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Blaine's fingers lingered in the air. If he went through with this, he would be crossing a dangerous bridge. A part of his sexual purity would leave him behind forever.

With a heavy sigh, he finished his profile and set it to 'Active.' Yes, he had sunk this low.

He had joined a local dating website.

At least this one didn't allow pictures until both parties agreed. With only text descriptions, nobody was going to recognize him . And if he made a fool of himself, only a complete stranger would know.

Picking an online name was the most difficult part. He had scavenged his room for any phrase that didn't sound totally lame or totally identity revealing (OldFashionedWarblerBoy, his email address, was going to be a dead giveaway). Eventually, his eyes fell to the corner of the room where he kept his musical instruments. GuyWithGuitar it was, then. Nice and generic. Lots of guys played guitar.

He scrolled through the list of available gay profiles. There weren't that many to choose from and even fewer guys his age. Well, his virtual age. Eighteen was the minimum, so he was getting practice lying on the internet. He skimmed the profile summaries, but nothing caught his interest until the bottom of the page.

Name: LovelessInLima

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Looking for: Male

Hello world! Well, this is embarrassing but I need love! I'm a young proud gay man living in a sadly unfabulous town. Looking for somebody who likes music and going to the theater. I am a former football player and male cheerleader, so someone athletic would be nice too. Of utmost importance, looking for someone who wants to have a physical relationship! Please! I swear I'm cute and my skin is flawless!

A chuckle escaped him. This guy had a sense of humor. The name was wittier than Blaine's lame attempt for sure. Blaine wrote out a quick little message and sent it. Actually, he wrote five messages, deleting them one after another until he finally squeezed his eyes shut and clicked the send button.

From: GuyWithGuitar

To: LovelessInLima

Subject: Like your profile!

Body: Hey there! I just read your profile and you sound like my type. I'm an out gay male near Lima and I'd love to get to know you better. I write music and would like to meet a nice guy that wants romance and maybe a little bit more.

Then he began panicking. What was wrong with him? If it didn't work out, whatever. It was just a stupid online experiment. No one was even going to know. So why was his heart pounding so fast?Blaine contemplated logging off for the night when a soft ping sounded. Someone was trying to chat with him.

LovelessInLima: Hi there. I got your message.

Oh god, he read the message. And he wrote back. Blaine stood and paced, forcing himself to breath deep, steady breaths. No problem. It's a good thing, right?

He gently touched the keyboard. It didn't electrocute or burn him, so he had no excuse not to continue. Disappointed, he typed back.

GuyWithGuitar: yes! hello! are you having a nice night?

LovelessInLima: Sort of. Kind of bored. Would you like to chat?

GuyWithGuitar: sure! tell me about yourself

LovelessInLima: Okay.

Blaine waited, but nothing further appeared on the screen. Was he being too forward? He began to type an apology when a new message appeared.

LovelessInLima: What do you want to know? I'm sorry, I don't know what to write about. This is my first time on a dating site :S

What a relief! If Blaine was screwing up, at least this guy wouldn't know.

GuyWithGuitar: me too! i guess we can both relax then haha

Maybe he should be a little bolder. Wasn't that the whole point of this experiment?

GuyWithGuitar: why don't you tell me what kind of guy you are looking for a friend or a boyfriend? if i'm not what you want you don't have to waste your time

Oh god, now his insecurities were invading his virtual life too. He amended:

GuyWithGuitar: :P

His new friend wrote for a several minutes.

LovelessInLima: Definitely looking for a boyfriend. To be honest, I've been lucky enough to have great friends. I'm looking for someone who is out, willing to be gentle with a guy that hasn't had a lot of sexual experience... somebody romantic.

That could be Blaine. Theoretically.

LovelessInLima: Do you really play the guitar? Or is that false advertising?

GuyWithGuitar: i do. i'm also out and i haven't had a lot of experience either

He ran a hand through his hair, pondering before adding:

GuyWithGuitar: i want to be romantic but i don't get a lot of opportunities. i want a guy that i can write songs about

GuyWithGuitar: that likes being taken out to dinners or just to the movies. that likes to be kissed in public even if people stare at us.

The kind of guy I thought Jeremiah was going to be, Blaine thought. The memory of that embarrassment hadn't worn off yet.

LovelessInLima: :#) I would definitely go for someone like that. You would really kiss a guy in public? In Ohio?

