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Spencer couldn't shake the feeling of extreme panic that settled over him for the rest of the week. At work, the team studied him trying to figure out what his deal was. When asked, a look of pain would pass his features and then he'd smile as best as he could. He was hiding something, they were profilers they knew. What he was hiding was unclear.

He'd rush home right after work, breathing unevenly until Lila was in his arms and murmuring sweet nothings in his ear. Only then would his body release itself from the tight armor it had held itself in all day. Only then would he breathe a sigh of sweet relief.


Spencer started having panic attacks when she was out of town for a few days. He never told her about these because he knew she would give up her apartment in Hollywood, give up her potential blockbuster movie career. He would never forgive himself if she did that.

The nightmares happened whether or not she was next to him, but it was worse when she wasn't there. He couldn't fill his hands with her warm body. He couldn't push himself against her just to feel Lila push back. He couldn't reassure himself that she was alive until she was back in their bed. And she always came back.


Her phone was off. Or she was on it. She was late. Spencer had been at the airport terminal for over an hour waiting for her to stroll past those automatic doors and into his arms. His bubbly tanned wife didn't appear however and instantly panic rose up his throat like bile.

After making sure his car was locked for the millionth time, he rushed to the ticket counter to inquire if she ever made it on her flight. At first the man behind the counter was unwilling to share such classified information but after being yelled at and seeing Spencer's FBI id and badge, he nodded silently and pulled up the proper information.

"It seems Miss Archer never made her flight, sir. Shall I call the airport and see if she took a later flight?" Spencer shook his head, backing away from the counter, his hands shaking.

The man stepped forward to try to comfort the stranger in front of him, but Spencer turned and fled. He jumped in his car and dialed Garcia's number.

"Garcia, I need you to look up flights coming out of the LAX and see if Lila was on any of them." He listened to the sound of her comforting key strokes and hoped that she'd find that Lila was on one of them.

"Honey, the only ticket she bought was the flight that just landed. She never made it. Reid, is everything okay?" She heard a sharp inhale of breathe and shivered involuntarily.

"If that changes, if she buys another ticket, please call me as soon as you can." He hung up the phone without a word of goodbye and sat in the seat staring out the dashboard. Were his nightmares finally coming true? Did he plot Lila's demise?

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