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Chapter 7: something to talk about

Ron and Hermione walked toward Rose's bedroom where they found Scorpius still immobilized on Rose's bed, flanked by Al and Rose. Ron suppressed a smile and he saw that Al was also sniggering, obviously quite amused by the discomfort of his friend. Al then decided his presence was no longer needed.

"Erm, Aunt Hermione, would you like for me to prepare some tea?"

"That'd be lovely, Al. Thank you."

Al almost ran out of the room, fleeing what he knew would soon become an uncomfortable scene. He certainly was going to take his time to brew tea.

As Al ran downstairs, Ron removed the curse on Scorpius who could finally move but still didn't dare speak. Rose was remaining silent too, lest she lashed at her Dad for his overbearing behaviour. She had never been so humiliated in her life and had never felt so angry.

Hermione decided to break the awkward silence and spoke first:

"Scorpius, Mr. Weasley would like to apologise about this," she started.

"No, I..." Ron started. "Ouch". Hermione had just not so subtly kicked his shinbone.

"Sorry Scorpius," Ron said grudgingly in a tone fraught with insincerity.

"Now that we've cleared this, I would like to talk with you Scorpius. We can go to Hugo's room. Rose, I think you need to talk with your father."

"I don't think I have much to tell him," said Rose defiantly. Dad had pushed things too far this time.

"That's fine Rosie, I'll do the talking," Dad said as Mum escorted Scorpius across the hall to Hugo's room. They heard the door shut.

There was an awkward silence between the father and daughter. Rose finally broke it:

"Why did you do this to me?" she said reproachfully.

"What I did to you? Rosie, the git..." Dad started.

"Don't call him a git! He's Scorpius and he is my boyfriend," she shouted.

"Don't you raise your voice at me, young lady! Do you think I want to find my only daughter snogging a boy senseless on her bed and with her hands under his shirt?" he bellowed.

Oh! Dad had seen that too. Dad did pay attention to details and would catch things like that. That's why he was a good Auror.

"That still didn't justify cursing him!" she replied with a bravado she didn't feel.

"You don't understand, do you?"

"No, illuminate me."

"Don't be cheeky with me, Rose Weasley! If I hadn't cursed him, I would have physically hurt him. Punched him or strangled him or worse."

"And humiliation is alright?"

"Blimey Rosie! Don't talk to me about humiliation. I could have earned an Outstanding if there was an OWL in the art of being humiliated. I just don't want my only daughter to behave like a ... a"

"A what? A slut? Is that what you're thinking?" she shouted back.

"Rosie, no. Of course not. I could never..." His voice had quieted down.

Rose felt her temper reach new heights. She was deeply hurt by Dad's actions and comment. She just lashed out.

"That's rich from someone who spends his brother's twentieth anniversary party shagging his wife on the beach."

She had blurted this out without thinking. As the words came out of her mouth, she realised the enormity of what she had just said and put a hand over her mouth. She saw Dad go through several shades varying from pink to red to almost puce. Puce was not good. That usually was a sign that Dad was extremely pissed off.

"How do you know about this?" he asked quietly.

She was silent for a minute. She didn't know what was most shocking: that Dad admitted it was true or that he wasn't yelling at her. The way he looked at her though, she decided to come clean.

"Teddy saw Mum and you on the beach. He told James who told Al who told me. Can we please stop talking about it now? It has embarrassed me enough already and I am probably scarred for life because of it."

To her amazement, Dad just smiled a big lopsided grin.

"Embarrassed you, has it?"

"Dad, it's not funny!"

"Oh but yes, I think it is. Certainly a lot more than me finding you snogging that Malfoy boy on your bed..."

Dad was now remembering what they were talking about. She let out a sigh of frustration.

"Dad, he is only my second boyfriend. I am almost seventeen and have only snogged two blokes and haven't done anything more," she yelled exasperated.

They both blushed uncomfortably at this revelation.

"Rosie, I want to pretend you will wait to be over thirty before you even think about that something more. You're my little girl," he pleaded quietly.

"I am almost of age, Dad. That's how old you were when you went on a hunt for Voldemort with Mum and Harry."

"Rosie, these were different times and conditions. Consider yourself very lucky not to have to go through what Mum, Harry and I went through," he replied earnestly.

