Entries in a Holy Knight's Journal

by Lucathia

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Notes: Whoa, what do we have here? It's an Entries chapter! Hope you enjoy the new installment! Here's a recap for what happened previously in the fic, since it's been quite some time.

When Sun's second blueberry pie disappears, he throws the entire Holy Temple into disarray to find the culprit. Judgment makes a trip to the store to buy more pies for Sun, who later finds out that Ice had thrown his pie away because it had already gone bad. Earth, angry over the state of his handkerchiefs (thanks to Sun), tosses one of them and accidentally hits Storm. Storm's eye becomes infected, so he starts wearing an eye-patch. It makes him even more popular with the ladies, which is troublesome for him, but Earth gladly takes the women off Storm's hands. Some time later, Storm asks Leaf to deliver some paperwork to Ice. In Ice's room, Ice gives Leaf some bread to try out. Leaf can't help but add seasoning to the bread, which angers Ice so much that he smashes a strawberry to pieces. When Blaze returns from the mission that Sun had sent him on during his fit of anger over his pie, Blaze can't find Sun and thinks he has been kidnapped. He enlists Storm's help, and together they search through all the places they think Sun might frequent. In the end, they find Sun hiding in his cellar, brewing strawberry wine.

In other words, welcome to another addition to the daily lives of the Twelve Holy Knights. Remember, this all started because of the mundane event where Ice threw away Sun's second blueberry pie!

Fifth Entry in a Holy Knight's Journal: "To Confirm the Cloud Knight's Existence, Burn Him with Fire"

I didn't do it on purpose. Really, I didn't. I just reacted, like well, usual. I mean, I am the brash Blaze Knight after all. I'm not known for thinking things through. Next thing I knew, I lit up the place with my spirit flames.

And then...

Some Time Earlier

I collapsed on my bed.

"So soft!" I exclaimed while burying my face into my pillow. I'd been on the road for days without any rest. I'd only just returned from a mission when Sun sent me on yet another mission right away. He had an awful smile on his face that day when he'd so cheerfully announced the location of a village rumored to be infested by wraiths. Just remembering that smile was enough to make me shudder again.

I shivered and burrowed underneath my blankets.

"Why am I even thinking about that again? No use thinking about it now!" I mumbled into my blankets, only half of my face peeking out. My bed was really nice and soft and smelled a whole lot better than sleeping next to my horse. He's a great horse, but I liked my bed better.

I tried closing my eyes, thinking I'd drop dead asleep right away, but when sleep still didn't take over even after I pulled my blanket over my head, I flipped over onto my back, blanket pushed down to my torso, arms splayed outwards across my bed in the imitation of a scarecrow.

I stared at my ceiling. In the dark, it looked almost unfamiliar.

Sun had given me a scare today. I thought he'd gotten himself kidnapped, like how I'd once gotten myself kidnapped when I'd stupidly gone off to butt heads with a necromancer, but Storm had sorted it out for me this time. Knew I could rely on Storm!

The mission report I'd given Sun hadn't been too pretty though, and even Sun had come out of that looking grim. I thought only Sun's teacher or Judgment could put that kind of pinched expression on Sun's face!

It would've been funny if not for the actual content of the report.

"Oh right. That report..."

I squeezed my eyes shut.

Let there be no more spirits, wraiths, or any other spooky stuff I needed to get rid of any time soon!

What I'd faced at the village was enough to last me several lifetimes.

I turned and shifted, sheets rustling. I turned again. It wasn't working. I tried counting. What are you supposed to count? Lost lambs? Like that stuff that Sun always says. The God of Light loves lost lambs. Or something. Huh? The God of Light loves lost lambs? Wait, that doesn't make sense! Why would He want lambs?

"Ugh, why can't I sleep? Why am I even thinking about lambs?!"

I swung my legs over my bed.

It was simple.

I hadn't kicked down enough doors today!


The door flew open. A head poked out of the blankets and mumbled, "Hi Captain," before the head disappeared again.

I scratched my face and fixed the door back in place for my vice-captain. Huh, he's so used to this already.

When I wandered back into the corridor, my legs still itched to kick something. It was always safe to kick my vice-captain's door, but it was also pretty boring. There was absolutely no thrill in safety and routine.

