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Seely Booth leaned back on his chair, propping his feet on his oak wood desk. Papers scattered onto the floor but Booth ignored the, as he took a sip of coffee from the Styrofoam cup in his hand.

Finally an open and shut case, he thought with a satisfied sigh. Almost two hours ago he had been called to a quiet suburban neighbourhood to discover a grizzly scene.

If he had to guess, judging by the look of the woman's face, blood splattered on her clothes, mattered in her blonde hair, well, he'd say it was a domestic issue. The usual, husband's a workaholic; wife assumes he's cheating, chaos ensues.

She'd admitted to the murder straight up, got up as soon as she'd seen him and walked over, holding out her hands so he could cuff her. Her words were a bit dramatic in his opinion,

"I've killed the best man I'll ever know"

Made it sound like the poor guy was God or something. Anyway, all that was left to do was to fill in the paperwork and go home to Hannah.

His phone began to ring, loudly. Booth cursed as he burned his tongue and slammed his cup on the picking up the phone in his other hand and pressing it to his ear.

"Booth" he answered briskly,

"It's me" a female voice replied, "Cam" she added, when he didn't answer she went on, "Seely, we need you down here."

Hearing the panic in her voice Booth interrupted, "Whoa, Cam, slow down, what's happening?"

"it's the body that was brought in this morning,it's-Seely, he's come back to life"

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