AN: This is the first chapter of Jade Oliver which is a squeal to my other story West Girls enjoy ~Serene Cullen


Jade sat at the lunch table with Beck his arm around her shoulder. The two were finally back to normal. A month after the dance Beck and Jade's relationship was as stable as ever. Their friends were happy and Harmony kept her distance.

"Hi everyone," the last statement was made null and void as Harmony approached the table of friends. "I just got assigned to show the new girl around." Harmony showed everyone her new friend. "Her name's Amber and she needs some lunch buddies."

Jade didn't even turn to see the girl but everyone else did "holy similar!" Robbie said.

Jade looked then and in front of her stood a girl who could have been her real sister. The girl looked taller than Jade was. Her hair was black and she had red highlights in it. Her clothes were black and ripped just like Jade's were and she wore wicked hot combat boots. Jade raised her pierced eyebrow and the girl shot her a glare.

Amber popped her gum and smacked it annoyingly. "Table's full," Jade said.

"I see two spots," Amber said taking the one next to Beck.

"And here's two more," Jade said standing up and leading Beck away.

"What was that about?" Beck asked as the two walked away.

"I don't like her," Jade clarified "it's another one of Harmony's attempts to lure you away."

"But I thought she wanted me for herself?"

"I guess she doesn't care who just not me."

"But why? That doesn't make sense."

"I don't know maybe she figures you'll be easier to steal from her."

"Hey Jade," Beck said nervously rubbing the back of his neck.

"Hm?" she looked at him disinterested from her seat on the stage.

"I had this big plan and I was going to do something super elaborate but this seems more perfect actually." She raised her eyebrow at him and he reached into his backpack exhaling. He got out a box and bent down in front of her.

"Beck what are you doing?" Jade asked alarmed.

"Jadelyn West I've been dating you collectively for three years and seven months. I love you with all my heart and I swear that will never change. I want you to be mine forever and I'll be yours forever. No dumb goth look alike is going to steal me from you and neither is some jealous sister. I'm yours, if you'll have me?" he asked.

She looked at him wide eyed. Jade spent her life running from problems, running from her parents, and the abuse. Running from her boyfriend stealing sister. She couldn't run from this and what scared her was she didn't want to. She pushed herself from the stage and kissed him hard.

"I'll keep you forever and not a day less," she kissed him.

"Hey this is where you two ran off to," Andre said walking in with the group. Which unfortunately included Harmony and Amber.

"You're still taking me to that dinner or whatever you had planned," Jade said ignoring the group. Beck was already off his knee and the ring was on her finger.

Cat screamed being the first to notice the ring. "OH MY GOD IT'S SO SHINEY!" She ran over to the couple drawing everyone's attention to the ring now resting on Jade's left hand ring finger.

"Oh my God!" Tori said rushing over.

"You proposed man?" Andre asked also coming over.

"That's such a gorgeous stone!" Trina said appearing behind Tori.

"Thanks I love it," Jade said shrugging.

"Nice taste," Robbie said. The boys were in their corner and the girls were in their own.

"Where'd you get the diamond?" Andre asked.

"Kay I love the jingle," Beck said.

"I know its catchy isn't it?" Andre added. "So how much did it cost?"

"Everything I own," Beck said chuckling "about $3000."

"How'd you get that kind of money?" Rex asked.

"I've been submitting some stories and such to magazines. I've also caught like two small acting jobs. They don't make much but I was able to afford a nice ring and I saved some money for the wedding and dinners and stuff."

"Smart to save up," Andre said. "So who's the best man?"

"Dude you've been my friend since second grade it's got your name all over it. Robbie I'd like it if you and Rex would be my groomsmen."

"We'd love that!" Robbie said excited.

"Cat I need you to be my maid of honor," Jade said nonchalantly. Cat screamed and hugged her. "And even though I hate you Tori I do need a bride's maid."

Tori smiled and hugged Jade "I'd love to!"

"Good then everything's falling into place. One last thing to take care of, Andre!"

"Yo!" Andre said looking over and causing the rest of the guys to look over.

"As Beck's best mas you have duties. One of them is throwing the bachelor party."

"You're ok with me having a bachelor party?" Beck asked confused.

"Just don't have a stripper," Jade said threateningly.

"I don't want a stripper," he said kissing her softly.

"You remember that and this marriage will work just fine."

"You can't marry HER!" Harmony screeched reminding everyone of her presence.

"And this is why you're not invited," Jade said readjusting her skull backpack.

Harmony snarled "she's not good enough!" Harmony yelled "she's too complicated and too violent and too ugly!"

"She's anything but," Beck said glaring at Harmony.

"I like her style," Amber said speaking up for the first time in the meeting.

Jade nodded in acceptance, giving her silent approval of the new girl.

"You!" Harmony yelled at Amber "are supposed to steal him from her!" Harmony yelled in frustration.

"You didn't tell me she was a goth," Amber replied looking sharply at Harmony.

"So what's the difference?"

"It's a code," Amber said simply and everyone looked at Jade to confirm.

"One of two things happen when two real goths meet. One they meet and instantly try to kill each other or out attitude one another. Or they become fast friends."

"So friends it is," Amber said.

"Beck's mine," Jade clarified.

"The ring confirms it."