A/N This story revolves around Rose Weasley struggling to tell her parents (well especially her Dad) about her changing relationship with Scorpius Malfoy. It explores Rose's relationship with both her parents and how she became friend, and more, with Scorpius. It will showcase Ron/Hermione as parents (it can be quite embarrassing to be their child according to Rose). It should be about 6 to 7 chapters story, I am still working on the ending.

This introductory chapter focuses on the Rose/Ron relationship. In my universe, she is a Daddy's girl in case anyone wondered.

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Chapter 1: Dad, my hero

As the train passed through the English countryside, Rose Weasley thought of her Dad. Famous Ronald Weasley, war hero, one third of the so-called Golden Trio, renowned Auror, married to the extraordinarily brilliant Hermione Weasley née Granger, best mate to the famous Harry Potter. To her, he was just Dad. He was the one who had passed her a tall and lanky frame, her blue eyes, a fondness for chocolate and quidditch and a tendency to swear when she shouldn't, much to Mum's dismay.

She had glimpses of scenes when she had been a young child of Dad readjusting the covers over her at night, making sure Alfred (her stuffed hippogriff) was there snugly with her. He would kiss her forehead and tell her how much he loved her and to have sweet dreams.

She remembered warm summer days at the Burrow, Dad's childhood home. They would come and visit on Sundays and Dad would take her on his shoulders to visit the expansive property. He would show her the pigs, the chickens, and had taught her early on how to degnome the garden.

She remembered when she had been a few years older how he had taught her to fly on a broom. Mum was not the broom-flying kind of person. Dad had been patient with her and had shown her how to properly guide the broom. He had taught her to play quidditch and she had never looked back. Quidditch was the best sport ever. The end.

Dad had also shown her how to play chess and they would, even to this day, spend hours playing epic games. She remembered the first time she had beaten him at chess when she was twelve. He had told her she had broken his heart since nobody had beaten him at chess in over twenty years. But she had seen the pride in his eyes. The pride had always been there.

Dad loved to tell the world how brilliant Rose was, how thankful he was she had inherited Mum's brains. Well, Mum was undeniably brilliant way beyond average but Dad wasn't bad either. For one thing, Mum couldn't have fallen in love with a daft person. And Mum and Dad were in love. Actually, it was quite sick to see them. They were old (they had just turned forty-three) but they still looked at each other with gooey eyes and was that embarrassing when her parents started snogging when they thought no-one was looking. Honestly, get a room people! Well, they didn't always need one. There was this time Teddy and Victoire had seen them at Uncle Bill and Aunt Fleur's twentieth wedding anniversary party. It seemed that Teddy and Victoire had found Mum and Dad on the beach occupied in an activity that should have no audience. Of course Teddy and Victoire had snuck out to get to an intense snogging session themselves so they let Mum and Dad alone. Teddy had told James who had told Al who had told Rose. She didn't think she had ever been more embarrassed in her life. That had explained the sand on Dad's dress robes that evening. She remembered asking him about it and how Dad had turned slightly pink. All Weasleys had the ability to blush to an entire array of pinks and reds. Another embarrassing thing because she definitely was a Weasley in this department too. But in Dad's case, it only seemed to happen when it was something related to Mum.

She loved Dad like nobody else. Dad had always been here for her and she was definitely a Daddy's girl. They had their special moments, just the two of them. They would go to see Cannons quidditch games: she was a fan too and was a bit annoyed Dad had made her care about a team that was known above all for its abysmal record and whose colours clashed horrendously with her hair. They could sit down and eat boxes of sweets and chocolate frogs. Dad was also there to boost her confidence. She knew she was bright but Dad was also the one who had told her to love who she was. According to Dad, bushy hair was wonderful (well, obviously, since he fancied Mum so much) but Dad wasn't the girl with bushy auburn hair. She was. He had told her that one day, when she was much much older, a man would get himself lost in her bushy auburn hair. He had also mentioned he probably would need to hex the bloke to pieces.

Well, that was the problem with Dad. She was his girl and it was inconceivable to him she could be with boys. He had no problems when she was with Al but Al was her cousin. She only had one brother (the ever proper Hugo) but had enough cousins to fill half of the Gryffindor dorm. No, it wasn't the boys in her family Dad had an issue with. It was all the other boys, and one more than all others: Scorpius Malfoy.

A/N here is the intro. Next will be about Scorpius. The Ron/Hermione story at the twentieth wedding anniversary of Bill and Fleur is the last chapter of my other story Senses.