After all, kicking doors wasn't about safety and routine. It wasn't about appearing like the Blaze Knight of legends either, at least not anymore. I like kicking doors because of the thrill of what I could see behind them. Shock, anger, embarrassment - all kinds of unmasked emotions and all kinds of unthinkable secrets. People are always the most unguarded in that moment when their door is slammed open... My vice-captain is an exception. I'd practiced on him too many times for him to be surprised anymore.

Like today during my search for Sun. Even while I was worrying, the last door I'd kicked in my search for him had been the most entertaining of them all - Sun in his cellar, making strawberry wine. It had been bizarre seeing Sun in an apron, brewing strawberry wine without a clue. And funny too. I don't think any of our followers would believe me if I said the Sun Knight sometimes hides in his cellar to brew wine!

I laughed, my unease flying away. I'm back home now! The village is behind me! There is nothing to worry about! It's not like any of the spirits followed me back home!

I kicked several more doors, most of them leading to empty rooms and closets, but I still wasn't satisfied just yet.

Letting my foot fly out, I kicked open another door. This was the door to some closet in the far corner near the library. I'd never known what it was used for, so I was curious about what was behind it even though I wouldn't see any funny expressions from kicking it.

The door swung open. A cold draft blew past me.

I shivered so violently, my teeth clashed. I nearly bit my tongue.

Tentatively, I peered inside. It was kind of hard to see in the dark, but the dim torches lighting the hallway were enough to tell me that the closet was pretty empty. There was no reason I should've felt a cold draft. It wasn't like there were any windows around.

I stepped back and quickly kicked the door shut.

"I-I'm not afraid of you!" I shouted and then immediately turned tail. I got the heck out of there.

As I hurried down the corridor to head back to the safety of my own room, the flames of the torches around me flickered, shadows dancing on the walls eerily. It was damn spooky, nothing like what the place looked like in the day.

I couldn't shake off the feeling that someone or something was following me. Has a spirit from the village followed me back all the way to the Holy Temple?

I should have taken the long way home like what my platoon had suggested! Just like how you should never head directly home after visiting a cemetery in case you showed the deceased exactly how to reach your house, I shouldn't have returned so directly. I must've led something otherworldly right back home!

With this thought in mind, I pivoted and headed in the direction opposite my room. I didn't want to lead whatever was following me to my room!

Before I could get very far, something cold tapped my shoulder.

"GAAAAAAHHHHHH!" I yelled and reflexively blasted spirit flames behind me, lighting the corridor up all at once. A piercing scream that wasn't mine made my heart jump even more. A spirit! There was a spirit behind me - It must've followed me back from the village, wanting revenge on me for purifying its friends-

"So bright! So bright..."

The voice grew faint.

I blinked. My eyes slowly adjusted, and I was also finally placing the voice. It didn't belong to a spirit like I had thought. The hunched over figure was actually...


Before me was none other than Demos Cloud, our Cloud Knight who could magic himself into thin air. Have I actually blasted him into existence or something?!

He was also on fire. I guess it was kind of hard for someone to disappear when they're on fire. Even his drifting skill wasn't that impressive.

"I'm so sorry, Cloud!" I hurried forward to help him put out the fire that was licking at his clothes. "What are you crouching there for?" I bellowed. "Do something about those flames!"

If I'd gotten set on fire, I'd be rolling on the ground like a chicken with its head cut off trying to put it out, spirit flames or not. I guess this meant Cloud really wasn't a spirit since he wasn't being hurt by the flames.

"It's too bright..." Cloud's voice trailed off.

Or maybe not... Just how weak are your eyes?! Are you sure you're not some spiritual being that only appears in the dark? Don't tell me that come daytime, you'll disperse with the retreating night?

I opened my eyes wide, trying to see if it really was as bright as Cloud was claiming.

It was true that my spirit flames made the place a bit brighter, but the corridor was still pretty dark. After all, it was nighttime! Other than my flames, we only had those weak torches that looked like they could go out at any moment. Even after widening my eyes, I still didn't feel the corridor was all that bright.

But even so, Cloud was still on fire. Yikes!

I grabbed Cloud who remained huddled and...rolled him about on the floor, trying to extinguish the flames. What I'd give to have Ice around at the moment! I bet he could blast Cloud with some icy water and not have to roll the poor guy around. I mean, he reaaaally wasn't doing anything about the flames, so what choice did I have?!

