No Resistance

I could feel him watching me again, up there from his high perch in the crow's nest. Sometimes I would glance up and meet his eyes across the distance, other times I watched him using a separate set of eyes.

He hasn't done this since he felt uncomfortable with me being his nakama, after Luffy defeated Crocodile, leaving me with nowhere else to go. He would watch me then with a dark glare in his eyes. Eventually though, he started protecting me like the rest of his nakama.

After Enies Lobby though, things had changed. I hadn't expected them too. I had tried to make it seem like I betrayed them, so they wouldn't come after me. He of all people should have gone against my rescue. But they had all come. More importantly, he had come.

There was no question of trust amongst any of us now, though for me there hadn't been any question for a long time. They all… they were all amazing. Luffy the most amazing, suffering so much, taking on so much responsibility, all for his nakama. His willingness to protect those that he had no personal vendetta against, whether they be friend or foe, that was what was the most amazing. I respected him for that.

But I also respected him. Taking on the pain of his captain; willing to die for his captain; willing to give up his dream for his captain –that was respectable.

I closed my eyes as I leaned back on the lawn chair. He was still watching. Even without my power, I could feel when his eyes were on me. I wasn't naïve nor ignorant like Nami in these kinds of situations. I knew what this was all about. I just didn't know how to respond. And I couldn't really respond unless he made the first move.

Or so I thought. Why did he have to be the first to make the move? It wasn't like it was in his personality to do such things anyway. I stood up as Sanji called us in for lunch. Everybody disappeared inside the dining room, everyone intending to eat before Luffy could devour it all.

I headed instead to the ladder below the crow's nest. I climbed up, not daring to look up, knowing his eyes would most definitely be on me. With every rung I stepped on, the more my heart faltered. But at this point I was past the point of no return. I climbed up and into the crow's nest.

His face was serious; he opened his mouth to ask me why I was there, though he could probably guess. He wasn't an idiot –his sense of direction just sucked.

I placed my hands on either side of his cheeks, and this time he couldn't conceal his surprise. I took his mouth with mine, closing my eyes as I felt relieved to finally get this out of my system. He placed his hand on the back of my head, pressing his lips harder against mine.

We stopped to take a breath a moment later, and I smirked as I gripped the ladder once more, beginning my trek down.

"Oi! Robin," He called.

"Yes, Zoro?" I looked up at him.

"Was that –?"


"Does that mean –?"


"So you –?"

I smiled. "Mm."

Not knowing what else to say or do, he scratched his head before heading to the dining room. I watched him as he went, then followed a few moments later. And no one but us would ever know what had just occurred.

Actually, I hadn't been entirely sure how he had felt. I was just surprised that I got no resistance.

A/N: It's so much harder writing from Robin's point of view rather than Nami's! Her thought process is on an entirely different level, so I hope I did it justice nonetheless. :]

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