next story...so here it is! I've decided to go ahead and do a prequel to Key to the Heart and Key to the Soul. So you won't see Matt here, but you will see more into the past of the other main character, Selema. I must warn you though...this fic near the end may not be for the faint of heart.

If you haven't read Key to the Soul, I'd highly suggest you do, otherwise this story may get confusing after a while. Still, I'm really excited to see where this fic can go...so let it begin!

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Far from the dragon city of Warfang, in the small islands known as the White Isles, there stood an old dragon looking over what looked like a crystal orb.

His name was Ignitus, and he held the title of the Chronicler. His job was to record the history of each dragon by writing it down and storing it for future generations to look back on.

The scene he was looking at now was one that made the wise dragon smile. He was overseeing a young pink dragoness with a blue underbelly and matching eyes. She also bore two white horns upon her head. A pink book lay before Ignitus depicting the dragoness's name and life, which in bold read 'Selema'.

However, it was more than the dragoness that was making the former Fire Guardian smile. It was also who Selema was embracing at the very moment. Only it wasn't a dragon she was holding on to, but a young human male. He had brown hair and matching eyes and wore strange clothing Ignitus had never seen before.

Though this boy had no book at the White Isles to speak of, Ignitus still knew a great deal about who he was. His name was Matt, and he was a powerful warrior wielding a great weapon known only as the Keyblade. However, Igntius was no fool to believe that it was Matt's true power. No, the boy's true power was within his heart and spirit. He'd fought with all his might to help protect the Dragon Realms from several foes who wished to do it harm. Matt had also come to befriend Spyro and Cynder, two dragons whose names would become legend.

Ignitus was smiling because he knew how both Matt and Selema had just endured several hardships only days after meeting each other for the first time. Not only had the teen rescued her, but he'd also taught her how to fight and use her power, which was the extremely rare power of Dragon Time.

Through the glass and his foresight, Ignitus was one of the few that knew that these two had just saved the Dragon Realms from a devious plot to rewrite history. Though Ignitus hadn't seen what had happened in the past, he knew just by the way that they looked at each other that these two had grown a close a bond as the world had ever seen. He also knew were it not for their actions, the Dragon Realms would be shrouded in darkness.

Matt had now just almost kept the bond intact by giving Selema a gift known as a magical wristband, which would allow them to be connected from as far as the universe could stretch.

It almost pained Ignitus to watch such close friends be separated, but he knew that Matt had a duty to keep as a Keyblade warrior. As he watched them separate, he looked over Selema's book again.

"You truly are a special being, young warrior. I have no doubt in my mind you will return once more to fulfill your promise to Selema."

"In fact," the wise dragon continued as he looked to a glimpse of the future, one with many challenges ahead. "It looks as though you and Selema are far from finished with each other. You will both need one another for what lies ahead..."

Ignitus then turned and went to put Selema's book away in its proper place. As it floated up into one of the many shelves, the wise dragon couldn't help but sigh deeply. "You've grown so much, Selema," he muttered to himself. "There is no doubt about that. I know that your mother and father would be very proud of you."

At the very thought of her parents, Ignitus couldn't help but cringe in anguish. He looked over to another shelf where two other books rested in their places. They were both covered with dust from not having been looked at for very long. He didn't know why, but he couldn't help but call them over to his side.

Ignitus blew the dust off to the read the two names on the front covers. Aragon…and Aurona…

The great dragon waved his paw gently, the pages moving at his will. The pictures and words on the pages that depicted their lives met his eyes, yet he didn't need to read or look too hard to know the story. This is because in his past life as the Fire Guardian, he'd known these two dragons very well. In fact, he'd watched them grow before his very eyes.

Ignitus took a deep breath and sighed deeply. He'd remembered telling their tale to Matt just days before, and it had taken almost all of his composure to keep his voice straight. It was just that painful to draw back on those memories…just like it was now.

For the first time in years, a small tear rolled down the old dragon's face. He couldn't help but say the words in his mind. "Sometimes…life can just be so cruel. I respect the ways of fate, but those two didn't deserve the one that befell them."

