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Chapter 14: Things In Between Pt3

Hanson remained sunken down into Judy's plush, white sofa for the duration of her shower. His left foot on the carpet, the right, cropped up on the edge of coffee table. He thoughtfully stares at the movie playing on the television, nursing the glass of water planted on the elevated kneecap of his right leg.

A small scowl darkens his disappointed frown, as a pair of smooth, caramel coated legs blocks the view of the classic black and white cinema, creating the ambient light surrounding her. He slowly skims her slim stems, briefly stopping at the hem of her loose fitting shorts, which grazes bottom of the white t-shirt she swiped from his place. His eyes gradually travel over her petite, yet shapely figure until coldly boring into hers. He raises his brows.

She raises hers.

His eyes darts from the direction of the television set and then back to her.

She continues staring at him, curiously tilting her head to the right while folding her arms over her chest.

Realizing she's not moving, Hanson swiftly scans the floor while softly smacking his lips apart. He eases forward with an annoyed sigh, removing his foot from the edge of the table and hunching over to rest his elbows at his knees. He places his glass on tabletop, taking his sweet time looking up at her.

Judy takes a deep breath, releasing some of the guilty nerves the shower couldn't remove. "It was a week ago, baby…I apologized and…"

"Now, we're fine." Hanson exhales with obvious frustration while glancing up at her, his tongue getting sharper with every word. "Everything's alright. Because it happened a week ago, I found out this afternoon and you said you were sorry tonight. That makes it all okay."

She drops her eyes from his, in search of some words, any words that would make things right between them. "That's not what I meant."

"It's…it's fine…We're fine." He slowly rubs the back of his neck before dropping his right hand to point in the direction of the television set. "Can you…"

"I'm not moving until you talk to me." Judy shifts her weight to the right. "Baby?'

The sweetness in her voice melts his heart, but his pride won't let him give in. Hanson started to open his mouth, but quickly closes it with a quiet frustrated sigh.

"Hanson, please…" Judy drops her hands to her thighs. "Talk to me."

"You wanna talk?" Hanson slowly bobs his head. "Let's talk." He stands up, shoves his hands into his jeans pockets while leaning back to stretch his back. "What do you wanna talk about…hmmm?" He briefly glances up at the ceiling before shooting her a curious glare. "Let's talk about boundaries at work? Oh-no," He scoffs while stepping toward her. "I got I better topic." His glare shifts to an angry squint. "We can talk about how you kissed that clown a week ago, and didn't tell me. AND THEN…he shows up tonight, AND HITS ON YOU RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME!" He slowly shakes his head, and mutters as he moves away from her. "He sent you flowers…and you kept them."

"I thought the flowers were from you! Besides," Judy touches her fingertips to her forehead before flinging her hand outwards. "Do you really wanna talk to me about boundaries at work?"

"Do I-" Hanson huffs while turning to her, narrowing his brows. "Only if you wanna talk about how we used to be a couple?"

Judy bowed her head, crisscrossing her arms over her chest and exhaling, before rolling her remorseful eyes up to look at Hanson. "We thought we heard Curtis and his gang coming. They needed to believe we were together."

"So, your first instinct was to kiss Kevin?" Hanson shakes his head as if it would erase the memory of what he saw. "You couldn't think of a better way to keep your cover?!"

She raises her head, regret in her eyes as she softly confesses. "It didn't mean anything."

He smoothes his hand over his mouth and quietly replies. "O-kay"

She narrows her brows at him. "Don't do that."

"What?" He breathlessly answers.

She raises her voice defensively. "Don't act like I would cheat on you for…"

"For what, Judy?!" His scowl deepens as he sizes her up. "No reason."

"That's not what I was going to say." Judy somberly replies with hurt written all over her face. "I was going to say for real." Her arms fall to her sides as she makes her way over to him. "If it meant something, I would've told you."

