Title: The Fastest Donation

Rating: PG

Spoiler: Season 8 Defiance

Author's Note: I thought this was funny coming home from a blood drive to the scene where Abby is grilling Tony on why he hasn't donated blood yet. I am a phlebotomist for the American Red Cross and wanted to let you know a few things about blood donation. First thing is right now in the East Coast we are in critically need for blood. Due to all the snowstorms and nasty weather the American Red Cross has lost hundreds of blood donations due to cancellations of drives and donors not showing up. Second thing is donating blood is important. You can save up to 3 lives with one donation. People need blood for surgeries, accidents, sickness and your donation can help them. Third thing is if you decide to donate always make sure you eat a good meal and drink lots of fluids like water, juice or milk. It is important your fully hydrated when you donate. Last thing is your donation does make a difference and takes about an hour for the whole process. Anyone here would like to ask me questions about it -just pm and I'll try to answer them. Thanks.

The team, minus Tony, had come in a bit earlier on this Tuesday. It was the first day of a week long blood drive at the Navy yard. Abby had set up appointments for the whole team. Today she scheduled Gibbs, Ziva, Tony,McGee and herself. Palmer and Ducky had appointments for Wednesday. She had text-ed everyone the night before making sure they drank plenty of water, juice or milk. She also told them to hold off on the coffee in the morning too since coffee is a diuretic and not a good thing to have before giving blood.

"Good morning team. Hope all of you drank lots of water and ate breakfast this morning." Abby was smiling and looking at everyone.

Gibbs came up to her and gave her a quick hug. "It's hot chocolate." Gibbs spoke near her ear assuring her it wasn't coffee. Abby smiled.

"Good morning Abby." Ziva said while unscrewing the cap of a bottle of water and taking a drink from it. "Except I've been drinking so much water I have to go to the bathroom again." Ziva headed towards the ladies room.

"Good morning." McGee said while taking another sip of his orange juice. "Tony's not in yet? I kind of figured that. He didn't answer my text reminding him of today's blood drive. I'll text him again."

"Well he is supposed to be here. I text-ed him last night too. I'll give him a call." Abby pulled out her phone and called Tony.

Ziva came walking back. "Who is Abby calling? She looks mad." Ziva asked McGee as she sat down at her desk.

"Tony." McGee answered.

Gibbs was busy at his computer but kept an ear to the conversation. He smirked at Abby's determination to get a hold of Tony and took a glance at Abby. Her eyes were squinting at the phone every time she redialed as if would make Tony answer the phone.

Abby took a second and put down the phone. "You guys go ahead. I'll be there in a minute." Then she continued to call Tony.

Gibbs got up from his desk and waved Ziva and McGee to go ahead. Gibbs came up to Abby and pulled the phone away from her. He ended the dialing to Tony's phone with his finger and then put it in his pocket.

"Gibbs." Abby protested but Gibbs just put his arm around her waist and led her down to the blood drive.

"You'll find him later or else you'll miss your appointment, Abbs." She smirked and let him walk her down. "I sure will find him, one way or another."

As the team were sitting reading the information packet about donating blood, Abby had a glint in her eye as an idea popped into her head. "The person with the fastest time to donate will get a special prize from me. You'll have to wait until Palmer, Ducky and Tony donate to determine who wins. Ducky and Palmer have appointments tomorrow and I still have to get Tony in too."

"What's the prize?" McGee asked.

"You'll see if you win." Abby answered.

"You mean you haven't decided what it is yet , have you?" McGee smiled at Abby

"My lips are sealed." Abby pretended to zip up her lips.

A couple of phlebotomists in white coats came up to the sign in desk. The first phlebotomist called for Ziva and the second phlebotomist called for Tim.

"Don't forget to find out your donation time. Remember the fastest donation wins." Abby said out loud to the agents who just left.

Another phlebotomist came up and called Abby. "See ya Gibbs." Abby waved as she was lead away to one side of the blood drive. This was the side where people are interviewed before donating. A donor has their blood pressure, pulse, temperature and iron checked before answering a few questions. These questions are asked for the safety of the blood and the donor.

When Abby was done with the health assessment she was led down to the side where the actual donation took place. Ziva and McGee were laying down and were already donating. Abby laid down near them. Her phlebotomist was starting her paperwork and preparing her blood pack when she saw Gibbs come out. Abby asked if Gibbs could be in the cot next to her and of course got her way.

As Abby was about to begin, Ziva was done. She could hear Ziva asking for her time. "Five minutes and thirty seconds, Abby." Ziva told her while she was led to the canteen to sit down for fifthteen minutes to snack and have a drink of juice or water before returning to work.

Abby's phlebotomist spoke to her as he was scrubbing her arm with iodine. "Just have to wait for the iodine to dry and then we'll start." He smiled at her as he threw out the swabs he just used on her arm.

Abby then turned to Gibbs. "Gibbs, will you hold my hand? Hope you don't mind if I squeeze it too."

Gibbs held her hand in his. Abby then closed her eyes and squeezed Gibbs' hand when the needle went in. He continued to hold her hand after that. Abby opened her eyes and looked at Gibbs. "Thank you." He then gently squeezed her hand a couple of times to acknowledge her thanks.

Okay there's way more to the story but its late and I'm tired. I hope to put up the next part tomorrow.