Ignitus closed his eyes and let his mind drift further down memory lane, to when his scales were still red and he could breathe a flame as hot as the sun. To when his greatest concern was that of the rising threat of the apes…and the old Dragon Temple was still intact.

He remembered it as though it were yesterday….

Standing on the far side of the training room, Igntius watched as one of his pupils prepared himself. He was a red fire dragon with a purple underbelly and two sharp yellow horns perched atop his head.

The young dragon stood in the center of the room, his body in a seated position with his eyes closed. His breathing was very steady and calm.

Suddenly, from around the dragon, eight wooden dummies sprang to life around him. They resembled the furry mongrels known only as the apes. They all wore fake armor and carried wooden swords. Without hesitating, they each charged towards the young fire dragon.

"Wait for it…," Ignitus muttered to himself.

Suddenly, the dragon's eyes shot open instantly. His body began to glow with a bright light, uncurling itself simultaneously. The dragon opened his maw and unleashed all the power he'd stored up in a fiery shockwave. He roared with all his might as he released the massive amount of energy. The dummies couldn't even try to get out of the way in time as each were caught in the blast and set ablaze. It didn't take long for them to shatter and crumble into ash.

The dragon opened his eyes and looked around. A smile was etched on his face. "Wow…I did it. Master Ignitus, did you see that? I finally did it!"

Ignitus let out a good laugh and strode over towards his pupil. "Well done, Aragon. That was an excellent Fire Fury! You are a Natural!"

"Thank you so much, Master!" Aragon exclaimed. "I couldn't have done it without you."

"The pleasure is all mine, young dragon. I think you've had more than enough for today. Why don't you go and rest for now?"

Aragon nodded and bowed in respect before he took his leave. As Ignitus watched him go, he couldn't help but gleam with pride. "He certainly has the potential to be great…"

The young fire dragon walked the halls of the Temple towards his room, his mind completely on what he'd just done. It had taken him several months and hours of hard training, but he'd finally performed a Fury!

"Oh man…," Aragon said to himself. "Just wait till I tell…"

"Hey, Aragon!" From behind came sprinting up a young electric dragon with a blue underbelly and black horns. "Wait up!"

"What's up, Jaden? How'd your lesson go?"

"Eh…," the yellow dragon replied. "Same old, same old. I swear I can't get Master Volteer's voice out of my head. It's gotten so bad, I'm hearing it in my sleep."

"Ouch…," Aragon replied. "I can barely listen during history…how do you do it?"

"I wish I knew," Jaden exclaimed. "But enough about me? What about you? Did you get that Fury down?"

Aragon grinned widely. "Tell that to the eight dummies I just turned to ash with one move."

Jaden shouted for joy. "Alright! I knew you could do it, bro!" The two dragons exchanged a 'high-wing' at the thought. "What did Master Ignitus say when he saw it?"

"He said I was a natural! Me! I almost fainted when he said it." Aragon looked towards one of the dragon statues lining the halls. "If I keep it up, maybe someday I'll be Fire Guardian too…just like him."

"Bet that would help with your love life, huh?" Jaden replied with a grin.

"Hey!" Aragon shouted back while blushing. "It's not like you are picking up any dragonesses either."

Jaden sighed. "True…so true…still who could possibly resist this?" The electric dragon then puffed his chest to show off his powerful body.

Aragon shook his head and laughed himself silly. "Wow, Jaden. I can see them flocking towards you now…" The two then shared a good laugh before they decided to head over to the balcony together.

Aragon was an orphan. His father had been killed when he was just a hatchling during a raid on their village some time ago. His mother had died of a deadly disease not long after. With nowhere else to go, the fire dragon went to the only place he could think of at the time…the Dragon Temple. It was a safehaven for all dragons…as well as a place for them to learn the ways of their element. Ever since, he'd taken a liking to the Fire Guardian, Ignitus. It was thanks to him that Aragon got to stay in the Temple in the first place after all, since most dragons had to be accepted before they could train there.

