Summary : Ratchet's list of Wheeljack caused mishaps that incurred a loss of the left hand, starting from their youngling days to the time they arrive on Earth. Seriously? It's just a plot bunny. Don't expect it to update any time soon.

Disclaimer : Transformers, Ratchet, and Wheeljack, are the property of Hasbro. I'm just playing with them.

Rating : I'm going to go with T on this one. Just don't try any of this at home, kids.

Author's Note : What does the exploding is listed at the end, so the cleaners Wheeljack is throwing around are identified for you. This is mostly situated in the live action universe, and has no real relation to my other stories' AU, besides a brief mention. Note: This is a friendship fic, not slash.

Edited 17/09/11 : Finally found my old files for the story, so I'm going through and rewriting bits of it.

Number One on the List – Common Living Unit Cleaners

Wheeljack was being a very good little mechling. He had finished his orn's educational vids, and his carrier had placed him in the main room to play while she finished cleaning the rest of their living unit. The older femme had been in the middle of transferring the cleaners from one room to the next when she set the newly upgraded mechling in a corner with a few toys to occupy him for a while, forgetting a few small bottles that had been knocked underneath the couch.

This left a youngling Wheeljack in a room with a few half-full containers of cleaning solution. Spotting the colorful containers when he was picking up a few of his toys, the just out of sparkling hood youngling tottered unsteadily over to the forgotten cleaners. In complete sparkling-like innocence, Wheeljack wondered what would happen if he used the cleaning liquids on himself like how his carrier was using them on the floors and walls. Would that let him skip his wash joor later?

Completely game to try something new out in the hopes that he could skip a trip to the dreaded wash rack, the very young white and green mechling reached for the first nearby container, fishing it out of under the couch. Scrabbling with the cap, he discovered that the liquid inside was clear and smelled really strong, but Wheeljack knew that his carrier used it with another of the liquids that looked clear. Setting the first container to his right to be used once he found the other liquid, the green and white youngling reached for the next one.

This liquid was green so Wheeljack threw it over one shoulder, heedless of the cleaner splashing out of the container. The next one was blue, so that bottle went the same way.

Then the green and white young mech found another clear cleaner solution, and with the other clear solution he happily started to clean up his armor of the other cleaners that had spilled over him and the dirt of the orn that had gotten on his lightweight armor plates . . .


The explosion rocked the entire living unit, making Wheeljack's carrier fall into the wash rack she was cleaning. Scrambling upright, Livewire made a mad dash to where she left her off spring in a panic.

The main room of the unit was a mess. The couch and some of the floor was on fire, and her youngling was sitting a bit farther into the room than she had left him . . . without most of his left arm.

Wheeljack was blinking his optics at the stump of his arm, his developing processors rather fascinated by the effects of the cleaners, the resulting flash of light, and the brief flash of heat. He couldn't feel anything yet due to system shock, and had assumed he had turned his arm invisible by some arcane method.

The white and green mechling was wondering if he could do it again, as the invisible effect would be fun to play with when his carrier screeching in terror made Wheeljack look up. Waving his left stump of an arm, the youngling giggled. "Look, carrier! I'm invisible!"

Ratchet had gone to work with his creator this cycle, expecting to be bored with only medics, mechanics, and the odd patient or two to play with. To the youngling's surprise, it was more fun to play with the medic's tools than his own toys from home, even if he was restricted to the waiting room for his creator's work shift.

Swinging a portable welder in a manner that he thought any knight or Templar would be proud of; Ratchet didn't pay any attention to the sudden entrance of a panicky femme and a crying youngling. Quite honestly, he didn't notice anything until he tripped on the femme's pedes and landed on his skid plate. With a bit of embarrassment, Ratchet looked up to the femme. "Sorry, miss. Didn't mean to trip over you."

With a startled blink, Livewire looked down to the mechling sprawled over her pedes. "It's okay. Would you like to play with me for a while?" The femme figured that playing with this young mech would take her processor off her own that the medic was now working on. Primus knew she needed a distraction.

"Okay." Picking himself up, Ratchet searched under the chairs stacked in the waiting room for his welding tool slash sword.


By the time Wheeljack had his arm replaced, from the left elbow joint to his hand, and was brought back to his carrier in the waiting room, Ratchet was in the middle of 'slaying' a 'demon'. Livewire was playing the demon while the red and white youngling was running around the waiting room waving his welding tool at her.

The mech that had brought Wheeljack to the waiting room, who happened to be Ratchet's creator, set the now very curious and fully repaired mechling down to join in. He watched a moment with a grin creasing his face plate for a breem before leaving the room for the next patient waiting on him.

Livewire took a breem from the ongoing game with the red and white youngling to fuss over her creation and his arm before continuing to play with both of them until the end of the work shift.

Once his creator arrived to take Ratchet home, the two young mechs chatted while Livewire exchanged information with Ratchet's creator for future youngling play dates.

"Why were you brought in?" Ratchet peered at the other youngling, trying to find what malfunction the green and white mechling was suffering from. Despite the discoloration on the left arm, the other youngling looked like he was in good repair.

"I, ah . . ." Wheeljack muttered something that Ratchet could not make out.

"What was that?"

The green and white youngling pointed to his left elbow joint. "I blew up and lost my arm." At the disbelieving look that earned him, Wheeljack tried to defend himself from the wary expression now creeping into the look other youngling was giving him. "I was trying to clean myself so I wouldn't have to get washed up later."

"How did you blow yourself up?" Ratchet took a few steps back, just in case the green and white could suddenly blow up right now. He wasn't taking any chances.

Wheeljack took an astrosecond to look upset about the events of the cycle, then locked his optics with the other. "I have no idea. But, I think I could do it again. It was loud and bright and fun, not too painful until I got here. Thought I turned myself invisible for a bit. I wonder what would happen if I used the green stuff instead of that other clear one . . ."

Twitching, Ratchet ran for his creator. The red and white mechling wanted to go home before the other green and white could blow up again.