GuyWithGuitar: yup. well i'd kiss you ;)

that was too much oh no hes totally gonna log off now

LovelessInLima: You've made me blush.

Blaine exhaled deeply. He hadn't screwed this up. Yet.

LovelessInLima: How do you feel about being with a virgin? Are you a virgin? Maybe I'm being too forward, but I have needs... I'd like to be with a guy who wasn't a gentleman behind closed doors.

Hmm. Blaine felt a tiny thrill of adrenaline run up his spine. He was a virgin too, actually. But there was no reason for his new friend to know it.

GuyWithGuitar: totally ok. i've only been with two guys so not exactly a pro. you shouldnt feel shy.

LovelessInLima: Okay. I'll trust you ;)

Now Blaine was blushing. Emboldened, he continued.

GuyWithGuitar: if we got together i would love to be the first man to explore your body. i can be as patient or passionate as you want me to be. very open to suggestion :)

LovelessInLima: Are you trying to seduce me? Because if you are, it's working.

Blaine couldn't help a grin spreading across his face. He was getting a little excited too.

GuyWithGuitar: still blushing? ;)

L Yes. Really really hoping you are real. Can you describe yourself?

GuyWithGuitar: i have dark thick hair

Blaine ran to the bathroom and squinted at himself in the mirror.

GuyWithGuitar: and green eyes

GuyWithGuitar: you?

LovelessInLima: I'm very skinny. Feminine, but I keep myself fit. Brown hair. My eyes change color depending on my mood.


LovelessInLima: And I use moisturizer nightly so I'm very soft...

GuyWithGuitar: sounds good

LovelessInLima: you too. do you work out?

Blaine lied.

GuyWithGuitar: yes. i'm a football player

LovelessInLima: Oh, in college?

Whoops. He was supposed to be eighteen.

GuyWithGuitar: still in high school., slow learner haha

Great. That was going to make a good impression. Not.

LovelessInLima: Do you need a tutor ;)

It couldn't hurt to steal a line from porn in an emergency, right?

GuyWithGuitar: sure, how about you teach me math and I'll teach you sex ed ;)

LovelessInLima: That sounds like a very fair deal. Whats my first lesson?

GuyWithGuitar: how to ask for affection politely

GuyWithGuitar: i wont give it to you until you beg me

"That's a good line," he muttered to himself. "Maybe I can do this flirting thing after all."

LovelessInLima: Is it too much if I tell you I'm touching myself?

Blaine caught a small groan escaping his throat. He leaped out of the chair and firmly locked the door to his bedroom. His night had just taken a turn for the awesome and the last thing he needed were passing family members to judge him.

GuyWithGuitar: you're turning me on, sure do you want to keep going?

LovelessInLima: Very much so. I mean, please. Please play with me. I want you so bad.

Blaine looked down at his boxers. He was willing to play, all right. He reached in his desk drawer, fumbling around for the lube.

GuyWithGuitar: if you describe what you are doing i will gladly return the favor ;)

LovelessInLima: I am sitting here in a white t-shirt and pajama pants. But no underwear. I am slowly rubbing myself through my pants.

Blaine squirted lubricant on his right hand and slid it into his boxers. His entire lower body felt hot, tingly with the knowledge that somewhere out there a this guy was touching himself. For Blaine.

GuyWithGuitar: im in a wifebeater and boxers. ive put some lube on my hands and im spreading it over myself

LovelessInLima: sounds hot

GuyWithGuitar: you sound hot

GuyWithGuitar: i wish you were here

GuyWithGuitar: i would kiss you all over

LovelessInLima: now im stroking myself, thinking of you touching me

Blaine heard his own breath get rougher, fully engrossed in his own pleasure.

GuyWithGuitar: me too

GuyWithGuitar: i want to put my mouth on you

LovelessInLima: keep going

GuyWithGuitar: if i was there i would lick you and lick you until you couldnt take it anymore

LovelessInLima: imcomng

LovelessInLima: I'm coming for you

Blaine's hand surged faster. He bit his lips and closed his eyes, thinking of his mystery lover who was out there somewhere. Wanting him. Blaine felt himself go over the edge, letting himself moan. With his free hand, he managed to tap out:

GuyWithGuitar: me too woooooow ,#

GuyWithGuitar: i mean 3

Dazed after his climax, Blaine stumbled into the bathroom to wipe off. His reflection looked especially dopey right now. Thank goodness they hadn't been video chatting. When he returned, there was a message.