After the flames went out, Cloud finally stood up and dusted himself off. His clothes were a bit more raggedy than before, the round cloud-shaped corners sharp and tattered. I didn't see why he would've thought the flames to be too bright - his eyes were hidden behind his bangs like always!

"Sorry about that," I mumbled and scratched my face sheepishly. Cloud didn't look angry or anything from what I could tell, so I guess I was safe. Thankfully, the one I'd set on fire was Cloud and not one of the others. Anyone else would probably want to get back at me in some way. Even Leaf, if you can believe it. You know how they say it's the good guys who are the scariest when they get angry, yeah? Well, I'm pretty sure that statement is all about Leaf. Whenever I kick his door, I always think I'd get fluffiness and, oh, I don't know, bunnies and other small forest animals. For the longest time, that was exactly what I got too! But... I think he broke somewhere along the way... Because there was this one time, I could've sworn I'd burst into a witch's lair with how potent the dark energy was that swirled around the room. I mean, there wasn't actually dark energy that I could physically see, but Leaf had been so focused on killing the straw thing in his hand that I really thought I'd seen dark stuff swirl around him.

The scariest part was how he'd looked up at me and smiled like nothing was wrong. I of course smiled right back... and then slammed the door back in place.

That had been super thrilling!

Cloud, on the other hand, was unlike anyone else I knew. I didn't know what it took to anger him. Unless he'd been angry before and I just didn't know it? Come to think of it, he would probably hide instead of yell, huh?

"What are you doing up and about?" I asked. "Why were you following me?"

Cloud picked at the edge of his singed sleeves. "I couldn't sleep."

"You too, huh? That makes two of us!" I stepped closer and pounded him on the back. On second thought, I grabbed both of his shoulders from behind, afraid that he'd disappear on me. I started walking him back toward the direction of our rooms by pushing him forward. I didn't think I could stand another disappearing act from him. I'd be scared out of my wits, wondering if I'd dreamed this whole thing up.

"Was that... you I felt from the closet?" I decided to ask. It had to be him. I wanted it to be him. Otherwise, it'd be too freaky! "What were you doing there?"

"...Trying to sleep," Cloud answered.

"Well, that's a terrible place to sleep! Of course you couldn't fall asleep there!" I exclaimed.

That closet has to be full of cobwebs! It's not like there's a bed in there either, and it's so far away! It looked more like a place where spirits might manifest!

And I'd found Cloud there...

"If you want to sleep in a closet, at least choose a comfier one than that! There's a closet near our rooms that we can install a bed in!"

"...That would...make sleeping...even harder..." Cloud mumbled. "Too close... Loud... Doors breaking..."

"What was that?"


When we reached the corridor where the Twelve Holy Knights' rooms were located, I grabbed a hold of Cloud's sleeve and pulled him forward as I let my leg fly out to kick open the door before us.

As the door flew open, I remembered that I should probably cover Cloud's eyes to prevent him from seeing anything scandalous, so I hurried to do that. Cloud didn't say a word, but he did tilt his head slightly.

The person inside muttered. I walked Cloud in, actually surprised that there was no one else in the room. I was so sure there'd be some woman warming his bed! I dropped my hand from Cloud's bangs - I guess I didn't really need to cover his eyes with how long his bangs were, but at least I must have helped ease him into the brightness. I quickly snatched his hand to prevent him from disappearing.

"I'm gonna grab some tea, okay?" I declared in a loud voice to the inhabitant of the room - Earth.

Before Earth could answer, I grabbed one of the cans on his shelf and popped open the lid with one hand. I sniffed at it. It smelled like tea. I had no clue what kind of tea, but tea was tea.

"That smell about right?" I asked Cloud, waving the can before him.

"It's tea," Cloud said.

"Good!" I nodded in satisfaction.

At that moment, Earth finally managed to appear from underneath his blanket. He narrowed his eyes at us. "First, you make a huge enough racket to wake up the entire Holy Temple. Now, you've even invaded my room. What the heck are you doing in my room at this ungodly hour?" he growled in a way that did not at all fit the image of the Earth Knight. After getting shocked over Sun when we were younger, I got over the true personalities of everyone else pretty easily.

"I told you! I'm grabbing some tea!" I shook the can in front of me to show him.

In the very next instant, even with his foot half tangled in his blanket, Earth seemed to leap out of his bed in a feat that was close to instant teleportation. He snatched the can out of my hand and cradled it in front of him. "This is expensive!"

