The end of school soon came and the day to go on summer break didn't come soon enough. Interestingly enough though, the kids also thought it came all to soon. The last few years of school after summer break many things seemed to change and the kids all knew things would change again this time. The kids soon all left and as Ikkaku, Tessi and Koda was waving goodbye to Nan and Bess as they drove away he felt a big emptiness. The same emptiness that he always felt when school ended. Even when he was alive he felt the same.

There once was a time, in the goti 13, when life was simpler. Children grew and years went by, and yet it seemed like nothing would ever change. However things did change as they always have to.

Thanks to my wonderful editor awsomenaruto. Also thanks to those of you who still read me. Also, the quote is somewhat taken form A Road To Avonlea Christmas. I am going to do a sequal as well. hope u guys read it