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This chapter was inserted today. I took it from the wedding chapters I wrote for 'New Deal,' because I felt like I needed to for this story to make sense in my head.

Chapter 1

First meeting: (from the show)

Captain Jenko took a swig of his soda before calling out. "HEY…HOFFS!...Wake up!" he yelled as he turned toward the open door of his office. Hanson sat awkwardly in his patrolman's uniform as he tried to balance himself, a bag of potato chips and a can of soda in the barber's chair that somehow landed in the middle of Jenko's office. His office was uniquely decorated with type of memorabilia and toys from the 60's and 70's any retro junkie would love. Jenko continued to explain the Jump Street program to Hanson as he waited for Judy to enter the room.

"Relax…relax…I'm up" Judy calmly stated as she strolled into Jenko's office sliding her arm on top of the file cabinets. She already looked like a teenager complete with long, trendy, light brown hair, blue jeans, and a stylish jean jacket that was covered front to back with beads, pins, broaches, and other outrageous jewelry that made the jacket an art form. She caught Hanson's eye as soon as she walked in and he caught hers.

Jenko turned to Judy slightly bowing as he introduced them. "Hoffs" He turned to Tom. "Hanson" Jenko slightly bowed at Tom once more. "Hanson" Jenko continued to introduce them while Hanson's eyes were clearly fixated on Judy. Hanson licked his lips before a smile spread across his face while he continued to stare at her. "Hoffs" Jenko turned back to slightly bow to Judy to complete the formal introduction as Jenko raised his brows and grinned at her as if he sensed the mutual attraction.

Hanson's eyes widened in sarcasm in reference to Jenko's hippie vibe as, he continued to smile at Judy. "Hiii." Tom replied. Judy gazed at him as she tilted her head. She nervously shifted her weight while leaning on the file cabinets as she continued to smile at him as if she had already started falling for him.

"Jude" Jenko pulled Hanson out of the chair by his arm. "Run this cat down to wardrobe and see if we can take some of the cop out his presentation." Jenko requested as Judy slowly sized Hanson up and down. "And for God's sake do something about the Jack Kennedy haircut too. Will ya?" Jenko stated as he pointed at Tom. Jenko turned his attention back to Hanson while Judy continued to smile as she checked Tom out. "Go with what Officer Hoffs tells you Hanson." Jenko stuck his hand out to shake Tom's hand. Hanson readjusted the bag of chips and soda in his arms in order to shake Jenko's hand. Jenko guided him through an elaborate retro hand shake directly from the 60's as he continued with his instructions. "Stick with Hoffs here and she'll hook us up with some field training later tonight." He left Hanson hanging at the end of the handshake. "Later" Jenko exclaimed as he left the office.

Hanson looked at Judy like he didn't know what hit him. "Are you kidding me?"

She took her arm off of the file cabinets and stood up straight. "So, Jenks a bit of a hang on hippie" She shrugged. "Big deal" She pointed at Hanson. "Because when it comes to going undercover, the dude is the best." She stressed before tilting her head to the side and holding her hand out to shake his. "I'm Judy Hoffs." Tom exhaled as he looked at her hand in hesitation before attempting to mimic the elaborate retro handshake their Captain showed him. She didn't let him get very far into it once she realized what he was trying to do. "Um…that's okay honey." She stopped him, shook his hand in a normal handshake and patted him on the wrist. "My people don't do that anymore." She clarified before turning on her heels to leave the office leaving Hanson standing there confused.

"Oh" Hanson raised his brow and lifted the chips and soda. "Chip?" He offered as he followed her.

Judy sauntered up to Hanson as he held Waxer at gun point while waiting for his back up to take him away. Hanson yelled for them to read Waxer his Miranda Rights as they put him into the patrol car. "Hanson I swear," Judy smiled, shook her head, and pointed at him as he struggled to catch his breath. Since the chase that ended up in a fight with Waxer left Hanson winded and on his knees. "You never stop being a cop…..never." She shook her head, lifted her brows and flirtatiously admitted. "I like that in a man." Judy flashed him one last smile before slowly turning to walk away.

Hanson turned to Jenko. "Hey Jenk" He started as he pointed in the direction of Jenko's van where Judy was currently sitting. "You know…I'm starting to like that lady." He smiled. "What's her deal?"

Jenko smiled brightly as he briefly looked in the direction of the van before looking back at Hanson. "Hey, don't sweat it man." He playfully hit Hanson's arm before helping him up. "You'll never make the weight."

Hanson smiled back as he got up. "Don't bet on it."