LovelessInLima: Hey Guy, I want you to know that this was awesome and I'd really, really like to get to know you better after tonight. But I have a confession to make.

LovelessInLima: I'm not 18 :( I'm actually a junior in high school.

Blaine was too. But he decided to keep that under wraps.

GuyWithGuitar: that's only a couple years younger than me no big deal

LovelessInLima: Yay! :D

LovelessInLima: Oops. Sorry I was nervous about telling you.

GuyWithGuitar: dont be :*

LovelessInLima: Aww. You know, I go to an all-boys private school. Maybe I'll wear my uniform for you sometime. ;)

All. Boys. Private. School. Blaine stared at the screen. He had never thought those words would fill him with utter dread.

GuyWithGuitar: oh yeah? what are your school colors?

LovelessInLima: Navy and maroon. Sounds drab, I know, but it actually looks quite sophisticated.

Who else was gay at Dalton? Him, Kurt... Thad, maybe? That guy with the tight shorts on the tennis team? He needed to narrow it down. Or at least make sure it wasn't a Warbler. Couldn't be. Hoped it wouldn't be.

GuyWithGuitar: do you go to that dalton school? i heard they have a pretty good singing group or something

LovelessInLima: Yes, they do! I just joined a few months ago, but I am in it. I sing really well actually :)

Who joined a few months ago? Other than Kurt. Did anyone other than Kurt join recently? No, just Kurt. So, it had to be... but it couldn't be. Because that would mean. That.

He had internet sex with Kurt tonight.

This was a disaster. Kurt was his best friend. They hung out together all the time. How could he be this sex deliquent? Oh man. Kurt was across town, post-orgasm and Blaine was to blame. He shivered a little. Wondered what Kurt had looked like. Or sounded like. He found his hand running down to his crotch.

LovelessInLima: Are you still there?

Blaine quickly returned his attention to the keyboard.

GuyWithGuitar: sorry i got distracted

GuyWithGuitar: can i ask you something? what does it mean if my heart is pounding right now and i'm pained at the thought of leaving you and going to sleep?

LovelessInLima: I think it means you like me. At least, I hope it does.

LovelessInLima: Because I like you.

Kurt liked him. Well, he didn't know it was him, but Kurt liked this guy Blaine was pretending to be.

GuyWithGuitar: then i really like you too :)

"I like you," Blaine said aloud. He felt a little foolish, affirming this statement out loud. But he wanted to say it, to know he really felt it. "I like you, Kurt Hummel."

On the way to school, Blaine had knots in his stomach. He was sure his identity was safe but he'd have to work really hard not to suddenly blurt out his feelings in a state of panic. Well maybe Kurt wouldn't even mention it. Maybe Kurt sexed up guys all the time online and Blaine had never known. Something twisted in his chest at that thought. He didn't like it at all.

He found Kurt gazing out a window in the common area.

"Anything interesting out there?" Blaine said, approaching with caution.

"I think there might be." Kurt's mouth was muffled by the hand he was leaning on. Blaine wondered if that was the hand that Kurt had been using last night. A rush of heat flooded his lower abdomen.

The far off look made Kurt's eyes seem especially bright this morning. Why had he never noticed how pretty they were before?

"You're in a funny mood." Don't appear too nosy, Blaine. "Anything cool happen recently?"

Kurt beamed a smile, but not at him. His gaze was directed somewhere at the ceiling. "More like something really really hot." He clapped Blaine's shoulder and grabbed his school bag. "I'll tell you about it later. Let's get some coffee before 1st period."

Blaine's heart swelled as he followed Kurt down the hallway. That dreamy smile on Kurt's face was his. He put it there. Behind his pseudonym, he could be the guy that Kurt wanted.

And once Kurt had fallen completely in love with him, Blaine would arrange a meeting in a meadow full of flowers where he would confess his love and they would kiss passionately. And then, they would ride off into the sunset on a horse that Blaine would have thoughtfully leased for this occasion. And when the sun had disappeared, Blaine would lead Kurt to a cave where a candle-lit campsite awaited them. There, Blaine would sing Kurt romantic songs until they made love in his velvet sleeping bag and fell asleep in each other's arms.

All in due time. First, coffee.

Next: Blaine tries to juggle both his relationships with Kurt, but has trouble multitasking.