Jade was enjoying her first house party with everyone. Even Harmony was staying out of the way of her and Beck's new life. A knock came on the door though and Jade excused herself not expecting the world to flip flop in front of her. As she left Beck grabbed her wrist and kissed her sweetly.

Jade opened the door and saw two police officers standing at her door. She looked up at them nervously "hello officers," she greeted. "Can I help you?"

"We're looking for Miss Jadelyn West," one officer said.

"I'm Jadelyn Oliver, I was formerly Jadelyn West I was recently married to Beckett Oliver. Can I help you officers?"

"We need you to testify in a case we've been working on Miss Oliver."

Jade looked at the cops curious. "What case could I possibly be involved in?" Jade asked looking at the two warily.

"We have arrested Nathan Curtis for the shooting which landed you in a coma Mrs. Oliver."

"Babe?" Beck's voice came from the sliding glass door.

"Here babe," Jade called. "And how can I help at all?"

"If you could ID him it would help us a lot."

"Jade what's going on?" Beck asked coming up behind her.

"These police officers want me to testify against Nathan Curtis. He's the one who shot me while trying to shoot Harmony."

"I'm sorry who?" the police quickly asked.

"My sister, Harmony. He was aiming the gun at her but I got in the way."

"We need to speak to her right away. She would have a better idea of what the man looked like and a positive photo id will help the case tremendously."

"She's here, she's in the back you can go and speak with her if you'd like," Beck opened the door wider for the officers. He pointed them towards the back and they went. Jade closed the front door and went to follow the officers when Beck took her by the waist. "Are you ok?" he asked softly.

"Why wouldn't I be?"

"That was a hard time for us," Beck said. "If you don't want to talk about it with anyone I don't want anyone telling you you have to."

Jade snorted and rolled her eyes "like anyone could make me do something I don't want to." She paused "still thanks for worrying babe," he kissed her lightly.

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