"Still Dad, I am old enough to make my own decisions. I am not four anymore. I need you to trust me," she pleaded with him as she felt she was close to tears again.

"And how can I do that when I find you with your hands all over a Malfoy..."

"Is that what bothers you? Is it because Scorpius is a Malfoy? He is not his Dad, you know."

At that moment, Ron thought that Rose might be a Daddy's girl but she was definitely her mother's daughter too.

"I know," he sighed. "Your mother just gave me the same speech."

"Well, Mum is right. And if you want the truth, I don't like Scorpius's Dad much."

"Something else we have in common, Rosie," he said smiling.

"Dad, I'm sorry. We got carried away a bit but I do care for Scorpius. A lot. And I care for you too. A lot. Don't make me choose," she begged him as she started crying again.

"I'm sorry too Rosie. Come here." He gathered her in his arms and hugged her tightly. "Just do me a favour, don't snog him in front of me. Leave your old Dad the illusion that you are still his little girl." His voice was a bit constricted. She gave him a watery smile.

"Dad, I'll always be your girl." They held to one another for a while before she told him: "I tried to tell you, you know. All those quidditch rubbish conversations. Mum had told me to broach the topic with quidditch. I just don't think I want to hear anything else about how pathetic the Chudley Cannons are this year!"

"That will teach you to listen to your Mum's advice involving quidditch. Actually, the Cannons were why I was coming to see you in the first place. That new seeker of theirs caught the snitch and they beat Puddlemere United," he sounded genuinely excited as he related that fact.

"You're joking?" Rose asked him incredulously.

"Always the tone of surprise! The Cannons do win every now and then!"

"Yeah, like once every century! That's worth celebrating. She rummaged through a pile of things on her desk and finally found what she wanted.

"Ah! I knew I had some left... Chocolate frog? I have some hidden in here so Mum can't find them," she told him as she handed him one.

"Rosie, you definitely are my little girl."

Across the hallway, Scorpius was looking at Mrs. Weasley. She was looking formidable even while wearing jeans and a jumper that Scorpius recognised as a Weasley jumper. Rose and Al had explained to him that their gran loved hand-knitting jumpers for the entire family. She sat primly at Hugo's desk and invited him to sit on Hugo's bed from where he had to look up to meet her eyes. Hugo's room was nice and tidy, a complete opposite of the messy explosion of books, clothing, and sweets that was Rose's. Scorpius felt relieved he had to talk with Mrs. Weasley rather than Mr. Weasley. He wasn't sure he ever wanted to be alone with Mr. Weasley. Mrs. Weasley had always been kind to him and had a much less volatile temper than her husband. And now that Scorpius thought of it, Rose definitely had her father's temper.

"Scorpius. I apologise for my husband's behaviour. You have to understand that Rose is his only daughter and Ron can be a little overbearing at time," she started. Scorpius sighed in relief. He was just starting to feel very comfortable when Mrs. Weasley smiled at him again. Her smile this time wasn't her usual warm one though. It had something different: an almost devilish quality to it. She resumed in a deceptively sweet voice:

"Now Scorpius, I wanted to talk to you about the situation in which Mr. Weasley found Rose and you. You see, just like my husband, I don't approve of you in such a precarious situation in Rose's bedroom. And I just want to make sure Rose and you take some time, a long time, before engaging in further, more intimate activities."

This was getting very awkward. The last thing Scorpius wanted to discuss with Mrs. Weasley -his girlfriend's Mum!- was his sexual life or lack thereof in the present and likely future. Scorpius swallowed hard.

"Yes, Mrs. Weasley," he said in a barely audible voice while looking at his shoes.

"I believe you are of age, aren't you?" she continued.

"I turned seventeen last November," he replied timidly.

"So I shall hold you responsible for any slip. Oh, and I will know. There's a reason I am known as the brightest witch of my age. If you were to lapse, I might let it accidentally slip to Rose and Al that you had the biggest crush on me up until two years ago."

Merlin, she knew about the crush. How did that happen? He thought he had managed to hide it well. Being cursed by Mr. Weasley had been humiliating (and he still owed Al a good jinxing for laughing at him) but this was nothing in comparison to what that would be. Scorpius imagined: "Hello Rose/Al. I wanted to tell you I fancied your Mum/Aunt for the first four years I knew her." Yes awkward indeed.