"Oh." I scratched my face with my free hand. "Then, do you have any other teas?"

Earth looked at me incredulously. "Why are you even in my room looking for tea? Do you know what time it is? It's absolutely not teatime! If you drink this, you're going to be up all night!"

I blinked. "Really? I thought tea helped people sleep better?"

Earth groaned. "This can is black tea. Believe me, it will keep you up all night."

"Oh. That's not what I want then. Do you know anything that will help someone sleep better? I couldn't sleep."

"...Where'd you even find Cloud?" Earth asked with a jerk of his head to indicate Cloud.

"He couldn't sleep either," I replied with a shrug.

Earth sighed. "Why come to me..." Because you have the best teas! "Fine, this is what you want."

He untangled himself from his blanket and stepped over to his shelf. He grabbed another can which didn't look any different from the can I'd grabbed. He popped open the lid and held the can out to me. "You want to sleep, right? You want chamomile tea then. It'll help you relax."

I took the can with one hand and the lid with the other. I took a sniff. "Smells flowery. You sure this is tea?"

Earth rolled his eyes. "Duh, it's chamomile tea."


What the heck is chamomile?!

As Earth expected, I had planned on brewing the tea in his room. It wasn't like I had a stray teapot lying around my room... and it wasn't like I was any good at brewing tea. I was going to plant myself on the bed to wait, but Earth shooed me away. I could only sit on the floor. Why didn't Earth have any chairs?

While the tea brewed, my thoughts wandered. If Storm were to take up door-kicking, he'd be one tough opponent! Imagine Storm kicking doors! With his speed and the strength in his legs, our doors would be completely demolished. He might even be able to kick down the main gate! Truly, tough competition. Thank the God of Light Storm didn't make it a point to kick doors. Otherwise, I'd have no doors left to kick.

I should ask him for some pointers.

I hopped up and gave a practice kick. Surely my kick can be stronger! Bam! And then the door will fly cleanly off its hinges!

As I practiced, Earth started setting out the cups.

"First cup, second cup, last cup..." He looked up. "...Where's Cloud?"

"Huh? Cloud? He's right next..."

Wait? When did I let go of Cloud's hand?

A tap on the shoulder made me jump, and even though I knew it had to be Cloud, I was a second too late to stop my own reaction. I whirled around and kicked out, my kick followed by a burst of spirit flames.

"SHOOT, I DID IT AGAIN. I'M SORRY CLOUD!" I wailed. "Quick, help me put out the fire, Earth!"

Cloud was once again bent over, hands covering his eyes like I had blinded him. He was going to be no use putting out the fire. But Cloud... the fire is at your legs...

"I'm not throwing my precious tea on him."

"I'll use these then!" I grabbed a bunch of square cloths, but Earth once again performed a feat of impressive speed and snatched them out of my hand.

"You don't know how long I spent washing these and gathering more! No way are you using these!"

Since Earth was useless, I grabbed the blanket that had fallen in a pile on the floor and threw it over Cloud to extinguish the fire.

Earth didn't look impressed. "You owe me a blanket. But seriously, you 'did it again'? Have you already set Cloud on fire before this?"

I scratched my face and laughed guiltily. "Uhhh, yeah? At least, this means that Cloud's not a spirit, right?"

Earth rolled his eyes and handed the cups of tea to us. "Drink up and then scram out of here." He also took one cup for himself and gulped it down.

Cloud wiggled out of the blanket and extended one pale hand to grab his cup.

"Now, you'll be able to sleep!" I exclaimed with a grin.

Without a word, Cloud drank the tea. Earth crawled back into bed, voice muffled as he spoke into his pillow. "I think he'd have been able to sleep if you weren't around... Damn, I might need more tea..."

"What was that?" I asked.

"Nothing. Just scram already."

When I turned, Cloud had already taken Earth's words to heart. It was still damn spooky to find that he'd disappeared again, but I'd already confirmed his existence twice, so he had to be real!

Did he take the blanket with him too?

Maybe he was going to take my words to heart as well and sleep in the closet I'd mentioned.

I finally felt myself yawning. Awesome! Time to go to sleep!

to be continued (with another two knights~)

A/N: Blaze, I think you mean that it's the quiet ones you need to look out for... Earth might not know his seasonings, but I greatly believe he must be an expert on tea!