"If it didn't mean anything, you would have told me." Hanson pushes his fingers through his thick mane. "Instead, I had to hear it from him."

"I never meant for you to hear it from Kevin." Judy confessed. "I wanted to tell you, but I didn't want you to get mad over nothing."

He raised his brows. "Great plan." He flatly stated before cutting his eyes away from her.

"Uh-huh" She nodded.

His blood runs hot as he licks his lips and looks back at her. "You kissed another man while you were on a case!" He places his hand on his chest and gritted his teeth. "I hate that… I can deal with it… IF it's justified and you tell me about it, but I hate it." He narrows his brows while sternly stated. "What I can't deal with is you keeping it from me. I don't know what's gotten into you lately." He gradually lets her hand go as he speaks. "Holdin' intel from me, kissing another guy to keep your cover and…" He backs away from her disgustedly. "And the only thing you can say is 'I'm sorry and I didn't mean for you to find out from him.' COME ON! IT HAPPENED A WEEK AGO!"

"They pulled you off the case and Curtis had to believe me and Kevin were together, so I'd be connected too." She quickly explains. "They wanted me in, before pulling you out so it wouldn't look suspicious." Judy slowly shrugs. "What was I supposed to do?"

"You could've told me what was going on before you went in." He pushes his fingers through his hair, stopping midway to stare at the carpet for a moment. "You could've told me what was going on after you went in." He releases the strands from his fingers as he searches her sad gaze. "We don't keep things from each other." He shook his head a couple of times while briefly looking off to the side at nothing in particular.

"Okay, so I knew they were pulling you out and putting me with Kevin. I should've told you." The warmth of Judy's hand on Hanson's cheek turns his attention back to her. "I was wrong for not telling you what was going on. I'm truly sorry for that. You have my word, it won't happen again." She searches his gaze as he searches hers. "But, I didn't want Jump Street to lose a collar because you can't stand Kevin." She lightly grazes the back of her hand over his cheek. "I also didn't want to say anything about any of it, because…" Her hand moved from his cheek to the collar of his shirt. "I knew you'd be against me working with him and I wasn't sure how you were gonna handle him kissing me."

"Because he's a snake." He takes her hand in his and guides her to the couch. "He's a back stabbing snake."

"No," She sheepishly answers. "Because I figured you'd confront him."

Hanson tilts his head back while gently scratching underneath his chin. "And then everyone would know about us." He levels his head and shrugs. "So what?" Hanson sits on the arm of the couch, spreading his legs enough to fit her between them. "I'm ready to let our friends, and our families...our co-workers, know about us."

She wedges herself between his legs and places her hands on his shoulders. "We talked about this."

"Listen," He watches as he places his hands on her shoulders, gently gliding them down her soft arms until intertwining her fingers with his. "I love my job. It's everything I've ever wanted….It's important to me…(sigh)…And, I know you feel the same way." He licks his lips before trading gazes with her. "But, I also love you. You're everything I've wanted and more." He pauses while watching her eyes well. "Our job isn't easy and…this relationship is even harder. Not just because we have to hide it from everyone, but you're stubborn and prideful and…"

"So are you." She quickly adds.

"So am I." A sly smirk emerges on his face as she grins. "Listen, I just think that it's best if…"

"If?" She gently bounces her knee a few times before briefly closing her eyes and tossing her head back. She clears her throat, catching his line of sight once more. "You're breaking up with me."

"No," Hanson chuckles softly. "No, I'm not. I just want you to figure out what's more important to you. Us or the job." He glances down at their hands once more. "I need to be able to trust you, baby." He lightly traces the side of her face with his fingertips. "I want you to stop putting our careers before our relationship."

"You're my man and I love you." She slips her arms over his shoulders. "I never meant to hurt you, and I don't wanna to ruin what we have."

"Then make it right." He sweetly answers before his tone turns more serious. "Or I will."

A concerned frown steeps her brows. "Meaning?"