"And one last thing Scorpius, I like you. I do like you a lot. You are a very nice boy. However, should you ever hurt my daughter or break her heart, you will have to deal with me and trust me when I say that whatever Mr. Weasley would do to you would be like tea at Madam Puddyfoot's compared to what I would have in store for you. Do we have an understanding?" she said in a conversational voice, as if they were discussing the weather.

"I think we do." His voice was much higher than he would like. He now understood what Al had told him about Rose's Mum being the only person able to scare both Harry Potter and Ron Weasley. He might be suicidal but he still found the courage to tell her. "Mrs. Weasley, I care a great deal for Rose and have every intention to have her in my life for a very long time."

Mrs. Weasley smiled again at him, this time a genuine and warm smile. "I know Scorpius, I know. Let's go and find Ron and Rose. And I think Al must be done brewing tea by now so we should go and enjoy it."

Later that evening, Al was talking with Hugo, who had come back home, and Ron and Hermione. They had all left Rose and Scorpius alone in the kitchen to do the dishes from dinner. Scorpius was getting ready to go back to his parents after what had been the most interesting day for him at the Weasleys.

"I think Dad is alright with you and me dating," Rose told him.

"Yes, as long as we just hold hands," Scorpius replied still thinking of Mr. Weasley' reaction and Mrs. Weasley's warning.

"They left us alone in the kitchen. I think they are fine with the snogging as long as we don't do it in front of them," she shot back cheekily.

"Ah, your brain can always be counted on for flawless logic, Weasley," he told her as he gave her a tender kiss. More snogging ensued until they both needed air. A bit pink in the face, Rose resumed:

"You don't want Dad to see this."

That made him smile.

"Rose, I just wanted to tell you, I... I don't think we are ready for more than snogging at this point."

Rose was surprised. Had she misread his signals?

"I... I don't understand. Don't you want to be with me?"

"Yes Rose, I do want to be with you. I care very much about you and I eventually want to be with you in every way we can be. I just don't want to rush. I want to take our time and make it worthwhile. I want you to be with me for a very long time," he told her earnestly. Strangely enough, Scorpius thought he would have told her the same thing, with or without Mrs. Weasley's warning. Rose was too important to him.

Her eyes were getting slightly misty. She tightened her embrace on him.

"That's good because I want to take my time as well and I want to be with you for a very long time too," she whispered in his ear. She then gave him one last fleeting kiss and told him:

"I'll see you at King's Cross next week."

As she saw Scorpius disappear in the green flames of the floo network, Rose was thankful to have finally had a proper good-bye this time.


Their bedroom was only lit by the full moon. Ron was smiling beatifically as Hermione slid off his body and lay down next to him, her breath ragged.

"That, Hermione, was fantastic," he told her as he gathered her small naked body next to his.

"Indeed it was," she chuckled as she snuggled closer to him.

They waited for their breath to return to a steady rhythm. Ron wanted to ask her. He had wanted to ask her all evening.

"What did you tell Scorpius?"

"Oh, I have my ways to get things done, Ron. You don't always have to have recourse to violence, you know."

"Honestly, Hermione, what did you tell him? He looked scared when he came out of that room."

"I told him he would have to deal with me if he ever hurts Rose."

"Yeah, that was brutal. You have a reputation, you know."

"I do know."

He was caressing her hair, playing with the wild curls.



"Rose knows about us sleeping together..."

"Ron, she is almost seventeen, she is not daft."

"No, I mean at Bill's wedding anniversary six years ago. You remember, the music, the dance," he trailed off. He caught her smile in the moonlight as the reminisced.

"Yes, Ron, I remember. That was quite lovely. How does she know?"

"Teddy caught us, probably trying to find a quiet spot to snog Victoire. He told James who told Al who told Rose."

"So, what do you want to do?"

"I first thought of Obliviating the lot of them but then I thought, it has to be supremely embarrassing for them to think about us that way so I'll just let them be. Isn't embarrassing your children one of our parental duties?"

She chuckled. Ron saw a wide devilish grin spread on her face.

"We probably shouldn't tell them about what happened at the twenty-fifth anniversary then, should we?"

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