Title: The Fastest Donation

Rating: PG

Spoiler: Season 8 Defiance

Author's Note: Thank you to everyone for reviewing and pm me questions.I appreciate it. Sorry this took me so long to post. I forgot last weekend was my weekend to work. Due to popular demand , I added another chapter. It isn't very long so sorry about that. This is the last chapter.

Abby closes her eyes as she is drawn into a slow passionate kiss. The forbidden temptation she's had for years has happened.

He caresses her face with his. Just touching her skin makes him feel alive again.

Abby moves her un-held hand up and down Gibbs' arm. She tickles his hair and feels how strong his arm is. Just like she had imagined it. Abby rests her hand just below his bicep and gives light squeezes as each kiss is deepened . His touch sends shivers through her and wishing she had known his feelings years ago.

Gibbs moves his un-held hand slowly behind her neck. His fingers rub her skin gently then he tightens his grip. Gibbs brings her closer to his lips. He intensifies each kiss as if it was his last with her. Gibbs makes his way from her lips to her neck. Abby turns her head sideways enticing him to continue his discovery of once untouchable domain. Losing herself in the sensation of his touch she manages to whisper next to his face,

"I never knew?"

Gibbs pauses and faces her with a smile. He raises Abby's hand that he's been holding and kisses the back of her hand. Gibbs delicately strokes her cheek with his freed fingers.

"Always have, Abs. Just needed you to tell me." Gibbs then embraces Abby tightly feeling the warmth between them.

Abby places her head on his chest and wishes this moment never to end. They sway like a couple dancing except there is no music. Nothing is said between them. The embrace is one of understanding and found love. All these years of wondering, wanting and wishing answered in a night.

Gibbs gives her a kiss on the cheek and reaches for her hand again. He begins climbing up the stairs of his basement bringing Abby with him. At the top of the stairs, Abby stops to turn off the light.

"Glad you won." Abby smiles to him. Gibbs smiles back and gives a gently tug on her hand for her to follow him upstairs to his bedroom.