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Summary: Another state wants to start a task for like 5-0, therefore the governor allows two detectives to observe 5-0 and how they work.

This story starts after sometime after my version of Po'ipu.


Chapter 1: The Observers

Steve was on his way to Governor Jameson's office after receiving a call to meet her as soon as he could. This was the first time since he started the task force that he had been called to her office, they did most of their communication via the phone or e-mail. He wondered what could be so important that she required a face to face. He didn't think that he or his team had done anything terribly wrong or had gone outside of procedures more than usual. Steve could hear Danny ranting about proper procedures and Steve's distinct ability to ignore them. Before he could continue that thought he had arrived at the Palace.

He parked the car and headed inside. Once he arrived at her office he let her assistant know who he was and that he was expected. It wasn't long before he was told Jameson was ready to see him. He entered he office and stopped in front of her desk to stand at parade rest.

Governor Jameson looked up at Steve and waved to the seat in front of her desk. "Have a seat Commander." She waited until he was seated before continuing. "I'm sure you are wondering why I called you here, so I will get straight to the point." Steve appreciated her directness. "Several other states have started their own task force based on the success of 5-0." Steve would have straightened up in his seat with pride if he wasn't already sitting up. "However, the task force in Maryland has been having difficulty getting off the ground, therefore the governor has asked me to allow two members of his task force to observe and ask questions of 5-0." Steve did his best not to scowl at the idea of having to babysit two observers. "Normally, I would have said no because they might prove a distraction for your team. Unfortunately, Governor Stevens is an old friend from my college days and he helped me out when I was in school. I really couldn't say no."

Steve nodded in understanding even though he didn't like it. "When will the detectives be arriving? I would also like an opportunity to see their files so that we know what kind of experience the detectives have."

Jameson smiled slightly at Steve. "I had expected you would want to know about Detectives Jackson and Harris. Their expected arrival day and time as well as their personnel files have been sent to you already via e-mail. I understand that Jackson and Harris are the leader and second in command of the task force so do try and be as accommodating as you can."

Steve grimaced slightly. "I understand governor. However, I will not tolerate anyone questioning my authority or my decisions about who is on my team." Steve was aware that some did not like or understand his choices for the 5-0 task force. Jameson nodded; after all she had approved his choices even though he had carte blanche to choose who he wanted. "I will let my team know about the observers when I get back. What hotel will they be staying at?"

Jameson checked the folder in front of her before answering. "Governor Stevens has authorized a small suite in a residence inn." Steve wanted to groan at the implications that the detectives would be here for more than a few days. "I know this is an inconvenience for you Commander. I hope you can consider this a personal favor for me." Steve nodded in acceptance. "Thank you Commander. I will let you get back to headquarters so that you can prepare for your visitors."

Steve stood. "Good day Governor." She responded in kind as he was leaving the office. Once Steve was safely in his truck he cursed. He did not want to babysit two detectives never mind that they were mainlanders. He realized at that moment that he did not consider Danny a true mainlander anymore even with his professional dress and missing New Jersey. Steve smiled imagining what Danny would have to say about the idea that he was actually adjusting to living in Hawaii. He shook his head, as he started the truck and took off for headquarters, and decided to never mention that because it would make Danny even more determined to be a mainlander tolerating Hawaii instead of enjoying it.


Steve entered headquarters and requested that the others join him in his office in 15 minutes. He wanted to have a few minutes to look at the observers jackets. He quickly read over Jackson's and Harris' records, they looked good on paper. He wondered what they were really like. He had met a few Seals that looked good on paper but did not work well in his teams. They didn't last long under his command.

He knew that some wondered why he put up with Danny and his abrasive manner. It was simple, Danny was good at his job and they balanced each other. Danny also kept him within the law most of the time. Even though Steve gave Danny a hard time about coming from New Jersey, he bet that he was missed by his former precinct. Before he could go any further down that road his team walked into his office after knocking on the door, well Chin and Kono knocked on his door; Danny walked right in and sat in his favorite chair.

After Chin and Kono were comfortable, Kono spoke up. "So what's up boss? Do we have a new case?"

Steve snorted. "I wish. The governor has kindly authorized two detectives from Maryland to observe us." Both Danny and Chin scowled at this news. "Evidently Maryland's governor has tried starting a task force like 5-0 but is having problems. He asked Jameson to allow the head and second in command to observe and ask questions."

Before Steve could continue Danny spoke up. "Wonderful. Maryland's task force can't get their act together; so after they observe us in action, they can go back, use what they learn and everything will be fine and dandy?"

"That about sums it up Danny. I'm sending each of you a copy of the two detectives' records so that you can get a feel for them." Steve stood up to move around his desk and lean on it while he was talking. "The governor considers this a personal favor. Evidently Governor Stevens in an old friend whom she owes a few favors otherwise she would not have agreed to his request. We will extend the two detectives every courtesy." Danny's scowl increased while Chin and Kono looked a little worried. "I let the governor know that we would unless these men question my choice in team members or interfere in how 5-0 is run." He looked at each of his team. "I chose Danny and Chin based on their records and my own instincts." He smiled slightly. "Kono came with Chin. I have not regretted my choices even if some in HPD didn't like them."

"Thanks boss." Kono smiled. Danny and Chin acknowledge the praise with small smiles.

"If either of these detectives gives any of you a difficult time, let me know immediately. I won't tolerate anyone who hassles my team. Now I want the three of you to read through the records provided. They will be here tomorrow. Danny and I will pick them up and take them to their suite." Steve stood up and the others followed suite recognizing the dismissal in the action.

Danny didn't leave right away. "I can't believe we are going to have to babysit two detectives because they can't get their act together." Danny waved his right hand in a slashing movement. "What's next? Allowing the FBI to see how we work? Maybe we'll have to allow school children to follow us around."

Steve looked horrified. "I don't want to even think about either possibility. This is bad enough." Steve ran his hand through his short hair. "I think I'm going to need a beer tonight. Are you game? I have a six-pack at home."

Danny nodded. "Sounds good to me. I think I will need one too." He turned to leave. "Now I get to read about two idiots. I think I would prefer getting shot at." Danny held up his hand. "Don't get any ideas. I'll just go to the shooting range to work off any aggression I may develop. You are welcome to join me since shooting at things is one of your favorite past times." He said that as he walked out the office door.

Steve smiled and shook his head. Another reason he kept Danny around, he was entertaining as well as a very good detective and partner. He decided to get a couple more six-packs of beer for tonight. Danny could always crash in the spare bedroom.