Aragon had met Jaden not long after coming there, and the two quickly had become best friends. Like Aragon, Jaden wished to become a powerful dragon of electricity, though lately he seemed to be more interested in things other than his studies. Still, having Jaden there had helped Aragon get through the tough days when he missed his parents most.

Eventually, the duo arrived on the balcony. They both took in a breath of fresh air while overlooking the vas forest beneath them. The sun was also setting towards the west, covering them both with golden light.

Jaden sighed. "Isn't this great? Before too long, you and I are gonna pass our final tests and then get to go out into the world!"

"Yeah…," Aragon replied. "That's pretty great…"

"You don't seem so happy about it…"

"No, no. I am happy knowing we're getting close. It's just….well…"

Jaden frowned when he realized it. "Oh yeah…that's right. You don't have any family waiting for you. Sorry, man."

"It's alright. It's just…this Temple is all I know. It's my home now. I…I don't know if I want to leave just yet." Aragon stared out into the distance. "Besides…if what Master Ignitus says is true…then the world out there is growing more and more dangerous."

"You mean all that talk about the apes? No way! They'd be fools to try and come here. Besides, I've heard they're too weak to be any kind of major threat."

"Still…," Aragon frowned. "I don't like it…Master Ignitus always gets this weird look in his eyes whenever I ask him about it. He's worried about it…and I don't blame him."

Jaden nodded. "Well, even if those dumb baboons did come after the Temple, they wouldn't stand a chance against us! We'd burn em to a crisp!"

Aragon laughed at his friend's comment. "You bet we will." The two were silent for a few moments more until the fire dragon spoke again. "So when we do graduate, where do you plan on going, Jaden?"

"I don't know yet…," the electric dragon replied. "I was thinking maybe going to Warfang. I've always wanted to see it for myself."

"Yeah, I heard it's a pretty neat place to see."

"Sure you don't want to come with me? I bet we could find us some lovely ladies…" Jaden grinned widely at the thought.

Aragon sighed. "I'll think about it, Jaden. Besides, we've got plenty of time to think about the future. For now, can't we just enjoy the view?"

The two friends did just that for the next several minutes. Eventually, Aragon noticed something out of the corner of his right eye and turned that way. It looked like a small blur at first before it grew larger and larger with each second. Eventually, it began to take shape as Aragon squinted his eyes for a better view.

Is that a…? he thought.

As it came into view, his idea seemed to be correct. It was a dragon…but it looked more like a dragoness to Aragon's view. As she came closer and closer, his eyes widened in astonishment. Her scales were a deep blue with a lighter shade on her underbelly. She also had four white horns atop her head and a blue tail spade.

"Whoa…," Aragon said. He blinked a few times before he refocused again. Who is she…?

"Aragon?" Jaden asked as he saw his friend's face.

However, the fire dragon's sight remained on the blue dragoness. However, she suddenly dived for the forest below and disappeared from his view.

"Huh?" Aragon asked as he shook his head. "Where…?"

"Aragon? You ok?" Jaden asked.

"Did you see that?"

"See what?"

"That dragon!"

"What dragon?"

"It was a dragoness. A blue one! She came this way. You didn't see her?"

Jaden raised a brow. "You alright there, man? I mean, I know it's lonely around here, but…."

"No, Jaden! I mean it! She was flying right this way before she dived into the forest!"

Jaden sighed. "Whatever you say man. Maybe your just seeing things…"

Aragon looked all around for any sign of the dragoness, but there was nothing to be found. He lowered his head in defeat. "Ok…but I know I saw something."

"C'mon, man. I don't know about you, but I'm going to get something to eat." The electric dragon turned to go back into the Temple. "You coming man?"

Aragon looked back a moment before nodding. "Yeah…" The two friends then headed back into the Temple, but Aragon still couldn't shake the girl from his mind. Who was she? Was she even real?

I sure hope so…Aragon thought.

I know it's not much, but it's only the beginning. Who is the dragon Aragon saw? What lies in store ahead? Find out next time!

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