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She was being tortured, knives dragged down her skin, hands groping places that no one but her husband should touch. The men had left her wedding ring intact and it gave her some hope she'd make it out alive. She'd lost track of the days she was held by these men because she was rarely lucid enough to make out the time of day. One of the men wore a watch and sometimes when he was thrusting into her, she'd see what the time was, but it never seemed to make sense. Time meant nothing to her when she was locked away.

They humiliated her, raped her, beat her, teased her and starved her, only giving her the bare essentials to live. All Lila Archer could do was hope that the FBI and her husband were going to burst through that door any day now and Spencer would take her in his arms and her weeks (was it that long?) of pain would fade away in an instant. In truth, she knew it would take years for her to recover from such an ordeal, but she thought naively that she'd bounce back as quickly as she always did.


A scream erupted from the man's lips that lay beside her and she hurriedly sat up, turned on a light and started humming to calm him down. One of her hands started to massage his brow line while the other took his shaking hand as he sat up. Even in the moonlight peering through their bedroom window, Lila could tell Spencer was pale. Well, paler than usual at least.

"What was it this time, baby?" Lila asked, her voice quiet as if she could possibly scare him away if she talked too loudly. A shudder of a sigh made his body move under her warm hands and she pulled him close to her chest, allowing him to listen to her heart beat.

"You.. Were taken from me. And countless acts of unfathomable violence pushed you to near death and you still held on. For me." A kiss was pressed against his forehead and then his chin and last his lips as his wife tried to comfort him knowing most words she could utter wouldn't make him feel better.

"I will always hold on for you, Spencer. Always. After all, who else is going to make sure your skinny ass eats three meals a day? Or to take it easy every once in a while and just be?"

"I remember to eat." He responded weakly, his hands tangling in the small of her back, pulling her closer to him needily.

"Only if one of your team members reminds you to when you're at work or on a case. That's where I come in to pester you with delicious foods to keep you going. So you can save countless more lives."

A timid half smile appeared on Spencer's lips and he lay back down with her cuddled in close to him.

"Promise me that if something does happen to me, you'll never give up saving people, okay?" Lila whispered against his throat, her teeth nibbling the soft skin.

", why are you saying this? What could you possibly want me to say?" Her grip on his shoulders tightened as she met his worried glance.

"Just promise, Spencer. Promise me!" She said urgently, her voice raising to a range she only reached when scared or worried.

"Ok..Okay, I promise, Lila. I just hope I never have to make good on that promise."

With a happy sigh, Lila lay back down next to Spencer, the urgency and fear leaving her body in waves. She too hoped that he would never have to fulfill that promise, but with so many nightmares he was having and with so many bad people out there, Lila had to make sure if anything ever happened to her, Spencer Reid would not abandon his job and his team. No matter what happened.