"You can't keep stuff from me, Jude." He bites his bottom lip, gradually allowing it to slip from under his teeth. "If you can't trust me to do what's best for us, then..."

She nods knowingly while strumming her fingers through his hair. "I don't want to lose you."

"I don't want to lose you either." Hanson lovingly kisses her forehead.

"You know…" Judy smiled while backing up from him. "This doesn't mean you can kiss whoever you want."

"No-no, see… I get a freebie. So, you can't flip out when I have kiss someone else." He smirks at the humorless expression on her face. "You know…for a case." He kicks his head towards the knock at the door. "I think Penhall's here."

"Let's get something straight." She demands while pushing him down on the couch. "The lips that touch another woman's while we're together…Will not touch mine."

He falls back. "That's not fair."

"Yeah, well…" She climbs over the arm of the couch, straddling him, before sternly replying. "Life's not fair." She undoes his jeans before glancing at the door. "Still want me to let him in?"

"Nah, we'll…um…tell him…" A smile spreads across his face as she places deep, lingering kisses on his neck. His hands slide up her thighs, over her hips. "We…uh… went for a walk."

Her breath dances along his earlobe as she whispers. "I'd rather ride."

He grazes her lips with his. "Whatever makes you happy, baby." He captures her lips with his, pressing her body firmly against his, his hands travel underneath her shirt, up her lower back until he's pressing his warm strong hands into her upper back. Exciting her more. She sinks into their passionate kiss while guiding him deep into her until her eyes roll back into her head and she whimpers his name. She pushes herself upright to gain control of the quake bucking her back and forth. He places his hand over her mouth to muffle the moans escaping her as she begins to ride him like a wild bull. She gently bites the palm of his hand when he responds with rhythmic waves that intensify with every stroke. The knocks on the door are long gone and so is Penhall, but the rush of ecstasy racing through them leaves them oblivious to the outside world. Hanson brings his hands over to rest at her waist, as he steers her through shockwave after shockwave of uncontrollable ecstasy. He shuts his eyes as his hands glide over the curve of her ass, cupping it, before squeezing it tighter as the pleasure fills his every nerve ending. He's thinking about a different position, but she feels so good, he can't stop. She throws her head back and continues to make him beg for mercy, until his body finally stiffens just as she becomes blissfully paralyzed for a moment. After their bodies become limp, they realize that the ringing in their ears aren't accompanying their afterglow. "Don't…answer it." Hanson breathlessly requested.

"I have to." Judy pants while reaching over Hanson's head to grab the phone. "Hello?"

"Hey Jude" Penhall answers. "I was at your place about a half hour ago. Why didn't you answer the door?"

"I'm sorry, Doug." Judy climbs off of Hanson. "I was taking a bath and, by the time I got to the door you were gone."

"Liar" Hanson whispers while sitting upright.

Judy pushes back a smile while throwing her finger up to her lips. "Hanson left a couple of hours ago."

"Li-ar" Hanson whispers once more as he points to the bedroom. "Shower."

She put her finger up, asking him to wait.

"I have his car. I'm supposed to drop him off and I can't find him." Penhall shrugs. "Where'd he go?" Penhall shifts his weight. "I've been to your place, his place and then I called him and no answer."

"He said he was tired of waiting on you. So," Judy glances at Hanson and shrugs. "He had that girl he's been dating on and off come by and pick him up." She bit the fingernail on her right thumb. "I guess he's with her."

"Maybe he's getting lucky." Penhall flashed a proud smile. "I'm goin' to bed."

"You're a pig." She quickly snaps.

"What?" Penhall innocently asks. "I'm just wishing him well."

"Goodnight Doug." Judy hung up the phone and met eyes with Hanson. "I'm going to hell."

Hanson drops his head and chuckles. "I'll be right there with you baby." He massaged her shoulders as they made their way into her bedroom. "Don't forget to set the alarm for the crack of dawn. I gotta catch a cab to my place."